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  • Can I put a cobra engine into my 06 v6 mustang?

    And if so, what else would have to be done to the car, and how much would it all cost?

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  • What's the fastest supercharger on the market for an 06 mustang v6 premium, and how much would it cost?

    Also, what is the maximum horse power it can deliver? Thanks.

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  • How can I make my 06 mustang v6 premium faster?

    And how fast can I realistically make it without having to completely change the engine? And how much would it run me?

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  • Do you agree that there is a huge trap to preventative action?

    With regard to the swine flu, people are calling government health officials "fear-mongers". They say that the government compelled people to disrupt their lives over something that turned out, so far, to be a relatively mild outbreak. But did this "fear" that the government put in society help avoid this from becoming a major pandemic?

    When you take preventative action, there is a huge trap: if it works, it negates the problem to begin with, and makes the wisdom of the action taken invisible.

    Ron Paul criticized the government by saying that in 1976 the same thing happened and the government created a vaccine to give to people; one person died of the flu, while five people died from the vaccine. Does Mr. Paul consider, however, how many more people would have died had a vaccine not been created?

    I do agree that the media does indeed overplay everything for ratings.

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  • republican hypocrisy?

    Does anyone else find it hypocritical that republicans here continually criticize Obama for his "association" with bill ayers- the "terrorist"; yet they didn't bat an eye when Reagan sent Rumsfeld over to Iraq for his photo op with one of the world's biggest terrorists- Saddam Hussein- and aided him in a war that killed one million people? No, to Republicans this mass murderer comes in a close second to Jesus; oh, I apologize for the blasphemy, Jesus a close second to him.

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  • Obama and military spending?

    President Obama said in his speech to Congress that America wouldn't continue to spend money on cold war era weapons we no longer use; today, however, Interfax is reporting that Russia may use

    Cuba as a base for its bombers once again.

    So, is the cold war really over, or have Americans been naive for the last twenty years?

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  • Are we doomed no matter what?

    There are three different dimensions of threats we face in both America and the world, and unfortunately, I don't have confidence in the government or the people.

    In the short-term, we've an economic crisis on our hands, and it seems nobody can agree on what caused it, let alone how to fix it. There are people who don't want to see any stimulus passed- arguing that if companies got themselves into this mess, they should use their own money to get out of it; those who argue that there should be a stimulus package, but one much smaller; and every economists agrees that 789 billion dollars isn't nearly enough to stimulate the economy, meaning this money will just be wasted.

    In the medium-term, there is the threat of terrorism and weapons of mass-destruction. On the one hand who've conservatives with no understanding of foreign policy, geo-strategy, and international relations, and who are driven by ignorant historical comparisons of world war two to guide the nations actions in the 21st century- basically destroying America's global standing in eight short years. On the other far, far left fringed liberals who feel every problem ever caused is America's fault. Though these people are far less numerous and thus much less hazardous than conservatives.

    In the long-term, we've the threat of global warming. Here, again, conservatives have bought into the conservative packaged media hype about a massive, world-wide effort by scientists to mislead the American people, and "sell" a global conspiracy. This leads me to believe that conservatives never examine any evidence about anything. These same people run their mouths about "evolution being just a theory", not realizing that evolutionary theory is just the short-term description for natural selection- the actual theory. Evolution is a well proven fact, They also seem to not know the difference between a theory, and a scientific theory. These people swallow their creationist hogwash, making them scientifically ignorant as can be.

    So what do you think?

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  • Do creationists not know the difference between a theory, and a scientific theory?

    Theory (just a theory)- an idea.

    Scientific Theory- a FACTUALLY COHERENT body of scientific knowledge that is understood to be a testable model capable of predicting future occurrences or observations, and capable of being tested through experiment or otherwise verified through empirical observation.

    Hence, the scientific theory of evolution by natural selection isn't a "theory" as in "i just thought of something" (i.e. Intelligent Design), it is a scientific theory.

    In a scientific theory there are FACTS. The theory that there is gravity is now referred to as the "law of gravity"; no doubt, it was just a "theory" when Newton proposed it, and today, it is technically still referred to in the sophisticated sense as a scientific theory by scientists. In Evolution Theory, that we evolved is a fact; Natural Selection is the theory (in other words "why are we evolving?"). The debate is between people who believe natural selection is the sole factor, vs those who believe it to be the primary factor acting in concert with random mutations and other things, and those who consider it to be a partial factor.

    Is this so difficult to understand? I mean, at least come up with arguments that take longer than a second to dismantle.

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  • Atheists, are agnostics skeptical, yet as scientifically ignorant as many believers?

