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39 yr. old mother of 4, high school teacher in Texas.

  • Just last night, my 13-year old son lost a testicle due to testicular torsion. How do I help him emotionally?

    He's at that age where boys are ruthless to each other and girls are even more important. He's already shy and very private; now this! I know he's going to be just fine physically and lead a normal life, but aside from showing him that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lance Armstrong have the same situation, how do I help him feel confident? He is in a lot of emotional pain right now as he recovers. PLEASE, no cruel and sarcastic jokes! We aren't there yet. Please be helpful and kind. Thank you!

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  • Just had a partial hysterectomy, but I have PMS anyway. How long before it resolves?

    Although I had a partial hysterectomy last week (uterus only, removed vaginally) I still have PMS worse than I've ever had it before. I know that some symptoms will always be around, but I have the full-fledged "pleasure" of sore & swollen breasts, cramps, irritability & sadness, shooting pains in one ovary... How do I get a message to my brain to shut off the works?? Ouch!

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  • If dr. says no food/drink after midnight, does that mean you can't even take your morning meds?

    I have to have surgery on my foot Wednesday. I was told not to have any food or drink after midnight Tuesday. I understand that's because they don't want there to be any risk of aspiration. However, I am on regular medication for certain conditions. I'm afraid if I don't take my morning meds, something bad might happen.

    Does the fasting mean that I can't even have a few sips of water hours before my surgery just to take my meds? Anyone been through this one before?

    The nurse is supposed to return my phone call asking about it, but I'm impatient!

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  • I need a new idea for what to do with ground beef.?

    I'm sick of tacos, chili, spaghetti, hamburger helper & hamburgers.

    Please someone... a fresh idea for what I can do with some ground beef?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • WHY was a Continuance granted when my children are in danger?

    Long story short, when I divorced my ex-husband four years ago, he got full custody of the kids. My life looks totally different now and last fall, I started the process of pursuing Joint Managing Conservatorship.

    However, I have since come to find out that my ex & his wife are smoking pot in the house and failing to provide adequate supervision to our 13 year old daughter who keeps getting in trouble (including being picked up by police walking the streets after midnight, losing her virginity, grades slipping, etc.) He is also verbally/mentally abusive to her.

    I therefore motioned for an emergency hearing for Temporary Orders. I truly feel the kids need to be removed from his house, at least for now.

    The court date was set for 3/17. The ex is going to California that week JUST TO KEEP HIS WIFE COMPANY on a business trip! He protested the date saying he'd be out of state on business (but not HIS business!)

    The judge granted a continuance, we protested, she granted it ANYWAY!!

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  • Story book about a train appropriate for 15 yr. old?

    I am a teacher and as part of a testing activity, I need to read a story book -- not an expository text, but a story book -- to a 15 year old boy challenged by Mental Retardation. He loves trains, so I was thinking a story about a train, or a story about a person who worked on the railroad, etc. It must be age-appropriate. Please do not respond with "The Little Engine that Could." Any suggestions?

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  • How do you mount a store-bought skateboard ramp?

    My son got a small skateboard ramp for Christmas. It came with four screws for mounting it. Trouble is, you clearly can't screw it into concrete.

    If you screw it onto plywood, then you have to figure something out about how he's going to skate on & off the plywood. Can't make a board the size of the whole driveway.

    Surely we're not the first people to wonder what to do with this little ramp. Any suggestions?

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  • Dried dill weed vs. fresh snipped dill -- conversion?

    I'm making a recipe that calls for half a cup of fresh snipped dill weed. I can't find any fresh dill at the market, so I'll be using dried dill weed (jar of McCormick from the spice aisle.)

    Trouble is, I don't know how much dried dill weed to use as a substitute for the fresh snipped. Obviously far less than half a cup, but how much will be enough? Any suggestions?

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  • Creative ideas for hors 'douvers?

    My baby is being baptized Sunday and we're having a family get-together at the house afterwards. It'll be about 3:30pm, so too late for lunch & too early for dinner. I thought I'd just serve some snacks & hors 'douvers (sp?) but I want to make it special.

    Anyone have good ideas for hors 'douvers that won't cost me a fortune or take forever to make?

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  • Shattered rear window -- did someone hit it or is it greenhouse effect?

    I am a high school teacher, and today when I returned to my car, my back window was completely shattered into a million little pieces. It is still intact; glass hasn't fallen anywhere, but it is shattered completely and uniformly.

