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  • Do UK police have an obligation to enforce the law?

    Back in the 80s the chief constable of South Wales, if I remember correctly, used to make up his own firearm regulations which made processing of firearm certificate applications very slow. Eventually he was brought to court and I believe they charged him with "failing to expedite the course of the law".

    So, is there any obligation or duty on the UK police forces to enforce the law? Or can they just ignore offences if they don't feel like doing their job, the way US police can?

    No best answer without an authoritative reference.

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  • Which twin jet lost both engines due to oil starvation, probably in the 80s?

    I know of three twin engine commercial jets that have landed without power. Air Transat 236, an A330 with a massive fuel leak that landed in the Azores after the pilots pumped the port side fuel down the same hole on the starboard engine, Air Canada 143 the under-fueled Boeing 767 Gimli Glider and TACA 110, a 737 that landed on a levy at a NASA facility in New Orleans after stuffing both engines with hail then messing up the relight and making it a permanent fault.

    But I think there was another one back in the early 90s. I was on the distribution for Aviation Week and some other mags at work and I'm sure there was a story of a heavy twin that made a dead stick landing after losing all oil in both engines. The eventual cause was that the same mechanic had worked on both engines and had put the same washer in backwards both times. So the oil poured out in flight and seized both engines.

    Can anyone confirm when and where this happened? I believe they also landed on a closed airfield. It may have been at the head of a fjord. I think I read about it in 1983.

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  • How many 787s have been built as of June 2012?

    This was asked before in 2008.

    Some sources say 55 are being checked for delamination. Others say 65 are in rework. The Wiki page says 18 have been built, which is obviously wrong. 11 have been delivered (7 ANA and 4 JAL) and the first to be delivered without rework will go to Air India and that may be number 66? Or did the 65 exclude the 11 delivered, the test aircraft and the Air India plane? In that case there are 77 or more manufactured and 66 waiting for rework or final acceptance.

    So, I need a link to an authoritative source. Picking a number is not an answer. When we have a good number I'll even update the Wiki page.

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  • KLM moved my flight forward, what can I do?

    I was booked to travel from AMS to SFO on 1/1/2012 but KLM cancelled that booking and moved me to 12/31/2011. That means I will miss all the new year celebrations at my family home and it's the first time I would have been there for new year in five years. So instead of a family new year I'll be sitting alone in America.

    What recourse do I have against them? I have lost money on prepaid car rental and hotel bookings too. They won't refund and I am not going to be there again for years, so a credit from the hotel does nothing for me.

    2 AnswersAir Travel9 years ago
  • Is Boeing failing to control subcontractors adequately?

    Given the latest failure, poorly built Italian fuselage sections, have Boeing simply failed to ensure adequate quality from their suppliers? Or is it just that the separate parts are all being cobbled together by the lowest bidders? Or is there some other reason this plane is sounding increasingly unsafe?

    5 AnswersAircraft1 decade ago
  • Does the latest Boeing 787 delay damage your confidence?

    Boeing announced that the 6/30/09 first flight of the 787 was canceled because they need structural reinforcements to part of the side of the plane. Even the A380 wasn't delayed because of inadequate structure. They are building customer 787s and the first one has never lifted a wheel off the ground under its own power, this concerns me. Up to now I assumed they knew what they were doing, but this is very late in the game to discover your fuselage isn't strong enough. Am I simply unreasonably cautious?

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  • How can I get in to a Nissan Note with a dead battery?

    It's backed in to the garage with the near side door up against the wall and the back against the back of the garage. My mother was away for a week and when she came back the remote wouldn't unlock it and she and my brother can't find any sign of key hole. There must be one?

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  • Is the latest delay of the Boeing 787 a sign of worse to come?

    Funny how when the A380 had problems everyone and their friend was climbing on here to predict the end. Now Boeing has problems not only with the outsourced manufacturing but also with the underlying design. Their subcontractors delivered incomplete sub-assemblies. Airbus at least designed an aircraft they could build.

    I don't really think this is the end of Beoing, their silence (though they used the Seattle Times as a shill) at the time the A380 had issues showed they at least understood that it's very easy to drop the ball, and now they have. But I expect they will recover. Still, it slashes their lead over the A350 and the 787 hasn't even taken off yet. The A380 was at least flying when they discovered their issues.


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  • What is U.S. Navy Centroid Facility east of Fallon, NV?

    The U.S. Navy Centroid Facility is located just north of US 50 to the east of Fallon, NV. The area may be known as 'Frenchman' and is possibly in the Naval Reservation shown at the following URL.

    I drove past on Sunday and there's a sign pointing to the north, if you switch that map to a satellite view you can see buildings in the middle of the area north of the road. Now it may simply be the geometric center of that test area. In any case Google doesn't have anything interesting on the subject.

    The facility south of the road is a target range, those aren't active facilities or flying aircraft. Fallon, NV is the current home of Top Gun, so the Navy does have reason to be way over here in Nevada.

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