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  • A good diet?

    I was in ASDA the other day buying a large bag of Pedigree for my dog, and was in line to check out.

    A woman behind me asked if I had a dog........ Duh!

    I was feeling a bit crabby so on impulse, I told her no, I was

    starting The Pedigree Diet again, although I probably shouldn't

    because I'd ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50

    pounds before I awakened in an intensive care unit with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IV's in both arms.

    Her eyes about bugged out of her head.

    I went on and on with the bogus diet story, and she was totally believing it.

    I told her that it was an easy, inexpensive diet and that the way it

    works is to load your pockets or handbag with Pedigree nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The package said the food is nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again.

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  • Beka, hot or not?

    In Andromeda, is Beka Valentine (Lisa Ryder) hot or not? I mean Rommie (Lexa Doig) obviously hot, Trance Gemini (Laura Bertram) obviously not but I can't make up my mind about Beka. In most shots, wow! but in some others - nah. What do you think?

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  • Tips for starting a small 2 stroke engine please?

    I have a chainsaw with a 28cc 2 stroke engine and a pull cord start. it's always been a bit tempremental to start but now refuses completely apart from a few pop-pop-pops. Fuel is fresh and correct mixture. Plug gives spark and there is vapour in the cylinder head when plug removed. Any ideas ??

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  • I think that it is about time that this stopped, how about you?

    £102.4bn: Spent by foreign bidders buying British companies so far this year*

    £645.7bn: Spent on buying British companies since Labour came to power in 1997*

    £18bn: Value of the biggest foreign takeover of a UK firm - the sale of 02 to Spain's Telefonica

    626: Number of British companies falling into foreign hands so far this year*

    9: Number of FTSE 100 companies 'taken out' or under offer from foreign bidders in past two years

    7: Number of Premiership football clubs bought or about to be bought by foreign investors

    3m: Number of British jobs dependent on foreign owners

    20%: Of Britain's GDP contributed by foreign-owned companies

    £1bn: Estimated value of tax breaks enjoyed by Spain's Iberdrola as a result of its buyout of Scottish Power

    0: Number of developed countries other than Britain that have an open-door policy on foreign takeovers

    * source: Dealogic

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  • How many strands of Fastflite Plus do I need?

    For a bowstring.

    Bow is 68 inch recurve with carbon limbs and I pull 41 pounds on my fingers.

    I shoot target only with ACE arrows

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  • How can I sterilise feathers?

    I want to fletch my traditional longbow arrows and I have the chance of getting lots of turkey wing feathers (surprise surprise at this time of year) I know I can sterilise them in an oven but how long? how hot? Any other ways?

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  • I have a file in MS Publisher format (*.pub) I don't have MS PUB How can I look at it?

    I was expecting the file and it is from a trusted source. I have tried all the usual programs to open it but no luck. I just need to see the contents, not to copy them.

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  • How does a jet engine work in the rain?

    If an aircraft is flying through cloud or rain it must be sucking in hundreds of litres of water. How does the engine keep running?

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