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  • Opinion about Canon SX20 IS?

    I am planning to upgrade my camera from a simple P&S to a high level P&S Camera. I have selected Canon SX20 IS camera? Although i like its features, I am looking for a detailed review about the camera. Could anyone help me in this regard?

    4 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • Guide me in deciding a Camera?

    I am confused among Nikon Coolpix P90, Canon Powershot SX20 IS, Sony Cybershot HX1.

    My expectations are easy use, good quality pictures, battery life, vibration reduced pictures when capturing a moving object. I have read quite a few reviews about each camera and each of them promises to be a good one and value for their money.

    My concern is shooting at nights and shooting at low lights as most of the camera fail during low lights.

    Kindly suggest me!

    5 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • Car Graphics & Stickers Dealer in Chennai?

    Hello, Could anyone please suggest me a good car graphics and stickers dealer in chennai? I have bought a Hyundai-I20 recently and am interested to beautify the looks by adding some graphics / Stickers.

    Could anyone suggest a good dealer in Chennai?

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Distance from Mumbai to Shirdi?

    Two of my friends who now are actually abroad, are planning for a trip to Shirdi. They will be returning to India for their vacation. What i want to know is the approximate distance between the Mumbai international airport and Shirdi. Also i want to know the aprproximate fare if they hire a taxi from mumbai international airport to shirdi and return to the airport thro the same taxi on the same day.

    Many thanks for responding...

    8 AnswersMumbai1 decade ago
  • Where to watch Tamil Sun TV free from internet?

    Right now i am at middle East. I want to watch Sun TV free from the internet. Help me with answers from where i can watch it? Many Thanks to the answers.

    4 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago
  • Expand VIRUS?

    Expand Virus. First correct entry will be chosen as the best answer.

    10 AnswersSecurity1 decade ago
  • What are the weekly Holidays in Dubai?

    WHat are all the weekly holidays in Dubai.

    Is it

    1. Thursday, Friday?

    2. Friday?

    3. Friday, Saturday?

    11 AnswersUnited Arab Emirates1 decade ago
  • WHat is the procedure for getting a tourist visa to dubai?

    Hello. Rigth now i am at Saudi Arabia with a work permit valid for two years from now. Next mid beginning i am planning to tour round dubai for not more than three days. Tell me whether any visa is required for entering the city. if yes what are all the procedures for gettign a visa? What is the validity in number of days for the visa? what is the charge for obtaining a visa?

    5 AnswersUnited Arab Emirates1 decade ago