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  • Why does LMWH not affect PTT?

    If Heparin acts on Factors X and II, and LMWH acts on mostly Factor X, why does Heparin prolong PTT, but LMWH not prolong it?

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  • Why KCl with digoxin? Isn't this paradoxical?

    I must be missing something easy here, but as an antidote for digoxin toxicity, or just to prevent digoxin toxicity, KCl is often administered. I understand how digoxin works, blocks the Na+/K+ pump, increases intracellular sodium, increases Na+/Ca++ exchanger activity, increases cardiac muscle cell Ca++, and thus increases contractility. But as a result of the Na+/K+ blockage, K+ should build up outside the cell, shouldn't it? Why would we want to ameliorate this by administering potassium?

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  • Do I need to transfer a stock certificate into my name if I am listed as a minor from a trust after I turn 21?

    I don't really know anything about investment or accounting, so I was just wondering if anyone could help me. My parents set up a trust account for me when I was 10 or so, and in the account is shares of various companies. Now that I am over 21 (actually 25), I want to sell off some of these shares. They are all listed on the certificates as "Parent Name C/F My Name UTMA/NY". My question is, to sell these, do I need to get the names changed on the certificate to list me as the owner, or do I automatically assume control at 21?

    Also, I have the certificates here in my possession, but the investment management company website does not allow me to sell these shares from their website. How do I go about selling these? I'm a complete amateur obviously, if anyone can help me, I'm very grateful.

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  • Why do particles diffuse?

    If a membrane is semi-permeable to lets say K+, and K+ is dissolved in 2 separate sides of this semi permeable membrane, why does K+ diffuse from higher concentration to lower concentration? What drives the movement?

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