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  • Why are people so down on the Natural Remedies book just because the author(Kevin Trudeau) was a felon?

    Yeah, so he was a felon.. so what? The stuff in his books arent things he made up. In fact, if you pick up one of his books he sites the sources (which are real doctors from all over the world) who believe these treatments. In america we have all been brainwashed to believe that only the "medical" doctors can help us with all their drugs.. but thats crap. I have been seeing an herbal medicine doctor for 11 years. For 16 years I suffered from migraines. He gave me a little bottle of some herb (it was 11 years ago, I dont remember what) and I haven't had one since. I read thru trudeaus book and havent found anything I couldn't find research to back up. People who are in denial that natural cures work have been brainwashed by society. They may take longer to work, but that's because they actually work, they don't mask the symptom. Think about it, you take asprin for a headache..why? Is an asprin deficiency causing it? You mask the symptom, but never cure the cause.

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  • Weight loss advice??

    I know all the correct things to do. I know that calories in must be less than calories out. I know that you need to exercise. The problem is, I do all the right things. My nutritionist had me on a diet last year, it was a low glycemic high protein diet. That didn't seem to work so well... he told me to follow south beach. I did great in the first phase but can only maintain in the second, not lose.. and the first is too hard to do long term. I tried atkins and that was the same. He then put me on 1200 calories a day, and I still maintain. Now, I've just started weight watchers 3 wks ago. I figured since this diet has been helping people lose weight for about a million years.. its worth a try.. however, I'm still maintaining weight. I do work out. I go to the gym 3 times a week, I do 40 minutes of cardio and then I do weight training. On the off days I do light cardio at home. My diet consists of lean meat, fruit, veggies, and whole grains. Any helpful suggestions??

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  • Why do people always think hpv is herpes?

    I keep reading all these questions about HPV and all the answers are talking about HPV type one or oral hpv. Its not HPV type one, people, it's herpes simplex 1 that causes cold sores. HPV causes either genital warts or cervical cancer depending on the type of virus.

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  • Does anyone know anything about Cinialb?

    I started taking Cinialb about 2 wks ago, but I also started a new diet (Weight Watchers), so how will I know if the Cinialb works? I assume it doesn't, I only tried it because of a 100% money back guarantee if you dont lose 20lb in 30 days.

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  • How do you get your cat to take a bath?

    My cat is dirty because he plays outside all day, so I decided to try to give him a bath. I stuck him in the bathtub and was going to shut the glass doors and spray him w/the shower sprayer from overhead, but before I could even shut the doors he jumped up, bounced off the back wall and out of the shower.

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