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  • Trying to find a scholarly source for this Plato quote?

    “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”

    I need to find out where Plato said this, because I need to use a legitimate primary or secondary source. (No websites)

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  • Liberals who think the 1% want to control everything: why aren't they all democrats?

    Seriously: if they want more control over their lives, they should jump right on the big government, regulation bandwagon. If they really secretly control the government, why not use the government as a tool to control the masses in a greater capacity? If the rich people only care about promoting conservatives, then why did most major donors give mainly to liberals? That's a fact, check out this link.

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  • Does anyone actually ever come here to learn from one another?

    I see people asking questions and when people give an answer that the other side doesn't want to hear, from the other perspective, with no blatant falsehoods or offensive language, they get downvoted. I seriously don't get this. Share your political perspectives and learn from each other or GTFO. Why are you people here?

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  • Does Atlanta's City Government run a surplus or a debt right now?

    The city is building a $147 Million school. Can it afford it?

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  • Proposal: 6/16/13 Would you participate in a "Question Affirmative Action" Day?

    In light of numerous questions about the merits and possible reverse-racism of affirmative action being deleted, I'm proposing a "Question affirmative action" day tomorrow, June 16, 2013, here on the Y!Answers Politics section. Would you participate to show that these kinds of questions should always be asked? That a topic is not unacceptable to debate simply because it is about minority privileges?

    “Without debate, without criticism no administration and no country can succeed and no republic can survive.”

    John F. Kennedy

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  • Why does Y!Answers not allow you to de-thumb a comment?

    Liked a comment when I read a recommendation to read "The Prince" by Machiavelli. Then I read the rest of the comment that said that conservatives would recommend Mein Kampf by Hitler.

    Son of a *****, this can get annoying.

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  • Have you taken the Political Compass Test?

    This is excellent for finding out where you truly stand on the political compass! It judges right and leftist ideas as well as use of authority vs. liberty (up and down) to create a more accurate picture of how you think government should work.

    Here's my graph

    Here's a graph of popular politicians from around the globe.

    Take the test and post a link to your chart here! Curious to see where everyone stands and it's good for considering where you stand on certain issues and if you want to get involved in politics at all.

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  • Did Joe Biden ever respond to Ted Cruz's challenge?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Near the end, Ted Cruz invites Joe Biden to an hour long debate/discussion over how to stop gun violence effectively. Did Joe Biden ever respond to this?

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  • What do you think about Senators or Representatives trying to pass bills that give them special privileges?

    California State Senate votes to give itself special privileges to ignore their own state gun laws: a right that the populace does not have. (old - 2011)

    Meanwhile, Congress is attempting to get itself exempted from ObamaCare and successfully got back insider-trading privileges.

    Why do these people think they deserve special treatment? Isn't his proof that our system is somewhat corrupt?

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  • So is this where everyone vents their inner radical political lunatic?

    I've noticed people here seem to be very politically extreme, in all directions. I, too, tend to be more extreme in my responses/questions here. Should we name this something? Yahoo Politics Syndrome?

    Can we get back to being normal please?

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  • Who needs an AR-15 with a 30 rd. magazine? Heard of the LA Riots?

    Who needs an AR15?

    - In the 1992 LA Riots, mobs raped, looted and murdered Korean citizens and their shops in LA. The police had completely abandoned them, eyewitness accounts said that as soon as mobs showed up and started opening fire on the barricaded Korean citizens, they got into their patrol cars and DROVE AWAY, fast. The Koreans returned fire with their SEMI-AUTOMATIC WEAPONS including AR-15s, AK-47 Semi Autos, and other types of rifles as well as shotguns and pistols. They, and they alone, had pledged to defend their lives, property and families with their AR-15s, and drove off the mobs, ending one of the largest civil disturbances in US History. THEY NEEDED THEIR AR-15s, when the police abandoned them!

    Saying we don’t need guns because we have police is like saying we don’t need fire hydrants because we have firemen.

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  • Gun Control - The AR-15?

    There is a reason pro-gunners and anti-gunners alike are saying "I'm not against guns in general, but these assault rifles shouldn't be in civilian hands". It's because of A LIE. I will now explain it and hope all anti-gunners will be honest enough to understand WHY folks who know guns aren't "being paranoid".

