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  • Lower A-Arms for yamaha banshee... was there a change in 89?

    This has probably been asked before but i want to buy lower a-arms for my 87 banshee and i see that the part # changed in 89, is there any difference from 87 and 88 to 89 and up?

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  • Researching and Selling Antique Russell and Erwin Doorknob?

    I have a set of old doorknobs. I believe they're Russell and Erwin from about the 1880's. I'm not sure what kind of metal they are and I dont' know much else about them. One is larger than the other and they have hummingbirds on them.

    What's the best way to go about selling it? I'd rather not do ebay because I'd have to pay even if it doesn't sell. Listings with high reserves don't do as well but if I don't put a reserve I might end up just giving it away!

    Any ideas?

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  • Why don't I see my question on the list after I asked it?

    I posted this question:;_ylt=AsbDH... in motorcycles and when i click on motorcycles, my question isn't there. It's only been a few minutes, but the most recent on the list was an hour ago??

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  • What does "Autonomy" mean when talking about gasoline or a gas tank?

    I'm looking at the specs of this mini-motorcycle with my husband. It says the gas tank is 1.8 gallons and the autonomy is 110 miles. Does that mean 110 miles per gallon? or 110 miles per tank?

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  • Christmas gift help?

    My mother-in-law is kinda hard to buy for... the woman has EVERYTHING. I found these cute 'candles' and I'm curious if it would be a good gift to give for Christmas. They seem to be safer than the kind of candle with a flame so that's why they're appealing to me. If you can, take a look and tell me if you'd give your mother-in-law something like this. Thanks!

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  • Birthday cake for my son's 3rd B-day... Homemade? How big?

    I'm not entirely sure how many people are going to be at his party. I'd guess maybe: 15 but there are a few family members that are a little hit or miss... It could be as many as 20. So, how much cake will I need?

    Another part of my question is more about preferrence... I personally prefer homemade cakes but a lot of people like store bought. (my husband). Being that it would save a lot of money to make the cake myself, I'm leaning more toward that. Let me know what you think about the great cake debate.

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  • How accurate is gender prediction with ultrasound?

    Have you or somone close to you ever had the baby's gender predicted by ultrasound and it was wrong?

    I got an ultrasound yesterday and the tech said I'm having a boy!!! I didn't care either way, but a friend of mine wanted me to have a girl and when I showed my friend the ultrasound photos all I heard was: They're wrong!

    I'm just curious how often this actually happens. (before I buy a bunch of blue stuff! lol)

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  • 17 weeks pregnant, question concerning miscarriage?

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant (with my second child) and the other night I was experiencing symptoms of a yeast infection. Also, I had a sudden onset of lower back pain just above my tailbone. I went to the Doctor the next day and she said it was a yeast infection and didn't seem concerned about the back pain. She wasn't an OB doctor but since it wasn't "directly related" to my pregnancy they put me in to see her. Since then, my yeast infection has cleared up but tonight I'm having diarrhea with cramping and more back pain. My question is: If by chance I'm miscarrying, could the "symptoms" of miscarriage have stopped for a few days and resumed a few days later? or, is this likely something unrelated and just a normal stomach ailment?

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  • Does it irk you when: the asker of a question doesn't pick a best answer and it goes to voting?

    I just think it's so rude when people "need" an answer to their "very serious" question and then who knows if they actually read the answers!

    I understand there are some cases when all of the answers are so similar that the person might choose not to pick a best answer, but couldn't they pick the first one to get it right?

    Maybe sometimes, NOBODY answers your question and the asker feels that noone deserves to be chosen best.

    I've noticed that quite often, when a question goes to voting, the best answer chosen by voters is the first answer. (because nobody takes the time to read the rest?) So, does it bother you too?

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  • Does it bother you when a person asks a ? and they specify that only a specific gender or race can answer?

    I find that I'm very put off by people that ask the opinion of others, but demand that "only men" or "only white people" can answer. If you choose who answers, you might as well just not ask. If only one certain group's opinion matters isn't the person being sexist or racist? Maybe I'm just grumpy? Let me know what you think.

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