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I'm a musician.... I like answering questions about music, military, culture, cats... random stuff. I love alt, indie, grunge, punk, hardcore, metal, prog, almost any rock music! I lurk R & P like no other. Groups: Billy Talent!!!, Incubus!!!!, QOTSA, RATM, Faith No More, The Strokes, The Fratellis, KOL, .... I'm not going to bother to mention all of it. Way too much. People call me strange, and they are right. : ( I'm in college, but taking a semester hiatus to sort things out, I'm addicted to video games, guys, practicing, and friends. Oh! And one last thing: I don't care what you think, unless you have something positive to contribute. So don't even bother if you an annoying little turd who thinks they know it all, because nobody does.

  • My poor kitty is licking himself raw!?

    I have a pet maine coon who is 11 years old and last year I moved him from the only house he has ever known. We are best friends, he is really dependent on me and loves me so I knew he would be ok with the move. Ever since we have moved he has been really happy because he gets to sleep in bed with me again (my parents kicked him out at night for about 5 years), he's calm, cuddly, loves his new house and housemates (he used to be really shy and jittery but he loves my bf), he plays a lot. He also used to have to deal with my parents two other cats who would beat him up because he is not dominating. My parents were really abusive and as a result my cat (and I) lived in fear, nervous and jittery all the time. Things are great now that we've moved out.

    Within the last month I have been noticing he is scratching and licking himself like crazy. I can see bald spots in a few places namely on his spine and at the base of his tail. I thought maybe he is bored, and he has clear sticky scabs that are coming off, like he has really bad dandruff or an allergy or something. I know its not from him aging because they are like completely bald not just losing hair over his whole body just in those spots. If he is bored he usually bothers me to play with him (I gladly accept) or cuddles with me or runs around the house, so I don't think it is that. He doesn't have fleas I have already checked that, and his eating and attittude are fine, just the licking....

    I hope someone has a clue to what's going on I don't want my kitty in pain!!! Thank you <3

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  • I am so depressed I really want to die?

    But I wonder would it matter if I did die? I think it would make every one around me happier not dealing with me. I am so depressed all the time, I don't do anything, I can't do anything, I just cry and cry and cry. The only person who cares about me is saying that I don't love him enough. My life has been utter pain since I can remember. I really can't see anything getting better with me stuck in my depression. I'm addicted to it! I don't know how to be happy, and so I think that my suffering should end now before I make my boyfriend suffer trying to make me happy. I'm already dead on the inside, but... still. I can't see any end to this hell I am in.

    Please give me something to help!!!

    There is no God. There is no hell. There is only this life, right now. I don't see any point to me suffering this life any more though. I would rather not exist than deal with this ****, I can't get over past pain, it just compounds in my heart making me hate myself and my life even more.

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  • I have a music question!?

    He's an effin awesome dancer!

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  • I had a realistic dead baby dream....?

    I had a dream that my abusive mom told my brother that he could not see any of his friends any more, and he told me he wanted to live with me (My mother has already disowned me in real life) so I went to pick him up. On the way home, the police stopped everyone and handed them a missing child pamphlet. All of the sudden in my dream a repressed memory came up that my parents put my little bro and I in the car (we seemed about 5 and 3), and when we got in the car, I saw my parents had a dead baby on the ground in between my brother and I. We had to keep quiet, because if the police found out we were in trouble, but my brother and I couldn't stop crying. I just held his hand. My mom started driving fast because she didn't want to get pulled over, but she did anyway. She got off with just a warning, but the police man gave her a flier for a missing child, and she threw it in the back with my brother and I and the dead baby. After that, she said "See why I brought you, nobody ever searches a car with children in it." and a half hour later she left my bro and I near a junk car and said she would be back. I went to the junk car and threw up in the pamphlet and left it in the car. After that dream, I went to my brothes graduation, and I saw my mom there, and when I asked mom if she had ever had any more kids she got furious and told me never to talk of it again.

    Now, I hate my mom in real life, and its kind of plausible for this kind of thing to happen, considering she hates me for no reason and has verbally and emotionally abused me since I was five. (get it...) She says something changed in me when I turned five, like I turned into a bad child. I have no clue why she says this, but this dream is eerily realistic and fits with what has happened in my life. I turn five. Mom hates me. We move far away quickly. She tells me all the time she would have loved to have like 8 kids, but she has endometriosis, and my brother and I on its own almost killed her.

