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  • How to respond tomorrow in English class?? [Super Important]?

    So, right now in school (11th grade) in English class we are talking about America. My teacher wants all students to come up with 3 reasons why America is the greatest country in the world, and we have to read them out loud on Tuesday.

    Well, I don t feel it is even close to the greatest country.. How should I respond? Should I speak my mind or say something that could potentially piss off my entire class...

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  • Sister walked in on me masturbating..??? She acted really weird!!?

    We live in a super conservative house, my family is all catholic (aside from me, atheist). My mom has already said numerous times if she ever catches any of us doing drugs / sex / masturbating she will basically disown us.

    Anyways, I (16/m) was in my room masturbating, when all of the sudden, my sister (14) walks in. I try to cover up, but she just goes "I know what you were doing." I say "don't tell mom". She just stood there for a few second then goes "next time you do it, I want to watch" then she walked out...

    What do I do??!!

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  • Parents so strict over grades....?

    Ok so, I got my progress report today, (I'm in the 9th grade) and I have a D+ in spanish two honors (A junior and up class, but I guess they thought I was good enough to take it) and an F in biology honors.

    I was doing well in both classes up until this progress report, Bs in spanish and steady C+ to C in biology. They flipped **** when they saw it, and have grounded me, (posting this on my phone), took away all video games, took my guitar away, and basically anything I do to have fun, including sports and friends. The classes are really REALLY hard for me, but they think if I just study longer I will understand it somehow, even though I study my *** off. They both screamed at me for a good 20 minutes about how I was gonna grow up to be a "bum" and not have a life and be a loser, over these two grades.

    I don't know how to talk to them or anything, I need help :/

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  • Please help me out! I don't know what to do!?

    I am a 14yr old boy. My mom and dad are both Christians, strong ones in fact and want to have me confirmed. Thing is, I am an atheist. They don't know that I am atheist, but I don't know what to do. I hate going to church and when I express that I disike it, or don't want to go, they freak out and punish me. One time my dad even backhanded me extremely hard and I Got a black eye. I'm afraid if I tell the or they find out I am atheist, they will A). Force me to conform to Christianty. B). My dad will beat me really bad as you read what he did when I said I didn't want to go to church. C). Make me breakup with my girlfriend (atheist) and won't let me see my friends. Or D). Something worse

    I need advice on what to do, an no I wont get confirmed to make them happy. I hate when they cram their theistic ******** down my throat.

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