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  • How do I find the circuit breaker for a dead power outlet if none of the breakers tripped?

    Ok, 3 dead power outlets: 1 in powederroom on 1st floor of house, 1 GFI & 1 regular outlet in bathrooms upstairs. the GFI outlet won't test/reset, replaced with a regular outlet, no change. Weird thing is, I am seeing about 1.0 VAC at one outlet, others are dead. Looks like a abad connection, but only 1V seems weird.......

    At panel, no breakers appeared tripped. Remember, I have no idea which breaker these outlets are on, or if they're are even on the same circuit. Opened panel, all breakers have 120V on output screw. All connections appear good and undisturbed in box.

    I have a circuit breaker chaser but transmitter requires power. Here's my 2 options as I see them:

    #1 - Run loose wires between the dead outlets all over the house to check continuity and try and trace wiring connections to figure out if & how these outlets are wired. Will somehow have to guess what is wired ahead of all of these outlets if on same circuit.

    #2 - Start punching holes in walls and get really good at spackling, would like to avoid this one....

    Anybody got a better idea????

    Note: Opened to advanced ideas....

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