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  • Solution to Health Care in the US...What do you think?

    Here is my solution to health care and people who can't afford it:

    All elderly or disabled get everything paid for and not paying for things out of their little SS checks.

    All people 18-62 or 65 would fill out out their W-4 with a special insert that they checkmark if they feel that they can't afford or don't have a job with health insurance offered.

    Then if they don't use the service at all, no one (like taxpayers) are paying for coverage on people who don't use the benefit. And the people who don't need any healthcare during the year get their complete tax refund.

    So then, the people that do end up using the healthcare benefits would get this taken out of their tax return before they get any money refunded. If they had spent more than their refund, they could arrange a repayment plan, or roll it over into the next year (rollover can only be 2 consequetive yrs.)

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  • Would it be depression?

    ...if you just did not care about anything and you think everything in the future is just going to end up being sh--. Every single thing is a hassle, a pain, or goes totally wrong, so you are not really grateful for being here. You would not kill yourself or harm anyone, but you don't really care if you live much longer.

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  • Why are so many people paying to get her illegally?

    If these people are starving and desperate, how come so many of them are paying $13,000 or more to get a fake citizenship package with a dead persons social, a ride across the border, etc.

    If they have 13,000 bucks, how is that desparate? I don't even have that much money to shell out at any given time.

    These people need to stop making excuses for being impatient and not wanting to wait their turn. Also, for coming here on visas and not working legitimate jobs in order to stay. (They have to report jobs, you can't report jobs that pay under the table. So they get here and see where min. wage gets them and get cash paying jobs so they can make more money. Then their visas expire and they can't renew because they can't report a legitimate job to immigration.)

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  • Everyone said something about wages?

    Conclusion to previous question on why would you come here for work? Some answers were because of higher wages?

    30.5% of people here are of higher income level.

    35.6% of people in Mexico are of higher income level.

    Higher wages is not an excuse that works with facts. So really, why would you come here for work?

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  • Why are you coming here for work?

    The unemployment rate here is 4.8% and in Mexico is 3.2%. How does that make sense to come here and work, if unemployment there is lower??? (US facts) (Mexico facts)

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  • Why is the whole job search thing a game?

    It seems like the people doing the hiring expect too much from someone inquiring about a job. If you are already employed, you take time off to go in and submit an application. Then if you are called in for interview, you take more time off. Then you play the waiting game and wonder what went right or wrong. Then they have the thing of 2nd interviews? Then they finally hire you and act like it is a big gift and they are paying 10 bucks an hour. Come on. Then these jobs are so picky on what is required of the employee, yet no protection for the employee on anything. The whole thing is pretty frustrating.

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  • Something that should be in a new immigration bill?

    The best solution:

    All illegals who are minors are granted amnesty (it is their parents who are the criminals, the child is innocent). The parents should get temporary visas until the child is 18, then they would have to leave.

    All illegals over 18 will have a date on which to either return to their country or face consequences. If they return to their country on their own before this date without deportation, they can get in line and apply to come back. Anyone caught here after the date will be punished by being deported and not allowed a return.

    Since this will get rid of most of the illegals, the line for the LEGALS will speed up extremely and we will get legal, law abiding, skilled and loyal immigrants who WANT to be here. The illegals will have time to save up money to get back home so that we won't have to spend any money on deporting. The date will also be given to all businesses employing illegals and they will have time to get replacement employees hired.

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  • So, if you are getting surgery, don't you want to know what is being done to your body?

    Before getting surgery, you are informed on what if actually being done to your body. You are not forced to view the surgery, because it is not a decision that you made, you most likely HAVE to have the surgery.

    Abortion is a decision you make, supposedly a responsible decision that is best for you. Fine, so why do most people who get abortions or support abortions think that they don't have a responsibility to view their own ultrasound or that it should be a factor in the decision process?

    A responsible decision is based upon all facts and evidence. A person getting an abortion is making a responsible decision for their self and their situation. But they should also take the responsibility of what they are doing and be open to any changes that can take place.

    You don't take an action towards anything without taking EVERYTHING into consideration, or else it is NOT being responsible!

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  • Can I just add one more question about abortion?

    What is wrong with making a person view an ultrasound before getting an abortion? Are pro choicers afraid it would alter the views of everyone who gets abortions. I am not pro choice, I am a person who feels like everyone should know EXACTLY what they are doing with ANY medical situation in their body. And I think it is misinformation to tell a person that it is only tissue being removed. I do believe a person does have a choice in the situation, but I think they should still know what they are really doing. If they find these facts out later, it could cause more serious regret issues and more serious depression issues. The fact ultrasound will show a full skeleton including fingers, toes at eleven weeks (Less than3 months) How do I know? I got one at 11 weeks and saw my baby girl waive her arms and move around, and suck her thumb.

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  • The cloture bill passed, so now there is a time limit on results, why is everyone mad?

    Why is everyone so upset? Everyone who is anti-illegal REJOICE!

    cloture - The only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster. Under the cloture rule (Rule XXII), the Senate may limit consideration of a pending matter to 30 additional hours, but only by vote of three-fifths of the full Senate, normally 60 votes.

    This means they now have a time limit to get rid of it. That is why the cloture vote is a good thing. If it would have been voted against, the bill would just keep coming back with stupid amendments. Now, all we have to wait for is the vote for the whole thing to be scrapped and they won't be able to bring it back! YAY!!

