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  • Anyone remember a tv show from the early 1970s with a robot and a boy?

    This question has long haunted me, but I remember a tv show from the early 1970s that had a robot in it and a boy, and I seem to recall that it might have been local to New England. One of the key sets was this brick walled room. Ring a bell with anyone?

    1 AnswerComedy7 years ago
  • What's the best programmable thermostat with password that cannot be reset by removing power?

    I am looking for a tenant proof residential thermostat that has password protect which cannot be reset by someone removing the batteries or disconnecting the power wire and reconnecting it. IS there a thermostat that is not too expensive that has that sort of static memory, similar to a memory stick, that does not need constant power?

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  • What is causing electric sound in room above a ceiling fan?


    I have a ceiling fan that when it is on high, it still sounds quiet, but if you go in to the room ABOVE the ceiling fan, you can definitely hear an electric transformer sound. Since it's a ceiling fan on a pole, the motor is hanging below the ceiling, I presume leaving the only parts up in the ceiling to be wires. Is there a transformer up in the ceiling causing this sound? What else might b e going on?


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  • IS there some way to not have to rely on cloud admins to reset your cloud space?

    Hi, More than once this has happened to me, I will make a change in a php.ini setting, for instance, and the next thing I know, I cannot get into my web sites or my ISPManager server. I am on a cloud served by eApps, which is a great company, but I feel like a lout, unable to go back in and fix my own messes.

    Is there some trick I need to begin implementing to be able to make changes, risk failure, then go back in and fix them without having to count on others? I imagine if I do this enough, they might begin to ask for payment for services.


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  • What is the typical warranty on a new metal roof install?

    I had a roof put in about 9 years ago and a section of the metal roof cap flew off a few days ago, I was wondering if I ought to track down the original installer or whether I just need to call a roof repair guy.

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  • What is a good free alternative to Ad Aware?

    I was using Avast, then they got too heavy with the program, always popping up all over the screen, so I switched to Ad Aware, but half the time the program acts like it has hung up, just sitting there with an empty black box, which, you might guess, makes me very nervous.

    What other free alternative is there? Has Avast cleaned up its act yet? Is there a third top alternative for FREE anti virus software?

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  • How do I place a web link into a textarea?

    I have the following code in my php web page


    print ' <img src="/banner-1.gif" width="728"><br/>

    <textarea name="1" maxlength="500" cols="160" rows="2">

    <br/><a href=""><img src="" width="728" height="90"></a><br/>



    The problem is that the textarea that I want to print out thw whole "img src" is only showing "/banner-1.gif" and not the whole "" part as well.

    I tried various things to get it to print, using "<code>...</code>" etc, but nothing seems to do the trick.

    What's a trick to get this to work?

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • How to remove an existing central heat hydronic coil?

    I am trying to remove an existing hydronic heating coil, Unico brand HW3660, I took off the front plate, cut the two copper pipes, now I am trying to pull the unit out but it is not budging. Is there some screw somewhere in the back, or is it routine that the coils should slide out with some more effort? As the coil had broken, flooding the case, there is rust and water mineralization, maybe this is causing the coil to not be able to slide out easily?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • How do I sign an agreement where tenant moves out immediately in exchange for getting their deposit back?

    What is the quickest way to handle this: My tenant from he* finally got some brains and realized that she is willing to leave immediately in exchange for getting her deposit back. I do not trust her whatsoever and am afraid she might take the money then stay. What is the quickest, easiest way to broker this in front of some sort of legal entity -- as in, tomorrow -- and guarantee that the tenant has moved out, has provided the keys back, including the room keys? (she put her own lock on her room door in this housemate tenant situation)

    I sent a message to my lawyer but am concerned this will take a while (don't want her changing her mind) while still not providing adequate protections that this person truly is out. Is there some sort of procedure that is followed? Should someone stop by to witness the event?

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  • How to get rid of Texas tenant placing property in imminent danger?

    I have a troublemaking tenant in a share house who did not get along with anyone, and has violated 11 tenets of her lease. Over the past month, my heating broke, and not having enough time to fix it before I had to fly up to CT (7-10 days to get the part), I made sure there was plenty of extra portable heating. I had once heated the whole property for a whole winter on portable units, so I know it is more than adequate.

    Since this tenant's lease was ending 1/15, I gave her notice on 12/15 that I would not be renewing -- so she went off on me, made my holiday a living he*. When I got back, I noted she had tried to make all the electric circuits break by plugging in too many heaters into a single circuit at once (the property is less than ten years old, thus up to modern standards of electric capacity). She managed to break two circuits, but three or four more were still working in the main space.

