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  • Athiests: Do you have to be an Athiest to play the drinking game?

    I used to doubt the existance of any kind of god, but science has really convinced me there must have been some intellegent creator. Still, I love these idiotic "If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?" questions, and I'd love to play along with you all.

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  • Where can I find episodes of The Maxx?

    You know the show: The Maxx - Big, prehistoric, purple bunny-suited dude living out of a box in a city being terrorized by a serial rapist / murderer named Mr. Gone. Maxx is the ultimate anti-hero, without the bad streak - he's just a huge, mentally disturbed homeless guy trying to get by in this (out of) work-a'-day world and keep his cute, blonde, fashion-challenged social worker (Julie Winters) from getting kidnapped by a bunch of psychotic purple smurfs (the is) while falling randomly back and forth between the urban jungle and the primitive, monster-infested savana he thinks he calls home.

    No, I didn't just make that up out of my own diseased imaginings, this show used to be on Teletoon.

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