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  • I'm trying to track down an organisation called the Bangladeshi House Officers Association. Can anyone help?

    I've been told there is one but don't know whether it would be local or national.

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  • On the question of IS?

    Is IS is and if IS is was IS always IS if IS wasn't

    always IS what was IS.

    From my theory of "the is". Obviously an anagram there.

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  • What would you do with the street people?

    I live in an area of the UK with more than its share of beggars, shoplifters, alcoholics and smackheads. They are seemingly attracted to this area from across the UK because it appears to be an easy touch and there seems to be homeless shelters everywhere (all of them full). While I would agree we all have a responsibility to help those who would help themselves and those who are unable to help themselves this should be a local responsibilty to local people. No local authority or local population should be expected to have a duty of care for those who dont care. If they belong to the area fine it is our responsibility to support them and get them into programmes, if necessary, if not we should provide them with a one way ticket home.

    I appreciate there will be cases where this might not be feasible i.e. where there has been abuse or violence but all of society should be looking for an answer to this problem.

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  • What would you replace the council tax with?

    Given that the council tax is almost as unpopular as the poll tax and taxes the few (regardless of income) rather than everyone surely the way forward is to replace it with a local sales tax. I would envisage a system whereby every unit sold at every outlet below 50 pence would have an additional 1 pence local sales tax added. Goods in value in excess of this would be taxed at 1 pence in every 50 pence (i.e. an item costing £10 would in effect be £10.20). This would enable a very unpopular tax to be scrapped while at the same time ensuring local services were properly funded. Those on a small fixed income would only be paying in a sum commensurate with their lifestyle and would surely pay less than they do now as everyone, in effect, would be sharing the burden.

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  • Not a sexist question but I've been told research has shown there is a formula to work out compatible ages?

    This concerns older men in relationships with younger females. Obviously as an older male I'd like to think there is some truth in it. It goes as follows take your age (for example 50) divide by 2 (25), add 7 (32).

    I'm neither trying to depress older women nor fill those younger with horror but if the formula is right can I smile now?

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  • Given we live in a secular should we allow those who wish to impose their views on us live here?

    Given a recent survey a large minority of Muslims would like the U.K. to become an Islamic state others would like to see Shariah law introduced surely they should re-locate to a non-secular state rather than impose upon the majority. This would apply to all and any religious believers who feel their beliefs are more important than the freedom to believe, the freedom to be.

    serious answers only please. Racists and Bigots please look elsewhere on these pages there is plenty to keep you occupied.

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