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  • Anybody know what song this is?

    all i can remember is

    "And it's true, that I love you"

    (something like that)

    and I'm pretty sure its a recent song

    and the only other thing I can tell you is that it's sung by an African America



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  • where can i find a picture that depicts "arranged"?

    for hw, i need to find a picture that depicts order, or a pattern, or something that is nicely arranged into rules and codes

    what should i look for a picture of?

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  • What's the name of this movie?

    I watched a movie on my aunt's computer a few days ago, and I don't know what it's called. She said the English translation of the title is Snow Mountain or something like that, but I want to know the exact title. She lives in New Jersey and never picks up her phone, so I can't really ask her :[

    (It's French, like I said before, and I only saw the second half of the movie, so please bear with me)

    Based on what I saw, it's about a child who was a stillborn that came back to life, and he disappeared into the mountains one day and then his parents mysteriously disappeared as well

    A few years later there;s a monster attackign people on the mountain and the police suspect that it's the kid, all grown up and vicious

    and stuff

    and then I stopped watching

    and then I started again

    and the monster/man was in a hospital and it was dead, but then it started moving

    and the doctors tried bringing him back to life because they didn't know he was a monster

    but then one of the patients knew and tried to stop the doctors

    but a cop tackled the patient to the ground and drugged her and handcuffed her to the bed

    and so on

    if you need more details let me know

    max points for best answer :D (sorry for such a long question)

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  • How do people find new songs?

    I've always wondered how people find new songs


    there are some people who kno all the popular songs b4 they even become popular

    is there some kind of website or something?

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    i saw the movie i swear on my LIFE

    i was gonna stay after the credits but i had a dentist appointment







    if i do get the code

    i promise

    i SWEAR

    i wont give it to anyone else


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  • Computer sound? Test works, but...?

    The sound test works for both speakers everytime, and theres no static or anything, but whenever I try to play a video or watch something on Youtube, nothing happens. I'm not good with computers, so please explain in the simplest way possible.


    thanks :D

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  • when do u take the SATs? the ACTs? ?

    sorry if i sound stupid, no one ever told me these things :P

    do u take them in a certain grade, or do u sign up and take it whenever u want to??

    also, are the ACTs required?

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  • Am I in Math A or Math B?

    i know this sounds stupid, but can someone tell me if i'm math a or b??

    i take integrated algebra and i'm a freshman

    (aka i'm in the stupid class)

    but i remember all of the things that we're learning from last year

    is it just review or is the system messed up?

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  • why are there no new "the office" episodes?

    normally they air every thursday right? but lately, for like the past 3 weeks, there havent been any new episodes D: i think the last new one they aired was the moroccan christmas one.

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  • Which DDR game came first (for playstation 2)?

    i have ddr supernova 2, and i just found out about DDR X. which one is newer, cuz i'm interested in buying DDR X, but only if its newer than supernova 2. (i want the newer songs) :D can sum1 plz help??

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  • Vacation in the Bahamas, time zones?

    ok, so in november, during thanksgiving vacation (thursday, fri, sat, sun), i'm going 2 atlantis (the bahamas). willl the time change affect the time i get back??

    -i live in long island, NY

    -i have 2 get back by sunday nite 4 skool

    -i learned in science class tht as u travel westward, it gets earlier, and as u travel eastward, it gets later

    help plz??

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  • My mind stays awake, but my body falls asleep?!?

    about once every month, when i'm really sleepy and about to fall asleep, i feel my body fall asleep but my mind doesnt. i can still fell and hear everything thts going on, but i cant move any part of my body. if i try rly, rly hard 2 try 2 move one part of my body, i eventually end up moving it, which jolts my whole body awake. how do i stop this from happening? its rly scary. wht happens if i just let it happen, and i dont try 2 move my body??

    *i dont do drugs, im just a normal, 14 yr old grl, and this has been happening 4 the past 1 or 2 yrs

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    ok, so on facebook, i keep on getting there weird, random messages, with the most random ppl EVER. and the threads r called

    sexy video with u


    funny video wif uu


    is this happening 2 any1 else??

    i already kno 9 ppl who have this same exact problem


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  • Dead turtle??????????????

    ok, so my cousin has these two little baby red eared sliders. i come over 2 his house every weekend to visit, and this week, i noticed that one of the turtles was really inactive. normally, it swims around and watches people from inside its tank. but it wasnt this time. it was just sitting on top of its rock with its eyes closed. so i poked it, and it woke up and started swimming. but later, i checked on it again and it was underwater and not moving. its eyes were closed and its limbs were hanging out, not all the way though. so i took out the turtle and poked it 2 see if it would respond, but it didnt. so i decided to wait a while to see what would happen. i replaced the water with warmer water, and i left it some food pellets just in case it woke up. (yes, it has a heat lamp)

    but this morning, i looked at it AGAIN and its eyes were slightly open, but it still wasnt moving. i poked it, nothing.

    heres wht it looked like

    -not responding to touch

    -eyes slightly open

    -limbs half tucked in

    i cant tell if its breathing or not

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  • know any good songs?

    i'm looking 4 sum new songs 2 obsess over, can someone help?

    here r sum songs i like:

    i'm yours by jason mraz

    the story by brandi carlie

    remember the name by fort minor

    feel good by gorillaz

    leavin by jesse mccartney

    handlebars by the flobots

    somewhere over the rainbow by iz

    basically i like soothing, calm songs

    and ones tht make u feel GOOD

    like u wanna EXERCISE!

    4 example, remember the name

    its fast, and makes u feel cool


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  • what kind of goggles do olympians wear?

    just curious, becuz all of their goggles seem 2 have like, a shiny covering...

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  • how can i dive properly in a regular swimming pool?

    i can't dive at ALL. in sept, i have to go back to school, which means swimming, which means DIVING. everytime i try, i end up doing a belly flop or my goggles slip off my head. plus, my sister sez that i look really weird and awkward when i dive ( i feel tht way 2). wht can i do 4 a smooth entry into the water, without a splash or a SLAP? PLZ HELP!

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