    There is no dent in the glass, no pieces missing, no tear in it -- no apparent point of impact -- just totally shattered and still staying in place.

    The rest of the car is fine and there is no apparent sign of vandalism, attempt to break in, etc.

    There were lots of cops at the school today and I don't have any enemies that I know of. It's a crappy Hyundai, so I don't think anyone would attack it out of jealousy.

    This morning, it was rather cool, then this afternoon it warmed up significantly. I did not crack a window. It was also very humid. The car sat from 8:30a to 4:30p; this is in Texas.

    I think it's greenhouse effect; my husband thinks someone did it to my car on purpose. Which is more likely? Has anyone experienced this?

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  • If you pay child support, how does it work if the custodial parent goes on vacation and kids are w/ you?

    My children live with their dad and are with me every other weekend plus at least once a week for dinner. I pay him child support. He is going on an extended vacation the last half of June. The kids will be with me for two straight weeks. I'm very happy about that, but I'm concerned how I'm going to afford to pay for the added groceries/utilities when I'm paying him so much in child support.

    Is it fair to pay a small percentage less just to cover the cost of food? I would never short-change my kids, but I can't afford to pay for them to live two places at once.

    I pay him $800 a month. I think it would be fair to pay him $700 for June since I'm going to have to pay for groceries for the kids for the two weeks he's gone.

    Is that even legal? I don't know what to do; I just know I am going to be up a creek if I have to pay the full $800 AND pay for half a month's worth of groceries & utilities for 3 kids all in the same month.

    What's the norm?? This is in Texas.

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  • I'm 25 weeks along & I'm REALLY hormonal. Is this common?

    This is my fourth baby and I don't remember being so hormonal/emotional at the end of my 2nd trimester before. I have gained more weight than the other times and emotionally, I'm all over the map. Happy one minute, weepy the next. Also, I've had no interest in sex for weeks and now I'm suddenly interested again. I cry for any reason or no reason, but then it passes. I'm not downright depressed; just eratic. Please, someone else say this is happening to you, too!

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  • How can I help my kids feel included when the new baby comes?

    I'm having a baby girl this spring. I have three children from a prior marriage; the oldest is also a girl. She's been the only girl for a dozen years, and I don't want her to feel like the new baby girl is "de-throning" her as Princess. I also don't want my boys to feel like they've been replaced, but I'm especially concerned about my daughter.

    What are some good ways to keep them involved and reassured that I have room in my heart and home for each of them? Truly, each one is my favorite.

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  • My ex-husband never cashed a check I wrote him 3 years ago. Now he wants to use the money. Is that fair?

    The check I wrote him 3 years ago was when I was single and was from a checking account I don't even have anymore. Since then, I've gotten married, made a career change, I'm pregnant, etc... life has changed a lot. Last night when it was time for him to pay me back for half the expense of our son's glasses & eye exam, he handed me the check from 3 years ago that he never deposited and said he wanted to subtract that amount from the total he'd pay me. The timing is terrible for me, and would leave me short. Is he being a jerk, or am I failing to make good on an old debt? Should I be held responsible for a check he couldn't deposit given three years?? He argued at length about this right in front of the kids.

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  • My 12 year old daughter is acting 19. How can I redirect her behavior without driving her away from me?

    I discovered yesterday that my daughter has a MySpace page on which she claims to be 19, uses nasty language, says she doesn't care how old she is when she loses her virginity and other things that make parents scream! She's 12!

    I know it's normal for a child her age to start forming her own identity apart from her parents and experimenting with boundaries. However, I can't just sit idly by and pretend I never saw the page or that her behavior is in any way appropriate. I don't wish to stop her from expressing herself and I don't want to take away all her privacy, but she clearly needs to clean up her act and she needs a healthier way to express herself.

    How do I point her in the right direction without creating quite the opposite effect? I don't want to push her into further secrecy, but I can't neglect my duty as her mother.

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  • Why is it seen as a criminal offense to have a very occasional glass of wine if you're pregnant?

    Women have been drinking very lightly (and I mean not more than one drink) and very infrequently (I mean not more than once every few weeks) for hundreds of years during pregnancy with no known harm or consequence. Many European countries advise pregnant women not to exceed one drink a day. Many American doctors say it's ok to have an occasional glass of wine after the first trimester of pregnancy. I don't understand why people are SO judgmental and panicked about this these days. Why the stigma? Again, I'm not talking about drinking daily (or even weekly) or drinking several drinks at any one time.

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