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  • just because you can doesn't mean you're right.?

    for example, george bush destroyed american economic just because he can doesn't make him right, anyone agree?

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  • ok i still have a question here.?

    if you read my previous questions you'll know that im having thoughts about why do we feel emotion at all. then all the sudden i realized that we cant be completely emotionless. and even the most serious depression patient can be distracted somehow. this temporarily stopped the question. then again i came up with another horrible idea after i got back from my first day at work: if we can just simply thinking things and feel emotion then why do we have to go out and do things to have fun? why do we need money? why do we need vegas? why do we need to eat to feel happy. even the most starving person can somehow feel happy too then why do we need to eat? we all gonna die anyways. i really want this thoughts to stop so i can once again enjoy life and become that funny, kinky, anti-authority, trigger-happy when it comes to quarrel individual like i used to be. can someone either answer those questions or provide a good way to get me outta these thoughts without having these thoughts interupt my activities (for example, if i go out excercise i would be like "why do we need excercise when we can just imaging excersise).

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  • why i keep asking myself questions like these and debating with myself?

    please, look at the situation im having it here:;_ylt=AnsQ0...

    why do i keep having these thoughts and why is it keep coming back? how to distract myself from these thoughts so i can have peace with myself?

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  • why is it happening? what should i do to overcome it?

    ok this is something i really dont want to talk to my families or close friends because they gonna think im nut so i decided to bring it on yahoo answer. but before anyone trynna answer, please keep in mind that im someone who's jobless for a while and im penniless and nearly bankrupt too so im literally stay at home for the most part because i dont have money to spend thus cant do anything. since the beginning of last week i have thoughts about things like: "why do we laugh", "why do we cry". "why do we have emotion at all", "it's possible to be emotionless like robot", "what's the purpose of doing anything", "what is wrong", "what is right" and believe it or not, while im typing i start thinking "why am i typing this" "what's the purpose of bring it on yahoo answer to share". it even goes as far as "what's the difference between human and animal", "why we feel nasty about worms its skin looks humanish anyways" then when i tried to play video game to distract myself from these thoughts and once again the thoughts come up "the video game characters can team up and attack, so they're not completely emotionless. can we be like the video game ai, emotionless and with a purpose". it took more than a man for me to ignore all the thoughts and even type on yahoo answer for this and my last question today. what's even worse is that it's obviously getting worse. it had happened in late 2005 and early 2006 but it wasn't as intense and frequent as it is now.

    ok i know i sounds completely nut, but talking trash wont solve the problem. i want to know what caused it because it definitely aint schizoid or schizofrenia (sorry for mispelling) because it happened all the sudden. i want to know why is this happening, how to deal with it with real effectiveness and how to bring myself back to my former self. it's really devastating and it's nearly impossible for me to distract myself from these thoughts.

    oh and other things that worth to mention is that before it happened, i've been drinking for almost 5 days straight, but that's because i'm jobless, penniless and live with my parents who are not very respectful to me and criticize my lifestyle constantly. anyone who been through this type of life can kinda related to my recent drinking habit. and i constantly fall a sleep at the time i normally aint that sleepy but whenever i sleep it's a lot shorter than before and having problem falling back to sleep again.

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  • dont you think it's funny how some people think that education is answer to everything?

    some people are just so naive. it's often used by neo-cons for their defense during debates about the unemployment. according to their opinions that everyone are just too lazy to get an education to get a real job and most of the jobs that shipped oversea during reagan era are mostly unskilled labors anyways so stop complaining about it and go back to school and the leftwings are just bunch of whiny uneducated bums. well if that's true then why so many college graduates end up working at places like mcdonald? dont they think that a society can be runned by purely doctors, lawyers and ceos of big corporations?

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  • what's wrong with japan?

    kids who lock themselves up in their rooms, school girl panties lending machine, all those manga, so much porn yet so many grown virgins, the way they type (^_^ for example), young people try to be "cute", their tv shows are pretty weird too. what's wrong with japan? why they're just so weird?

    and dont tell me they're just foreign. indians (from india) for example, are pretty foreign but i can tell they just have a different culture but not weird. there is difference between being "different" and being "weirdo", dont mix it up.

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  • why is east asia isolated from pretty much rest of the world historically?

    both materally and mentally. they were like that throughout the history and even now to a certain extent. japan and korea are the most obvious example, and china to a certain extent.

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  • why east asians are so into traveling and this whole "tourist groups" thing?

    have you noticed that a bus full of east asian tourists stop by of your city with a tourist guide probably doesnt even really know what he's talking about? (they're mostly japanese, but many also from hong kong, china and taiwan. there might be some south korean too but i probably just never noticed it). those are the "tourist groups" im talking about (directly translated from chinese). what's funny is that unlike your average tourists, they're not only just stay at the vacational spots such as beach, resort hotel...etc, but they're actually goes deep into the country they're traveling. that caused them a lotta troubles and i've heard stories such as hong kong tourist group got kidnapped somewhere in philippine, taiwanese tourist group got trapped in a town in south egypt during the egyptian protest that's going on. and many of them act pretty damn stupid too, for example like they try to smuggle a whole bunch of left over of their dinner from the hotel out of the country. for real, i personally think that these tourist groups really make us east asians look bad. they portraited us as bunch of rich, dumb fat sheeps for third world people to rip off and rob. do they think that they can act without common sense in other countries without getting into shits just because they're in group? they make those ignorant american tourists in the movie "hostel" looks smart.

