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  • Why is my cat constantly meowing?

    My cat, Miko, will not stop meowing. She follows me and my mom around just to meow at us. We feed and water her when she does this, but that doesn't seem to be what she wants because she doesn't stop. She isn't fixed, but I know she isn't in heat because she isn't acting strangely otherwise, and she can't be pregnant because I was there the only time she was around a male cat and she attacked him so now he's so scared of her that he ran and hid. What can my cat possibly want from us?

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  • How to hatch cockatiel eggs?

    My cockatiel pair abandoned their 8 eggs today, possibly because my dad moved their cage. Or because they had been sitting on them for nearly 30 days now. Anyway, after several hours of waiting for one to go sit on the nest, I figured they were done with it so I took the eggs out. I didn't really expect them to hatch this first group of eggs anyway. I was curious though and candled the eggs and I saw that 3 were somehow still alive and moving around in there. So, how do I hatch them? I didn't expect this to happen, so I have a bowl with them in it in my "chicken incubator" which is just a bucket with a heat lamp over it and a wet cloth to keep it moist enough, and I don't think I can get an incubator anytime soon. I want to know how warm I should keep it, how to tell if they're getting dried out, and how to know when to stop turning them so that they can hatch.

    Please no mean comments, I've read a lot about them and it's not like you can safely get such small birds fixed anyway.

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  • Can someone please explain Christianity to me?

    I have many questions and would prefer if they were answered nicely and logically. No because God made it that way or this part of the Bible says so...

    1] If humans started from Adam and Eve, how are there so many races?

    2] Also, did the above first couple even have any female children?

    3] Is it true that the bible says that brides that are not virgins when they get married must be stoned to death? How many girls now would be dead? [A LOT!]

    4] What did they do with all the animal waste on the Noah's Ark?

    5] What did they feed all those animals and how did they prevent them from eating one another?

    6] Why do children starve and get cancer if God/Jesus love them so much?

    7] What about the dinosaurs?

    8] Why don't criminals just get struck by lightning or something? If I were an all powerful God, that would be my main form of entertainment.

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  • What do I do about my "depressed" friend?

    I've been friends with this guy since the beginning of school, and he "likes" me. I only like him as a friend, but I don't want to hurt his feelings any more because he's sort of depressed. The last note he wrote me sounded nearly suicidal. This is mostly because he had a bad break up with his last girlfriend. She cheated on him and he took it really badly. He was seriously crying in class, and I helped him through that. He asked me out [Made me guess that he was asking me out] in December, one DAY after he broke up with the other girl. I told him we should be friends "for longer." This was my attempt to reject him nicely, given his current emotional state, and he decided to wait and occasionally bother me about it. He calls me nearly every day on the phone. Also, I told him that he had to have at least a B in his classes for me to even consider dating him by rule of my parents. He knows my father is a real spaz about grades. Anyway, a lot of people at school say I should date him, though none can say WHY, and he can't even tell me what would change. He didn't even hold the last girl's hand, they dated for two months! He also has a strange personality. He follows people, currently me. Every time I go to my locker, he's there. He also has a lot of idiot friends. They kick and hit him, but he would still be sitting with them if it wasn't for me... So, what should I do?

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  • Why don't my cockatiels sit on their eggs at night? Is that normal?

    I have a pair of cockatiels that have just recently started nesting. They have a nest box and currently have 4-5 eggs. The male usually sits on them all day and sometimes the female goes in to the nest box too. My mom and I noticed that they don't seem to sit on the eggs at night, though. They sleep on top of the nest box instead. Is this normal? Can I do anything to get them to sit on the eggs?

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