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  • Want to know how it feels to be a Legal Immigrant?

    I filed my paper and waited for my work visa for 3 months. I came here and worked my job and when my visa was about to expire, I went in for my renewal, presenting all check stubs and rent reciepts. I did this for over two years. I also met a man at my job and got married. I still fret each and every time my renewal was nearing. I have a complete file cabinet full of paperwork that I have saved documenting each and every move I have made, and changed my name to my husbands name. I had to pay 70 dollars each time I filed a form. One more year later, I got my citizenship after learning english, keeping a skilled steady job, and filling out forms required each time I moved, or changed jobs. I still fear each time immigration policies become questioned because I am afraid that they will change & all things I have done may not be good enough. This required hard work, & I have not broken any laws and have no arrest records. Even so, that fear still lives on.

    **Legal immigrant-columbia

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  • Why do you stick by someone?

    Do you stick by someone because they feel they are right in their judgement?

    OR do you stick by someone simply because they look like you, talk like you, and come from where you come from?

    If your brother committed a crime, and a person that you don't know committed the same crime, is your brother justified simply because he is your brother? NO

    That is why legal immigrants should not support illegals just because they may be from the same country. You should support the US and the laws here, above illegals who do not. You came here for a reason and you did the right thing. The illegals may have the same reason, but did the wrong thing. You should not support them because of that.

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  • Why was my question removed?

    All I asked is for the Legal immigrants to stand up with the citizens and not stick with illegals simply because some of them come from the same country. I stated that I would be angry if I did things right and watched people do things illegally and get away with it.

    I said nothing derogatory or offensive, I said no curse words. I see many questions and answers that are much more offensive than that. My question was not offensive at all.

    It is smarter to stick by people for a reason, not just because they are like you or from your country. All citizens here don't stick by each other just because they have physical similarities. We stick by what we feel is right. I simply asked the immigrants who are legal to do the same and not stand by illegals just because they may be from the same place.

    How does this deem a question to be removed?

    Also the question did not even post, so no one would have reported it.

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  • Compare--who do you have more sympathy for? They both want a 'better life.'?

    Person one: Illegal who came here but could not do so the correct way because they had some questionable issues on their background and they did not feel like waiting 1 or 2 years in order to get here. So they cross the border and go through god knows what to get here. They won't learn english but demand rights to 'a better life.' This person gets caught while driving (with no license, or a fake license, no insurance). Cops in some states are not allowed to question a person about their legal status, so this person is excused.

    Person two: Was abused as a child and kicked out of the house at 16, could not graduate high school and can't find a job because of that. So now they are homeless and can't get a break. Person goes into a grocery store and steals some food, then puts it in their pocket and gets caught. Person is arrested and sent to jail for 30 days and no one is there to get them out. Then re-jailed upon court date because no money there to pay fines.

    I sympathize with #2

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  • Why do my kids have to have immunization records to attend school?

    Why do I have to prove immunization for my kids or else they are not allowed to attend school? The parents of illegals can walk in and demand that their kid is taught. Kids bringing in diseases to our kids and now our kids are required to have additional shots, but the illegals are not required to do a G-D thing.

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  • Why do we need a passport as US citizens in order to travel and return here?

    We now have to have passports if we are visiting Canada or Mexico in order to return to the US. WHY DON'T THE ILLEGALS HAVE TO HAVE ANYTHING AND WALK RIGHT IN?

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  • Why do citizens need documented?

    Why would we now still need our documentation as citizens? Can't we just go around and say we are illegal and reap the benefits? They are not documented, they can say what they want. They could make up a name, past history, whatever, and just go get their ID. Why can't we?

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  • Is this a disorder?

    Is it a disorder when someone puts theirself in bad situations in order for others to feel sorry for her? Or even lie about things sometimes to get people to feel sorry for her? She also then makes me feel guilty because she is in a bad situation that she brought on herself. And I am so sick of hearing everyone say 'poor ---.' Also, very sick of her whining about doing something that she did not have to do in the first place-she just did it to make others think she is such a good person.

    This is a close relative and it is really irritating. It seems like I am the only one that can see through it.

    She also has a ton of health problems but won't go to a doctor and wont quit smoking, then whines constantly about how bad she feels.

    Is this some kind of disorder? I can't stand it when people won't help themselves and just sit around and whine. Or am I just being mean?

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  • I said this about 6 months ago and what were my answers?

    Around 6 months ago, I posted a question about illegals bringing in diseases, not being immunized, etc. I got called all kinds of a racist. Now, anyone with children....register them for school this year and see that you will now have to take them into the Dr. for three additional shots. 2 for hepititis and one for another chicken pox strain. Where did that come from all of a sudden? When the same shots have been required previously for the past 10 yrs., (other than the first chicken pox shot that was a new thing.) Where do you think?

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  • What is next?

    Illegals have played the pity party-our country is too poor, there are no jobs.

    Then the scare tactics-oh no, we do all the work here, your economy will suffer.

    Then the 'I didn't know' factor-I didn't know I had to report my job or keep in touch with immigration.

    Now the race card-your ancestors were immigrants.

    OOOh-good arguments.

    However, most immigrants before the 1980's were legal. Meaning immunized, deloused, and documented before they step off the ship. Then kept up with for generations. Unlike the illegals now.

    Legal immigrants-I commend you! Illegals-I just think you should get some sense.

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