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  • In Magic the Gathering, can you effectively counter a spell by making them discard cards?

    I'm playing a Grixis Discard Deck in standard, and I'm contemplating putting Hypersonic Dragon in my deck to cast my discard cards (Rakdos's Return, Mental Agony, or Mind Rot) at instant speed, and wondered the previously asked question. I figured it would make sense to have them discard the cards in their hand before they're cast, but also understand that the card would be on the stack, so I don't understand if the card which is cast is in their hand during the stack and resolution of spells and abilities, or if it's just in the air until it resolves. If all else, can I make them discard after their draw step, but before their first main phase? I hope people can help me with this, since it would be very exciting to use that combo to make my deck even more versatile.

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  • What's the best Final Fantasy Class?

    As in class, i mean specialties, such as thief, Black Mage, fighter,etc...

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  • How much will the Wii Cost?

    I wanna know how much The Wii costs and possibly how much Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption will cost with it.

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