    Please understand, the AR-15 is being called a “military style assault weapon” because of its APPEARANCE of an M16. An M16 is a military weapon of war because it has machine gun (auto) and machine gun burst (3 bullets per squeeze). It also has basic rifle (semi-auto) and safety (off). When Colt wanted to sell the rifle to civilians, it had to REMOVE THE MILITARY, 3 SHOT PER TRIGGER PULL GUN COMPLETELY FROM THE FRAME, and replace it with a basic civilian rifle, while keeping the M4/M16's styling. IT’S JUST A RIFLE, in the only part that actually matters! ADDITIONALLY, contrary to what some believe, AR does not stand for Assault Rifle in AR15, and it IS NOT AN ASSAULT RIFLE. It stands for ARMA-LITE (the company that made it) RIFLE #15. IT IS JUST A RIFLE

    By “just a rifle”, I mean no different than an 1861 Henry Rifle used during the Civil War (not military issue, brought from home), that could shoot 28 shots in less than a minute in some models. Or the 1873 Evans Rifle, that held up to 38 shots. Or any Wild West movie Winchester you’ve seen, like Connors in “The Rifleman”, where he shoots 12 shots in less than 4 seconds. (you or I would take 7 or 8 secs, but you get the gist) It’s JUST A RIFLE!

    The AR-15 is illegal to use in some states for deer hunting, but not because it’s such a dangerous gun, but because IT ISN’T POWERFUL ENOUGH. Its .223 bullet is used for “varmint hunting”, small game. Yet, the anti-gun lobby is saying this basic rifle has somehow evolved into a miraculous killing machine like never seen before, even though its function and lethality of shooting a bullet per shot hasn’t changed at all. IT’S JUST A RIFLE!

    We have not only heard the “it’s meant for military or police use”, we’ve even heard from crooked politicians that this “varmint hunting” rifle is “A NATIONAL SECURITY RISK. IT CAN SHOOT PLANES OUT OF THE SKY AND BLOW UP TRAIN TRACKS”(not kidding!) Government reps in law enforcement use AR-15’s for what they call “personal protection” from the SAME VIOLENT CRIMINALS LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WANT PROTECTION FROM, yet cops don’t show til after the fact. Are cops more important than law abiding citizens?

    Mass murderers like Lanza plan it out. In a gun free zone with helpless cornered victims, ANY GUN would work. A 6 shot revolver can be emptied in 3 secs. A shotgun can cut a man in half and spreads nine shots per trigger pull. Reloading takes less than 2 seconds and multiple guns would require no reloading at all. Mass murderers also have a habit of taping several smaller magazines together to reload in about a second. A PLANNED MASS MURDER, EVEN ACCORDING TO THE VICE PRESIDENT, WON’T BE STOPPED BY GUN LAWS. We don’t need him to tell us that. WE KNOW IT.

    Yet, after many anti-gunners finally understand the “assault weapon” term is being used as propaganda to dupe, they don’t care. They talk about the dangers of rifles and how things would be better without them. All rifles combined (not just AR-15’s), make up less than 1% (LESS! A VIRTUAL ZERO) of murders. More die by hands and feet than ALL RIFLES COMBINED.The AR-15’s the most popular rifle in America, because it is a popular rifle on the SHOOTING RANGE.

    These are the facts. Make the decision for yourself: is the AR15 really a spectacularly dangerous killing machine, or just a simple black rifle with a rail on it?

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  • Liberals/Gun Control Advocates: Why do you want gun control/bans? Which control/bans would you want? Why?

    Looking for legitimate arguments. I don't agree with most of the current proposals for gun legislation in question, with the exception of requiring criminal background checks prior to purchase. I'm curious, however, why others support them.

    No trolling, baiting, etc. please

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  • Why is the public education system failing? Cultural issues?

    To add some context:

    I am a high school senior reflecting on the appallingly low standards of education in public (and some private) schools. I am a private school student but I spent my early education in public schools.

