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  • Does anyone know where I can get "Wedding Dash" online and free?

    And without any adds? And not the free trail?

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • I need a good clean list of categories for the game Scattergories.?

    Anything just about will work. I needs lots, though! If you can think of a website that I could go to to get some, that would be great. Thank you

    5 AnswersBoard Games1 decade ago
  • Who is the orginal singer of "Sugar, Sugar"?

    I have heard it by the Archies, and always thought that they were the orginal songers. Then I was listening to a '60's cd and heard it sung by someone else. So, who is it?

    4 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • A career path question:?

    What type of degrees or experience do you have to have to go into postal work? Just simply working in a post office. I reliaze that it depends on where you live, but an estimate would suffice. Also, how much money do they make?

    3 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • I just gotta know...?

    This is going to be a stupid question that a lot of you are going to roll your eyes at... but I have to know.

    When someone comes to visit you, and has never seen your town, or even if it is a total stranger, and they compliment it.. such as "this is a beautiful place", do you say thank you.

    I say thank you if someone compliments me, my family, my house, or so on. I say thank you alot. But you don't "own" the town, it's not yours, or the state, it they say that the state is wonderful, or such. So, do you say thank you?

    4 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • I need to know...?

    Ok, can someone tell me where I can find a website (for free) that would give me a quote on the price of a mechanic? Or, better yet, if you know... how much would it cost (I know you need details) but off the top of your head for a mechanic to diagnos a problem dealing with the transmission and clutch. Also, if transmission or clutch work were to be done, about how much would that cost? Thanks

    2 AnswersFord1 decade ago
  • Have you ever heard of?

    Have you ever heard of passion parties, instead of tuberware parties, and what do you think of them?

    This is mostly for married women and adults.

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • survey for everyone?

    1. What state do you live in?

    2. What is your age and gender?

    3. What brand/type of shampoo is your favorite?

    4. What is your favorite animal that isn't a typical pet?

    5. What country do you most want to visit?

    6. What time of the day do you usually shower- morning, afternoon, or before bed?

    7. What is you favorite TV show?

    Thank you, and I hope that it was fun.

    16 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Looking at the stars?

    Everynight, when I go outside, I look up at the stars to see if they are out bright and because I think that a starry night is beautiful. I was wondering, do you throw a glance up to the sky when you got out at night?

    19 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • I have a question?

    Is there any other movie, that you know of, other than "The Odyssey" about the Trojan War, specifically about the Trojan horse? Thank you for your answers.

    21 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • In your opinion...?

    Which type of art (as in drawings or paintings) do you prefer?

    Classic black and white



    14 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • I have a question?

    Well, I do have a question. You are probably wondering what it is, right? Can I captivate your attention long enough to get to the question. The question will come, just keep reading. Am I boring you? Geting on your nerves?

    Well alrighty then, if you must know. You talked me into it.

    Here it is.....

    I once read a fairytale or watched one (I can't remember which) about 12 (I think it was 12) sisters who went behind their bed or something of the sort; and stayed out dancing all night. They were princesses, and their shoes would be worn out in the morning and the king couldn't understand why. Can you tell me what this is?

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • Care to take a survey?

    What is your favorite.....?

    Please answer all questions

    1. milkshake

    2. animal

    3. DVD that (YOU) own

    4. scent (perfume, air freshner, can be anything)

    5. video game

    6. radio station

    7. channel to watch on t.v.

    Thank you very much and please come back.

    23 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Survey: Favorites?

    What is your favorite.....?

    Please answer all questions

    1. milkshake

    2. animal

    3. DVD that (YOU) own

    4. scent (perfume, air freshner, can be anything)

    5. video game

    6. radio station

    7. channel to watch on t.v.

    Thank you very much and please come back.

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • A story for everyone?

    I will start a story, and read the answers continuing the story.

    Hope this is fun for you.

    Once upon a time in an underground tunnel lived three very small elves. They were the three bad elves that wrecked Christmas last year, so Santa sent them there for a whole year as punishment. He told them that he would let them out this Christmas, but they would have to do something kind for everyone. They were getting excited, it was only 11 days until Christmas and they still hadn't thought of what to do. So,......

    Please, no rude or dirty answers, have fun with this.

    5 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • I have a question about a puppy?

    My husband and I will be getting a puppy in about 2 weeks. We plan to keep it in a box for a bit until it gets a little older. Can we use cat litter as a way to help with messes and clean up?

    Thank you.

    20 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • What is the first present that you are going to open on Christmas?

    Have you shook your presents, felt of them, smelled of them, examined the size? Is there one that you are overall curious about?

    Now for the question:

    Do you know which one you really want to open first?

    15 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • Would you like to take a survey?

    This or That...

    Pepsi or Coke...

    McDonalds or Burger King...

    Hot Tea or Ice Tea...

    Chocolate or Vanilla...

    Water or Milk...

    Coffee or Hot Chocolate...

    Hugs or Kisses...

    Cats or Dogs...

    Summer or Winter...

    Scary Movies or Romantic Comedies...

    Love or Money...

    Green Grapes or Purple Grapes...

    24 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • National survey!?

    Please answer all of the questions.

    1. Who is your favorite Looney Tunes character?

    2. Which do you prefer on your sandwich? Mayonnaise or miracle Whip.

    3. What is your favorite sandwich? And what are all the yummy toppings that you pile on it?

    4. Favorite perfume(girls)/cologne(guys)?

    5. Favorite cop movie?

    6. Favorite candy bar?

    7. Favorite Sci-Fi movie?

    8. What is that website that you always go to where you can have fun for hours? Not Yahoo Answers!

    9. Have you ever fallen out of a tree? If yes, tell me the story.

    10. What is your age and gender?

    Thank you.

    20 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago