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I am levitating above my own clouded thoughts, clawing my way for an ounce of grounded stability. I am also thinking of giving up this whole 'Y!A' thing, too many good people have left, the magic has gone -- I had the privilege of being part of something bigger, more important than most of what I generally deal with on a daily basis, with some of the most beautiful minds here. Thank you 'Da Ben Dan', Thank you 'Abetterfate' Thank you 'χριστοφορος' Thank you wonderful 'Riverotter7' Thank you 'Tegarst' Thank you 'wickey wow wow' Thank you 'Y.G.L.' Thank you 'FTW'. Thank you unclefrunk Thank you Lisa Thank you MrCute I can't really list all of you, can I? -- Thank you all.

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