    She deliberately chose NOT to run the heaters, I suppose to make the other tenants miserable and I guess chase them out. I got home last night, noticed she had placed many of the heaters, even the ones meant for the bedrooms in the main living space and not one of them was plugged in even though there were plenty of good circuits available. I turned on the heat and went to bed.

    She came home, played the tv loud til 4 am, then went to bed. I got up at 8 am and noted that she had AGAIN pulled out all the heater plugs from the wall (I photograph and document everything, and have bought a portable recorder, as well as keeping her incriminating text messages to me during my holiday).

    I plugged some heaters back in and began to photograph the mess she had made of the property while I was gone.

    What really scared me to the bone though was when I saw a bag of trash on the deck outside, and a turned over bottle of lighter fluid, with the cap open, lying against the wall of the house. Of course, mere feet away, she smokes and strews her cigarette butts all over the deck. Worse yet, she is often somewhat drunk.

    I was next going to go through the normal eviction process since when she found out she was not getting her lease renewed, she TEXTED me to give her her deposit back while she decides how much longer she stays. I am now thinking I need to get her out IMMEDIATELY -- while what she did was not technically illegal, it does represent an imminent threat to the integrity of the property. I do not know how much, if any liquid was spread out of this lighter fluid before she left the container there and if it seeped under the deck, or into the concrete, for instance.

    I photographed everything and am waiting for tomorrow to go to the landlord attorney or call my other attorney, who also rents properties herself -- to find out my options.

    What might be the proper remedy? This is in Austin, Texas.

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • What alternative is there to TIVO that does not require a subscription?

    Does somebody make a video recorder that records onto a hard drive or sd card? I do not want to have to pay a subscription fee to record shows.

    1 AnswerTiVO & DVRs8 years ago
  • How tricky is it to replace a brand name hydronic heating coil with a generic alternative?

    I have a Unico system -- everything they do is expensive (the unit I would need is $700). I came across the Grainger site, where they listed a bunch of generic replacement modules (the one I would need, by size, is $400). I take it as long as the replacement unit is roughly the same size, slightly smaller in all relevant dimensions, then it ought to be easy to take out the old unit, slide in the new one, and reconnect, using shark bites or welding the connections.

    Beyond the concern that the new unit have roughly the same capacity to heat -- same density of coils, etc -- Are there other considerations to take into account?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • What could cause pain in left arm and chest?

    For years, I've had high stress and with it, pain on the inside of my left arm, left side of body next to arm, and toward the heart. I was certain it had to do with clogged arteries, etc and that the condition was probably getting worse.

    I paid for a CT scan to see how much arteriosclerosis there might be. Imagine my shock when I found out I had a score of ZERO, perfect, with absolutely no calcification in the arteries or heart.

    SO, my question then is what besides stress and my hypochondria might be causing the pain in the arm and left side of torso? Have I been imagining it all this time, clenching those muscles and causing the illusion I had heart issues? I do use my left arm for everything, as I am left handed, such as using a mouse, etc.

    Moreso, is it possible to get a heart attack one day even though you have perfect arteries and blood flow? Can enough stress cause this pain which would be a precursor to some sort of event?


    2 AnswersHeart Diseases8 years ago
  • Is a Nook or Kindle HD a worthy alternative to a full tablet?

    I walked by a Nook display at Target and was blown away by the super high res HD screen of the Nook HD. I'd been eyeballing tablets by Apple and Asus and others, as a good, lightweight alternative to my super heavy 17" laptop -- I particularly like it when the screen is really detailed so one cannot see the pixels. But I have been unable to find enough comments on why a Nook or equivalent Kindle HD would not be a good cheap alternative to the more expensive Apple or Asus or Sony tablets.

    Are all these basically the same type of device, with web access, etc? Or is there something more that an Apple iPad or Asus tablet provides? By using a Nook, how is one limited or tied to the Barnes and Noble environment? I do not care as much about apps, but it seems as long as the device has web access, one can find most any type of web site, which would provide that functionality -- Yahoo weather, for instance...

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • IS this Windows 8 faster?

    I have Vista 64 bit on my 4 year old state of the art laptop, with 8gb memory, 1920x1200 screen, etc. Vista is bloaty, and though I reinstalled it and everything recently, I am convinced Windows has some timer that 4 or 5 years out slows down the operating system to get people to adopt a more recent version of Windows. SO, my question is, is it worth it to get Windows 8, 64 bit for the sake of speed and ease of use? Or does turning on the computer still take five minutes before you can do anything? I like my computer and intend to use it til it breaks, so don't recommend me getting a new machine.

