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I'm a philosophy major with a zeal for all kinds of knowledge.

  • Why do people keep saying Bill Ayers is a terrorist?

    Bill Ayers is a Distinguished Professor at the University of Chicago. If the things he did in his youth were really that bad, he'd be in jail, not teaching at one of the nation's best colleges.

    Obviously he's changed his mind about some things, and if he chooses to support Obama, that doesn't mean Obama endorses his activities.

    I'm sure Obama doesn't endorse a lot of stuff that I do, but I endorse Obama.

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  • What makes a good President?

    What, in your opinion, are good qualities that a President should have?

    This is not the place for bashing EITHER candidate, or making a case for either candidate. I don't want to hear why Obama fulfills the qualities or why McCain is the best man.

    I JUST WANT TO KNOW, what EXACTLY do you want in a President, given the President's job duties (to represent the public, to decide whether or not to approve legislation, to provide morale, etc.)?

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  • Has anybody else had sinus surgery?

    I had an ethmoidectomy and sphenoidectomy on Wednesday, and I am curious to see what other people experienced after surgery. I am mostly feeling very tired and congested.

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  • Have none of you ever heard of generalizations?

    Please do not make sweeping generalizations. "What's wrong with Muslims?" and "Why do Protestants hate the virgin Mary?" and "Why are atheists so angry?" and "Why are Christians so stupid?" are all offensive, and you KNOW this. People are individuals; please treat them as such. No one likes to be lumped in one group with all the other assholes wearing the same label as them.

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  • What's one thing you wish people understood better about your beliefs?

    This goes for people of all faiths, atheists, and agnostics.

    I'm not looking for things like "I wish people understood that JESUS is the ONLY WAY!" or "I wish people understood that GOD ISN'T REAL!"

    I want answers that will lead to more tolerance. Something along the lines of - "I wish people understood what Ramadan is" or "I wish people knew the difference between Gnosticism and Agnosticism."

    Feel free to elaborate on the thing you have chosen.

    Let's have some real productive discussion in this forum for once!

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