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  • attracted to players!!?

    why is it that,im only attracted to men who are players,i have met nice men and im never interested,could it be that im really insecure in myself?? i always end up being hurt(which is obviously going to happen with the people i see)but i cant seem to find anyone who is nice who i really like!

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  • Do players ever settle down?

    If so,is it when they are older and what makes them settle down??

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  • Someone for everyone??

    Do you think there is a partner out there for everyone,i keep meeting total shits.Im a genuine person,not ugly look after myself,like a laugh,ive got a good job,own house etc,not needy-very independent.I only get asked out by men who want one night stands or who mess me about,im beginning to think there are no normal nice guys out there,where the hell am i going wrong???help

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  • Someone for everyone?

    Do you think there is a partner out there for everyone,i keep meeting total shits,im a genuine person,not ugly look after myself,got good job,own house etc and i only get asked out by people who want a one night stand or mess me about,im not that desperate to even go there-but im beginning to think there are no normal nice guys out there anymore,what the hell am i doing wrong???

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  • single mums?

    why is it,when your a single mother,alot of men think you are desperate for a man and dont treat you with as much respect as those who dont have children?

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  • After first date how often do you keep in touch?

    Ive been out once with this guy,prior to that we spoke loads on the phone,i want to know/advice between now and the next date,how often is normal to text etc-dont want to come across too keen or not interested!!-Yes it sounds pathetic but you guys normally speak sense

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  • whats the worst high street bank?

    I work for a bank and im interested to see how we compare-i think we are pretty shoddy on customer service!

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  • has anyone met or spoke to anyone on yahoo answers?

    I made the mistake of chatting to someone and giving him my mobile number-he turned out to be a total obsessive weirdo!!wont make that mistake again......

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  • how do you find someone decent?

    i have posted another question on my life ,how do you find someone who makes you laugh,appreciates you ,ive made so many mistakes in my life but i am successful now,but ive been treated like crap in the past so i think i give off the wrong signals

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  • what the hell do i do?

    ok,here goes help

    i have been in a relationship for 6 years,in the beginning my partner treat me really bad,he used to finish with me all the time and then contact me to get back together,during one of these splits i met up with my first love ,we got together when i was 15 and have kept in touch ever since(13 yrs)he told me he loved me and wanted to be with me,i tried to love him the same but i couldnt because i still loved partner no1 and i had found out i was pregnant,part no 1 wanted me back again,so i finished with 1st love even though he wanted to take baby on as his own but i went back to part no 1.Me and my current partner havent had sex or intimacy for over a year now,and i dont love him anymore,i think i really love my first love,i cant stop thinking about him,bear in mind i have been through alot of violence with current partner and hes never shown me any any affection,my first love is with someone and ive hurt him badly,ive made a total **** of everything help

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  • he doesnt want sex at all!!?

    my partner and i havent had sex for about 7 months now,proir to that it was about three times a year(weve been together 5 years.i have tried everything but if i go near him he pushes me off,we have no intimacy at all.He ie definetly not having an affair,i take care of myself and have been told im attractive-but he makes me feel ugly,im only 28yrs old and hes 34,i love him in other ways but i have a high sex drive and i dont know how much longer i can live this celibate no intimacy life.We dont even kiss,a peck on the cheek if im lucky.i have had no problems in past relationships,always had very active sex life prior to him-HELP

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