    3 AnswersOther - Computers8 years ago
  • How much for unit to replace existing 4 ton hydronic heating with electric?

    Hi, I have a good handyman who does electrical, plumbing, etc, relatively cheap. I have had a broken hydronic heating system in my house for years, but now am considering taking out the hydronic and replacing it with some sort of electric unit.

    By a hydronic unit, I do not mean in the floor or anything, I mean that the central air conditioning system has a set of water pipes in the unit that run hot water through them, heating the air as it passes through the pipes.

    I imagine if anything, the electric unit takes less space than the hydronic unit did. How much does such an electric unit cost and is there a lot of work required, beyond obviously pulling out the hydronics, capping off the water pipes and hooking up the electric unit to the controller?

    I am looking for the least expensive option possible, as it is likely I will only remain in this house for 6 months at most.

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • What is landlord of shared rental required to repair?

    I have a house and rent several rooms. I had some questions about what is required to be repaired -- I am not automatically fixing these items because I am not sure how much longer I will have the house (it is going into repossession at some time) and I do not consider these items critical (but now I am questioning this premise). The house is in Austin area, Texas.

    1. I had a working 9 year old hot tub that had its first repair, a new control panel, put in but a year ago. A few months back the control panel stopped working, it seemed the renters might have messed with it until it broke. Since this is an amenity and not a basic item, I considered I will not bother to repair it. Am I obligated if the item is not listed in the lease, but was listed on the ad as a feature of the house?

    2. The stove top has four burners, of which two stopped working at the same time (probably some controller), but two still work. Am I obligated to have ALL FOUR burners in working order? When nobody ever cooks around the house?

    3. I had central heat that broke only a few years into the house being finished in 2003 (the insurance company called it a maintenance issue and refused to pay up, and I never sued them, but probably should have). The winters are so mild in central Texas (mid November to end of January, if that, maybe a week of freezing nights all winter) that for years I have instead used a bunch of portable electric heaters, giving renters one for each of their rooms as well. This was never an issue with prior renters, but now I have a trouble maker, looking to stir up trouble, so I am reexamining my obligations. Seems, portable heat performs the same or equivalent function as central heat, particularly in such a mild climate. Replacing the whole heating unit would of course be extremely expensive.

    On the other hand, this person is the worst of my tenants, and the worst I have had in a LONG time, constantly messing up the kitchen, leaving dirty glasses, utensils etc. that are never cleaned, never ppicking up after anything she does, like opening a food package, cigarette butts everywhere in common areas, decks, even on the path outside, her room reeks of cigarette smoke, sleeps during the day (light sleeper) then stays up til all hours of the night, drinks to excess, never cleans her shared bathroom, etc.. I was considering fixing what I could reasonably be considered obligated to fix, then kicking her out and taking my chances she'll try to drag out some sort of revenge in the court.

    I know laws vary by state and even by county, but maybe someone has some insight into all this?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • IS there any paid file sharing service I could put my pdf book onto?

    I wrote a book that is going up on Amazon etc, but since I also have a pdf version of the book I want to distribute directly from my site, is there some service out there that will allow a person to upload a copy of the book file as long as they pay the $9.99? Amazon is great, but they take a 30% cut and their files are compatible with Kindle, which means they hack up the look and feel of the book with their proprietary format. Thanks,

    1 AnswerSoftware8 years ago
  • Does choice of OS template make any difference to using a cloud service?

    I am setting up a cloud service with eApps and they give you a selection of OS templates. Does the choice of template make any difference and if so what is that difference? Also, they allow you to buy more than one IP address, what would be the advantage to having more than one IP address per account, or is this only useful when reselling your space? Thanks,

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Can you send air back thru an air conditioning vent?

    I have a bedroom I need to cool for the summer using a small Penguin type air conditioner. I need to vent the warmer air out of the room, through a window or otherwise. Since I have side hinged windows, this becomes a chore, having to close off so much of the wedge the slightly opened window forms. Then it occurred to me, since I do not use the central air conditioning system, I could just vent the warm air into the central air system! The house uses a Unico type system, which rather than having big vent openings into the room has several small 3 inch circular openings. I would choose one of these openings to vent into and close off the other ones in the room so as not to blow the warm air back into the room but instead force it back to the main central cooling unit.

    Is there a technical reason why this ought not to work? I would think the air going back would merely vent out into the garage or whereever the central cooling unit is.

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago