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  • publishing?

    What would be the easiest way to get a novel I am writing looked at by publishers and or agents? I don't want it to go through the grind. Is there an acceptible amount of work that I should submit if it's a work in progress or should I wait and submit it all at once? (i.e. the first three chapters)

    Anyone with prior experience who can answer this is preferred.

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  • Can you anser this math question?







    what is the next row?

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  • Who is your current or new favorite author/book? Or who is the newest writer you are reading?

    Who or what are you currently reading or who is your current favorite author/book and why? I am constantly looking for new material to read since I read so much so fast. I also read most of the popular writers but not all it doesn't have to be fiction it can be non-fiction, autobiography/biography. I will read just about anything....

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