    This year over 50% of the country's high school students failed to meet the SAT benchmark of "achievement". The benchmark is at least a 500 on all three academic cores: Critical Reading, Writing (which is unfortunately ignored by many colleges, or de-emphasized), and Math. This would mean the cumulative score would be a 1500 (2400 scale) or a 1600 (excluding writing). Yes, OVER HALF OF THE COUNTRY didn't reach a standard which, in my opinion, is already too low. (For reference, I had a 2120/1380, and a 3.2 GPA in very difficult AP classes, yet I've talked with many statistically "average" kids that attend public school. They have far superior grades: 3.7+, some 4.0, yet some didn't even meet this SAT benchmark and the others were all in the 1600-1700s. They were all societally ignorant and followed pop culture norms to the letter, often without any reason other than that they saw it on television or they saw everyone else wearing/saying/doing it. They all used trendy phrases and buzzwords, they all had Apple iPhones and Macbooks, they all wore name brand clothing, they all talked about sex, alcohol and drug use obsessively and none of them cared about actually learning anything from what I saw. I can't help but question the validity of the schools, and our culture)

    Moreover, I'm judged and compared with these types on a daily basis, and assumed by my age to be some vagrant with no regard for learning or ethics. This annoys me.

    Why is this ignorance so common, when we are repeatedly led to believe we live in an "Age of Information" and that we are supposedly learning things which previous generations never learned?

    The answer is that, clearly, the majority is not learning them. We live in an Age of Ignorance. All of this information is available at our fingertips, but the vast majority of Americans do not care enough to learn it.

    We've been led to believe throughout our childhood and thus into adulthood that "majority rules". Whatever is the most common is the most right. But this is simply not true..

    More than ever before we are living in a time where it is increasingly difficult to reject societal norms. To be "different" is to be an outcast. We are abandoning the intellectual ideals of individualism and expressionism through, ironically, the very same mediums we used to use to express those crucial ideals: what we wear, what music we listen to, what brands we buy, what kind of phone we use, what laptop we have.

    We hear words like "swag", phrases like "dat **** cray" day in and day out yet if you asked most people what the word "collectivism" meant, or asked them what Congress does, they'd have no clue. Why are we so readily brainwashed by pop culture? Why does my generation judge someone's success by how many times he has gotten some unconfident girl drunk so he could have his way with her and then ditch her, instead of how much he has contributed to society? Why are nerds and intellectuals frowned upon? Could this have a connection to our low academic standards? Are we being made to be apathetic towards learning? And could the system of education itself contribute to this? Who do you blame, and how can this problem be fixed? How do we convince people to "care" about things like this again? What will our future be in 20 years as a country, as far as what we know as citizens?

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  • When do the events in "Regret" by J.M. Coetzee take place? In what year?

    I'm reading the novel "Regret" by JM Coetzee and I can't seem to figure out or find what year the setting of the book takes place in, and I'm curious. It mentions a stroboscopic camera (used 25 years ago) and the use of telephones is somewhat consistent. The professor listens to classical music and his students wear bizarre, bright clothing. Could this be the 50s-60s? Or the 70s?

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  • Best AT&T phone for music?

    No Beats Audio, dear god.. I'm looking for a smartphone that has exceptional media playback abilities and reasonably large storage space and hardware capabilities. Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 be out before July 19th for AT&T in the US, and would you recommend it if so?

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  • Numark 4Trak vs. Pioneer DDJ-T1?

    Hi, I'm looking at he Numark 4Trak and Pioneer DDJ-T1 DJ controllers. I know Pioneer is used by more professionals (Why, I'm not entirely sure. Could someone elaborate on that as well? What's with the Pioneer hype?) I really like the Audio ins/outs of the 4Trak and I like its construction and retro look, and I hear the platters are very nice. I heard he Pioneer jogwheels are outdated or less responsive than the Numark? Is that true? The Pioneer has the same interface as alot of the pro pioneer equipment in professional booths and the reliability of Pioneer products in general is good. I like both of the layouts in different ways, but I like the effects bar on the 4trak. Is there a deal-breaker here that I'm missing? Which should I go with for Electro/Dubstep/House/Trance mixing with a bit of scratching thrown in here and there?

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  • Is it considered acceptable within the EDM/DJ Community to..?

    Wear Bloody Beetroots masks for a gig? I just kind of caught on to their music but realize that had a bit of a failcascade fallout with the dance community a few years back.. so is that a "No"?

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