    I woke up crying from this thing. I really want to know if anyone has any insight, because I really don't think this has happened, just because its so creepy. Anyone have any insight?!?!

    Please? I'm sorry its so long, but I'm pretty sure I left out any impertinent information. Thank you.

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  • I am getting mixed signals from someone CLEARLY interested?

    This guy is really into me. Its apparent. Hot make out seshes, the bit. He's a sweetheart too. Doesn't want to see me get hurt, likes spending time with me...

    But he gave me this weird thing. Saying. "I like you, I don't want to see you sad, I like it when you're around, but if you got another boyfriend tomorrow, I wouldn't be sad."

    Is that just him protecting himself? He has told me repeatedly he has a hard time letting people in to his inner sanctum of sensitivity. Like he is sensitive and sweet... but he just isn't comfortable exposing his feelings?

    Ugh. I have no clue. We hang out all the time and I have no clue. Maybe he just doesn't want to hurt me. Maybe he just doesn't want to get hurt.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Help I have multiple suitors and all are excellent people?!?!?

    I don't have anyone who really likes me my whole life, then all of the sudden THREE.

    Count them THREE guys like me at the SAME TIME!?!?!?!?!


    One, I have already told of my non-interest in. Still isn't getting the point. I may be a douchebag, but I can't crush someone who refuses to be squished. He's a sweet kid, but nothing is there

    Two, I have liked from the very beginning. Beautiful beyond reason, extremely gifted, sweet, funny, intelligent, parent worthy. Definite potential from both our ends, but I really don't want to throw anything away to see if more is there with him. I have no clue if he is going to be too clingy for me though, but I think he is a really nurturing person who has the same goals in life and potential career path. He is really shy and sweet. He seems like he would be a perfect boyfriend, and I think he is amazing. Butterflies come up when I talk to him.... and I don't know if he is even interested because he is so shy, but he keeps asking me out to things. More so than other chicks.

    Three, I just met. Strong connection for sure, but he isn't sure he really wants anything serious right now. Much older (hence more mature I hope...), but I am really scared my parents will **** bricks when they meet him. Definitely has that bad boy thing going for him. I like that. Intelligent, motivated, funny, goal oriented. So many sparks are flying with him its going to set the ******* rug on fire in a week or so. I don't want to disappoint him with the other guy I haven't told either of them about, but I don't want to lead him on if the other seems like a better fit for me personally.

    But I just need to step back and see which of the latter two are right for me. Yes, I think I'm ready for a relationship. I just don't want to throw myself at guy #2 because he is drop dead sexy, and lose #3 to that, full knowing that #2 could just be leading me on.


    I could really really see myself with both of them for a long time. Awesome guys. Both make me smile and relax and both see the real me.

    Thank you.

    I have been mulling it over in my head for a month or so....

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  • What can I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I have had $125 stolen from me by my room mate. In my sleep. From my wallet. I have mentioned that money has gone missing from my wallet, and she gave me the fake sad face and said "that's so sad!!!".

    Bull ****. She sold half of her ex's stuff when he moved out, then lied to him about it. I know she's doing the same thing to me. I can't do anything about it, because if I steal the money back, that makes me just as bad as her. I am moving out at the end of December (thank god), but my car is in the impound at the moment and its going to be hard to move back into the dorms without it. I was going to use that money to get my car back, and pay things. I can't do anything now.


    TWO TIMES. I made the mistake of leaving it in the living room last night, and sure enough this morning another 35 dollars was missing and my wallet was empty once again.

    I have no clue what to do, because I am trying to be the better man here, but I don't have money to LIVE!!!! and I am out of a job right now (applying like crazy for seasonal work), so I don't know what I can do!!!

    I can not turn to family. That is NOT an option. Period.

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  • What does having deja vu really mean?

    I just had it..... and I find that really strange things happen the day after I have deja vu. Like I'm almost reliving the entire day over.....

    I'm wondering if anyone thinks that having deja vu means something more, or if I'm just being silly!

    I probably am just being silly, but join in please do! I like hearing other people's thoughts.

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  • AUGH!!! They won't leave me alone!!!?

    The spammers won't stop!!!

    What are some good 'rejection' songs. Like I am so far from interested I don't even know why I am still talking songs.

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  • Is this cool or what all you GH addicts?

    Youtube thumbnail

    AHA!!! Awesome!!! I love the song they used to!!!

    This video is hilarious!