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  • why nobody rebel against the governments of china and north korea?

    let's say, they both are countries with deluded dictators who treat their people like how a pimp would control his ***** (no better way to describe it). but yet the majority of the people in those countries seem to approve the brutal methods of their governments.

    for china: yes i know they got east turkistan or xinjiang, tibet independent and the whole fa lun gong thing, but they're either ethinical or religious minorities. the majority of ethinic han chinese never do anything physically against the government and not even peaceful protesting since the tiananmen protest. im not totally against ccp and i actually agree with some of the things they've done but dont they think that some of the methods of ccp are just...wrong?

    for nk: north korea has took it to a whole different level. if it's in other countries there would've been insurgency already, but the north koreans know only to approve whatever kim jong il has done unlike the insurgents of iraq and burma or the protesters in iran. and even if they block off everything from the west, it aint that hard to figure out that they're getting pimped over hard style. look at kim's mansion, and look at average north koreans' ****** up condition. why dont they just fight?

    the people of both countries are almost like robots. i wonder how can anyone become like that. east asians, as people and countries, were a lot more respectable 60 years ago where people still think freely (beside japan). look at all those revolutions back then compares to all the childish kawaii metrosexual shits (japan, south korea, taiwan and hong kong to a certain extent) and nationalists who blindly support their dictators (china, north korea). see what went wrong with east asia? wonder what happened?

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  • why runescape players have to sound so offensive all the time?

    seriously they make those 10-year-olds and manchild alike on halo look like bunny rabbit and YET they have way stricter censorship than halo. it's almost like disney channel: they try to be all about family and making kids innocent and polite and yet there are plenty of preteens try to dress and act sluttish at jonas brother concert. why is that?

    the only gaming community that's some what decent is call of duty, but even call of duty is downgrading.

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  • Can a witheld number leave voicemail in the voicemail box of my samsung cellphone?

    I'm waiting for an important phone call but however the number is a witheld number (in other words, it's a private number). I know that the numbers won't show up in my calling history, but is he able to leave a voicemail in my voicemail box? My phone is a Samsung phone Model sgh-a777 btw.

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  • what to do with burned plastic in the pen?

    ok i was cooking some pita bread and curry chicken for myself. i forgot to turn off the oven after i finished cooking and leave a plastic spatula inside the frying pen. the next thing i know is that "hmmm what the smell...wait what the hell?" and find out that spatula is inside the pen and the a quarter of the tip is already gone. i threw the spatula away and started to clean the pen. i scratch most of the plastic off but however there are still some inside the pen. it's not really visible but when i touch the pen i can feel the surface is a bit rough. i've tried my best to scratch it off and no matter how hard i've tried the surface still feel rough, what should i do? (and please don't tell me to throw the pen away because if i can i would'nt come here and ask).

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  • my age of empire 3 has stopped working all the sudden (on a vista computer)?

    i installed and played it successfully for couple days and now it has stopped working all the sudden. i dont know what happened to it (i clicked on the icon and then the message popped up and said age of empire 3 has stopped working). i tried to use system restore to 2 days earlier and now at least i can get into in game menu and i can play campagne but whenever i try to play skirmish and it stops working again. can anyone tell me what's wrong and how to fix it?

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  • why teenagers now a days are just getting dumber?

    it's really a generation thing. the late 2000's generation is dumber than the early 2000's and late 90's generation. they're just ignorants and clichish and they tend to copy the concepts of the movie jack *** and do annoying things to put others down on purpose. they also copy so much from the ghetto culture (i know raps are just telling what's actually going on in the hood but most of these kids are actually from upper-middle class neighborhoods). wonder how they gonna be when they get old. how is it happening?

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  • why the city white people are so different from the country white people?

    compare the right wing, religious, racist, bigot, gun totting, country slang speaking hill billies from the country side to the left leaning, yuppie-ish, vegan, pro-organic everything, anti-corporate, anti-corporal punishment on children city and suburban white people. why they act so differently?

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  • why people are so sensitive towards people who dont like their parents?

    seriously everytime i see people here asking questions about their parents being hard to deal with and they hate it, someone always jump in and either assume they're teenagers or calling them "unappreciative little brats" or "they're your parents for god's sake" with capitol letters. people seems very sensitive toward this topics and disliking one's parents seem to be a society taboo for thousands of years. why cant people realize that parents are human too and they can capable of doing all the good and bad things any human can do toward their children? like they can be kind and generous, reasonable and open-minded, lazy and careless or simply evil and manipulative and there's nothing wrong for kids to act negatively toward their parents if the parents are acting like later two. why people just cant seem to get it?

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  • why conservatives sound so angry all the time?

    look at bill o'reilly for example. are there something to do with their childhood? like they were raised under a, well, quite "conservative" way by their parents?

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