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  • Awful stomach pain like I'm hungry?

    For the last 3 or 4 days I've had this extremely horrible pain in my stomach. I only get it like 3 or 4 times a day. It's like a hunger pain that I haven't eaten in days and it goes away a bit like it's not as strong but then it comes back. And it only goes away if I eat. I don't know why it's gotten to this extreme pain.

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    algebra i need help always struggle with theses.?

    I need to write a rule for this function. i have always struggled with this type of questions. need help please

    1 AnswerHomework Help4 years ago
  • What will happen to my college credits?

    I live in Texas and attend a community college. I'm about to finish my first semester in hccs that's the college and as of right now I'm working full time, and going to school full time, and have other things I have to do. Also I can't afford the classes right now. I wanted to take a break for a while maybe a semester or two but I wanted to know what happens to your credits if you do do that.

  • write a rule for the following function.?

    X | -1 | 0 | 1 | 2 |

    Y | 1/24 | 1/6 | 2/3 | 2 2/3|

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  • My dog was trembling and vomiting?

    My dog last night before we all went to sleep maybe around 11:30pm started throwing up he threw up about four time not a lot though each time. And then after wards was trembling for a little bit this trembling didn t last long and today he woke up fine. He s eaten and drinking water. He has been sleeping a lot like he usually does. I m not sure if It was a little thing that passed or if this is something more serious. Yesterday he didn t really eat I m thinking maybe that was it a empty stomach maybe made him throw up. If anyone can please help me thank you.

    4 AnswersDogs4 years ago
  • I'm in my second trimester and my doctor called to talk about results.?

    I'm in my second trimester and I went to the doctor on Tuesday I have blood results about 2 weeks ago and on Tuesday my doctor said my blood work came back fine and that the baby was good in weight and height but he called me today that he needed to see me about some results. And I'm freaking out about what it can be. He said he couldn't talk to me about it over the phone. If anyone has anything like this happen before let me know. I'm having really anxiety over it. Please help.

    1 AnswerPregnancy4 years ago
  • Blood in eye and want to swim in the ocean?

    My brother has broken vessels in his eye. He's been this way for about a week. You can see the blood in his eye. Tomorrow we going to the ocean and he wants to know if the salt water would do anything bad to his eye. He's not planning to open his eyes or anything. Just wanted to know.

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    If anyone can please tell me the name of this flower, I would be very much appreciated. I'm not sure the name and I need to know. It's all bush and it has purple flowers sticking out from it. And to be honest for me when you pick theses flowers they kinda stink.

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape4 years ago
  • Are the best make up brushes to buy.?

    I need to buy new make up brushes but I don't want to go broke buying them. I want to some good quality brushes that won't break any time soon.

    5 AnswersMakeup5 years ago
  • Road trip with my niece?

    Hello so we are taking a trip in the summer to Florida with my niece and she is 5. And since we are driving and it's going to be a 18hr trip I wanted to buy her what I thought I saw once but now I can't find and I think I was dreaming of this. I saw a pouch thing that straps in to the seat in front of her and inside it comes with marker that she can draw on the window and I like other thing but I'm not sure. If anyone know what I'm talking about can they please let me know. Or let me know that I'm crazy. Also was wondering is there any other car items we can buy to help her pass the time. Like things where she can draw the the window etc. anything activities we can buy would be great. If it's possible leave a link or if you know what it's called.

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • My dog (who is neutered) has a small bump where his scrotum used to be.?

    So my dog (he s a year old) got neutered about 2 months ago they operation when fine he healed perfectly but about 2 days ago I noticed a small bump about the size of a pea no bigger then a bean, where his scrotum used to be. He s not bothered by it, he doesn t seem in pain the only thing is that he licks it that s about it. I don t have money at the moment to take him to the vet right now. If anyone can tell me what it could be that would be really helpful. If it s super urgent then I can ask family for money. But I need to know what anyone thinks?

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  • I want to dye my hair but it wont.?