    The more I read the answers from self-proclaimed "agnostics", I find they don't know the difference between an atheist and an agnostic, and they also demonstrate a manifest ignorance of science. An atheist is someone "who lacks belief in God/Gods"; an agnostic is someone who has a 50/50 outlook on it, "asserting the uncertainty of ultimate knowledge of a subject". While we all technically fall into that category, I hear "agnostics" saying that they don't believe in God, yet because there is a possibility that one exists, they're agnostic. An atheist leaves open the "possibility" of a God, too. It seems to me if you're of the opinion that there is no God, you're an atheist, regardless of what you consider the possibility of God's existence to be.

    I just read answers to a question by agnostics who are giving credence to the argument of irreducible complexity, as if it hasn't been thoroughly refuted by scientists. They're also suggesting that the Universe has "laws". A scientific law is merely our interpretation of cosmic events, they're not actually "laws" that imply a law giver. The Universe does things randomly at times, in violation of well established "laws"; if they were "laws" in a conventional sense, particles wouldn't disappear in space and then reappear somewhere else randomly.

    I am more and more likely to lump agnostics in with deists nowadays. I find them to be honest, but useless: "they're may be a God, they're may NOT be a God", well f u c k i n g thank you for your extremely intellectual, and profoundly important contribution to the discussion; I didn't know a God may or may not exist! Come on!

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  • Are agnostics ignorant?

    I keep hearing people saying they're agnostics, but then when they posit why, it is clear they're atheists.

    The atheist proposition clearly leaves open the "possibility" that there is a God. Agnosticism, however, is 50/50. An Agnostic would believe that there is just as much chance that there is a God, as there is that there isn't a God.

    A TAP (temporary agnostic in practice) believes that we don't currently have a good enough understanding of the Universe to deduce a logical conclusion about this (which is ignorant). A PAP (permanent agnostic in practice) believes that mankind WILL NEVER KNOW, and therefore, out of principle, leaves open the possibility of a God, AS MUCH as he/she would leave open the possibility that there isn't one.

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  • On Rush Limbaugh's remarks about Obama?

    Just a few days before President Barack Obama was inaugurated, Rush Limbaugh was asked by a news publication to write a four hundred word piece on any words he had for the new administration. In response he said, "I'll write something for your publication, but I don't need four hundred words; I need four: I hope he fails".

    Shouldn't everyone want a new President to succeed? Now I have to give credit where it is due, and it seems that the majority of Republicans wish him well. I talked to one at Subway today, and she said she voted for McCain, but thought Obama did great at the inauguration, and hoped he did well.

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  • The terrorist attack in Mumbai India?

    Weren't we supposed to have taken care of this by "fighting them over there"?

    And doesn't this serve as an example of why our intelligence agencies should be getting the resources to infiltrate, spy, and kill these people? That was one of the major contributing factors in the cold war that led to the demise of the Soviets, and its what Israel did to the Palestinian terrorists after they killed the Israeli olympic athletes.

    Spending hundreds of billions of dollars in invading countries only to inflame world hatred of us, and inspire more terrorism is a failed policy that hopefully our new President will do away with.

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  • Does any one else find religion disgusting?

    Certainly not all are the same, and I don't take much issue with people of a "moderate" faith who have some vague sense of a God of some sorts, but look at this and tell me that religion, essentially in all its forms, is a cancer to human society, freedom, and morality.


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  • Need help finding the title/artist of a song?

    I heard it in the gym and its driving me crazy.

    I don't really know how it goes, but it is a female artist and on the chorus it sounds like she's saying: "whoa u' oh, all the city's lighting (or lining) up"

    She could be singing "all you'll see's me lighting up".

    Help please!!!

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  • Need help finding title/artist of a song?

    I heard it in the gym and its driving me crazy.

    I don't really know how it goes, but it is a female artist and on the chorus it sounds like she's saying: "whoa u' oh, all the cities lighting (or lining) up"

    She could be singing "all you'll see's me lighting up".

    Help please!!!

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  • Is anyone else pissed that McCain's aids are now ripping Palin?

    It was they themselves and nobody else who chose her. They didn't know what they were choosing; they didn't have a single interview in person with her before choosing her; they generalized women by thinking that simply because the VP had breasts, that women would flock to the Republican ticket; they didn't spend enough time preparing her, and they got what they deserved!

    Now, the news is reporting that McCain wanted to choose Rudy Giuliani. Like that would have helped.

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  • Can anybody believe that Palin didn't know the three countries in NAFTA, or that Africa is a continent?

    This person was one heart beat away from being Vice President! Nearly half of the American population voted for her!!! How can we possibly get to the point where our VP candidate can't figure out the only three countries in NAFTA, or that Africa isn't a country?! She also believes that Dinosaurs lived four thousand years ago! How is this okay with so many people?

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