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  • I am so close to suicide right now.....?

    I KNOW for a fact that I would be doing the world a favor.

    I am so ****** up that my attempts at normal, happy life have been squashed.

    I am all alone. Everybody has forgotten about me or given up on me.

    I can't get a job. I don't care about anything.

    I can't cry any more.

    I can't think.

    I am selfish.

    I just think that everyone would be better off without this black hole of a person basically squatting in their apartment/life.

    I have tried help. I can't find anything to carry on for.

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  • Is this a turn off for most guys? Why?!?!?

    I just recently got my septum pierced. I wanted something different that I could potentially hide for work. I love it. I think it fits my face well.

    But EVERY SINGLE GUY (except for the one I am crushing on :D) has stated to me that they like it, but they are not attracted to women with this particular piercing.


    Its just metal in my face! I love it! I'm not any different. Why is this one piercing such a turn off for guys?

    Is it too wild?

    Here is a pic of my piercing. Please limit the compliments, that's not what I got the damn thing for:

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  • Okay boy troubles sorry.....?

    So there is this really fit kid at my college I am crushing on hard core. God damn crushes. >.<

    I met him dancing probably over a month ago, and have seen him probably three times? since then. Since I am not in school at all, I have no way to just casually warm up to him. I have no clue what to do, because I can not get him out of my head.

    I found him on facebook randomly, and he messaged me once saying hi and saying he doesn't know if he knows me from somewhere else or not. I don't know man. I'm so bipolar I could have met him and he wouldn't know it. But I messaged him back telling him thus.

    Tonight at the grocery store I saw him, he tried to say something and I just flipped out, waved, and briskly walked away with my cart in tow before he could see me blush.

    I think I am confusing this poor boy beyond reason. I have no clue what to do, because he seems really distant online, and I really can't let this go. I really want to pursue him, but I really think just telling him upfront would freak him the hell out considering he hardly knows me.

    HELP!?!?! This guy is totally worth the trouble. I just don't want to ruin anything with brisk action or being too quiet.

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  • Trivia Question for you all?

    If anyone can answer this without looking it up, 10 points!

    Okay, on the original and still manufactured CPR dummy known as Rescue Annie, who's face did they model the head after?

    Story behind it?

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    Where the hell did this badge come from?!?!?!

    Aha... cool for me. I haven't had one for months.

    Pray it doesn't leave soon.

    MQ: If you could slap any musician, who would it be and what for? They can be your *****, your enemy, your jealous rage. But who do you just want to slap?

    If I get 20 JB answers, I'm quitting. Get creative here.

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  • Should I get this piercing?

    I am already pretty set on my opinion of it, but I was wondering what total strangers would think of a septum piercing on me? Please don't tell me that it will ruin my natural beauty, or that I look like a butt faced weirdo. Cause honestly I just want to know about the septum piercing.


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  • Should I get this piercing?

    I am already pretty set on my opinion of it, but I was wondering what total strangers would think of a septum piercing on me? Please don't tell me that it will ruin my natural beauty, or that I look like a butt faced weirdo. Cause honestly I just want to know about the septum piercing.


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  • R-r-r-r-random question hopefully someone will know?

    Okay dudes. I saw a vid on MTV probably 3 years ago. It was an awesome vid, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere, I want to know who did it.

    Its basically a video that the entire time has an extended Rube Goldberg machine going. In the end it shoots an arrow into the bullseye of a target. It was pop/rock more on the rock side, but definitely not heavy rock. Four piece band, male lead singer.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, go here. I was wondering if anyone has any clue who the group or video is? It was pretty cool.

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  • Have you ever heard a song...?

    Where the vocals seemed just a bit too easy, yet when you try to sing it, it has an incredibly difficult melody line? For example, I always thought just from listening that "Suffragette City" would be an easy song to sing, but seriously, it has so many jumps and dips you just don't listen for.

    Has this ever happened to you guys?

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  • Do you guys have any bands....?

    That you used to absolutely love, and just kind of fell out of love with?

    You still like them, right? But its just not the same as it was when you first discovered them. This is not the same thing as hating a band and dropping them from your listening completely, this is like having a favorite band, then just forgetting about them completely.

    This happened to me and the Killers. I still like them, but I have no desire to listen to them at all like two years ago when they were one of my favorites. I didn't even notice until right now! >.<

    Also another MQ: Groups with something suggestive or dirty in the name.

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