    So i have really really black natural hair. and I like to dye ever so often but the thing is no matter what if its dye from a regual store like Kroger or Walmart my hair wont dye and I've bought from Sally Beauty Supply and it still wont dye. The ONLY way my hair dyes is if I bleach it and I dont like bleaching it because I know it damages my hair alot and the other thing is that after a while my hair goes to like an orange-ish color. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    2 AnswersHair5 years ago
  • Problem with my jeans?

    Okay so it's hard to describe but my jeans sometimes get like I guess I can describe them as ridges. They are wavy like and I get them around my upper thigh area. I don't know what it's called or why does this happen. Can anyone help me?

  • Weird feeling in my chest?

    Okay so I baby sit a little boy. In the house of my bosses. I'm there all by my self from 8ish to 4ish. And every once in a while ill get this weird feeling in my chest. It's not a pain it's just a feeling. And I get really upset and sad. And once I start crying and I have idea why. I don't knkw maybe it was some type of anxiety attack. I don't know but anyone has any idea of what this could be or what I'm feeling let me know.

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases6 years ago
  • My cat keeps throwing up :(?

    So I have a cat he's about 7 months. I have always given him the same food, I give him the cat food purina one. Sometimes it's indoor formula or sensitive formula but either way it's always purina one. But for about a week now, I've noticed little throw ups around my room. And there is nothing unusual about his throw up, he's jusg throwing up his cat food which is what I don't understand. But now he's start to do more often and I am planning on taking him in the vet hopefully Tuesday but if this is a more emergency I need to know please let me know!

    2 AnswersCats6 years ago
  • Clawing at my hair...?

    So I have a cat he's about 6 months. I recused him, and been by his side since the day I got him. Now he does like to cuddle and I love that's about him but sometimes he likes to claw at my hair with his nails and it hurts sometimes but I just wanna know why he might do this? Maybe it's the appearance of my hair, I have long puffy curly hair? Does this grow out? Is it forever? Please let me know.

    1 AnswerCats6 years ago
  • Rescued cat?

    I recuse a cat about 3 months ago. Found him in a box tied up late at night. Huge animal lover wasn't going to leave him. Brought him home, decided to keep him. Now at first I thought he was scared because he was new to us and didn't know his surroundings but now it's been 3 months and he's still scared I can't go near him without him running away, any noise scare him. I've been by his side since we got him so everyone around the house say he has more trust in me because he does listen to my commands, I'm the one that sleeps with him, plays with him etc. Is there anything I can do to make him earn my trust a bit more and also with my family. Our theory is he might have been abused as a young kitten but we aren't sure. Please HELP!

    2 AnswersCats6 years ago
  • My very frizzy hair?

    Okay so I'm Mexican I'm 20, and I have very curly, very frizzy hair! And not trying to be rude and there is nothing wrong with it but I've been told I have black people hair or atleast it's been conpared to it as they say I'm mixed. And I use moose and gel, which calms my curls and frizzy-ness but IT LEAVES MY HAIR FEEL VERY HARD because of the gel and I don't want that. Don't anyone know of something that I can use. I'll try anything lol. But help me!!!!!!

    5 AnswersHair6 years ago
  • I found a kitten?

    So I found a kitten about a week ago, poor thing was left in a box, in the bushes. I'm a huge animal lover so I couldn't leave it to die, so I took him to the vet and I work but I'm 19 so I don't have a decent job and I help my parents pay with bills. So I've noticed that he has some eye discharge, and he sneezes more than my other cat. And the vet told me that he could have HIV transferred by the mom. And I don't have the money to actually buy him the antibiotics. So I need to know of some serious signs if he actually needs them. I will find a way. She did tell me his temperature is normal, heart is normal, and lungs. So I'm not are what to do. Help me!

    3 AnswersCats6 years ago
  • A lot of black heads?

    I have a lot of black heads and I feel like I've tried almost everythig. Can anyone please help me. I'm really trying to get rid of them!

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions6 years ago