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  • Is it normal to fall in love with a woman that doesnt exist?

    This might sound crazy, please I want serious answers.

    So 4 days ago I played No one lives forever 2, an FPS video game. Since then I'm always thinking about the protagonist (Cate Archer) and I can't sleep at night and I am not atracted to her in a very sexual way despite she is stunning. She is witty, smart and charismatic. I'm just thinking of her green eyes and face. I fell in love once and it felt the same as now, so I know how it feels. Is it normal, I'm not the type to play many video games or spend my life in a computer display.

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  • Please answer this question, any answer counts.?

    There was once a girl named Sue who had a sister. Their mother died, sadness, crying. At the funeral Sue saw a very good looking man, a very atractive man. After three days, Sue's sister died. Why did her sister die?

    I'll provide the analysis tomorrow please recheck this question after answering. (I will do an edit)

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  • Can you answer this?

    If an electric train would go north and the wind would be blowing north, where would the smoke go?

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