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  • Are there any guys who watch Supernatural?

    Are there any guys who watch Supernatural?

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  • What does this dream mean?

    So, I had a dream where I woke up in one room, down the hall I heard a noise, so I walked down the hall and saw a guy I knew, who I happen to really like. Well anyways, for some reason we ended up hugging but then he picked me up like you would a child. and he just walked around with me holding on to him. he kept saying how he missed me and couldn't live without me. and I said the same for him. the end of the dream was that he wanted to go down to the beach (we were in a condo) with me and we were walking down, then for some reason I needed to do a test for a college class and I woke up.

    I know its stupid, this guy and his girlfriend just broke up, but we haven't talked in a few months. he texted me this morning in response to a question I had texted him about, a job offer last night. does this just have to do with the job or what? i can no longer read him either, one day he's really nice, the next day he hates the world.

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  • Are there any men who enjoy the movie Phantom of the Opera?

    My good friend and I are having an argument. He says that there are no men in the world who like Phantom of the Opera. Come on guys, there's got to be ONE of you out there who likes it! If you do, please tell why as well :D

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  • Parents blame me for not getting along with brother?

    I know it is pretty pathetic to ask this question, but I'm desperate! I need a non biased opinion and apparently the Internet is my last resort. My parents and shrink are both biased.

    I just turned 18 in April. My brother has ADHD, so naturally he can get on my nerves from incessant tapping to banging and screaming. He's 14.

    We've had problems for a few years, but I've tried working on how I treat him, and we've come considerably far since a few years ago.

    Siblings fight. It's natural. But whenever we have a tiny argument, my parents will blow it out of proportion!

    They will say I'm the older one, its ridiculous we can't get along. That I'm not merciful and that I hate my brother.

    I love my brother. But, yeah, when he throws my purse onto the ground, turns the volume up on the TV to 100 on a Saturday morning at 6:30 am, or leaves his underwear in the sink, yeah I'm going to get irritated.

    The point is, I try to get along with him, but whenever I get a bit annoyed with him, my parents say its ridiculous I can't let things go when he's only 14 and I'm 18.

    I mean seriously, I went to college a year early, and made the Dean's list! Yet, they won't ever give me the chance to work things out with him!

    They constantly lecture me for not being gracious and understanding. Wth?! I've been understanding for 14 years!

    If one of then tell me that I need to love my brother and stop hating him one more time, I will absolutely blow a gasket!


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  • Song that sounds like One of These Nights by the Eagles?

    At the beginning of the song, the guitar sounds a lot like another song I've heard....I think it may be a Beatles song but I can't remember the name or lyrics! Here's a link to the video to see what I mean:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Please, help a girl out!

    3 AnswersLyrics7 years ago
  • any guys who love the eighties?

    Are there any guys of today that love the eighties? Bands like the police, men at work, journey, ACDC, etc.. and actors/actresses like, dermot mulroney, Michael schoeffling, Arnold, Molly rigwald etc.... Seriously, I hate the music and movies of today, anyone else besides girls who feel that way?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Why do people keep assuming I am a homophobe?

    Ok, whenever people ask my sexual orientation, I always say I'm straight. I'm attracted to guys, never have I been attracted to females. Whenever I answer, it seems to me that those individuals are quick to jump on the "so you hate gays" train. I never said that, never even implied it. I've come to find out that they automatically jump to that conclusion without asking the question. I have my opinions on gays, I personally, do not see it as an ideal lifestyle, personally, but hey, it's my opinion, and it shouldn't really affect how people live their lives right? Also, whenever a girl flirts with me, I feel uncomfortable because I am not gay, yet most perceive it as discrimination?

    Am I just crazy or insensitive?

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  • Why do Black people treat me as if I am racist?

    I'm taking dual enrollment classes right now. I'm always friendly to everyone and treat everyone with the same amount of respect and kindness. Lately though, I've noticed that whenever I try to talk to someone of the opposite race, mostly blacks, I get the feeling like I'm being judged and mocked. I have never been racist towards anyone, in fact, we are all the same, we just have different pigment mutations....I live in Florida, but have never had this problem before, it happens moat frequently in my Economics and Government!

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  • Why am I not pretty enough?

    I don't understand. Everyone tells me I'm pretty, those who are older than me I mean. But people who are my age, gawk and laugh behind my back. I'm 17. I just want to think I'm pretty. I'm tall and skinny. I'm not unfortunate looking....but still...I feel as pretty as a corpse. No one has EVER asked me out, and guys seem repelled by me..

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  • What restaurant was in the 1999 movie Annie?

    I really want to go to this restaurant! Or ice cream parlour...whatever it is, I know it's in NYC...and the address starts with's the picture!

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  • How many stamps do I need to mail a letter?

    I'm mailing a standard letter from Florida to London, how many stamps will I need?

    5 AnswersGovernment7 years ago
  • atmospheric circulation is powered by?

    Atmospheric circulation is powered by

    the circulation in the ocean

    gravitational pull of the sun and the moon

    the land/sea breeze regime

    the electromagnetic radiation from the sun

    none of the above

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • Main Carrier of heat between..?

    The main carrier of heat between the warm tropics and the cold polar region is

    ocean surface currents

    oil and natural gas tankers

    deep ocean currents

    the atmosphere

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • Saltiness of the Ocean?

    The saltiness of the ocean comes from weathering of continental rocks and

    outgassing from tectonic activity

    biological activity

    cosmic particles


    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • Radiation of the Earth?

    The place where outgoing radiation exceeds incoming solar radiation.


    38 degrees N


    38 degrees S

    all of the above

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • Heat Budget of Earth?

    The heat budget of the Earth is balanced because the excess heat absorbed in the tropics equals to the excess heat radiated at the poles.

    True or False?

    And why?

    1 AnswerEarth Sciences & Geology7 years ago
  • Why are some black people still hung up on slavery?

    Why are some African Americans still hung up on slavery? I agree with the fact that slavery was wrong and that all humans are created equal. Slavery was almost 200 years ago. The black population has come a long way since then. I just don't understand why people still hang on to the past. The black community has come so far and done so many amazing things. I understand that it was a cruel and nasty thing, but slavery has been around since the beginning of time. (Some blacks, in biblical times, were owners of slaves) I really just can't wrap my mind around it. Also, I was wondering why some African Americans blame every white person they see. A lot of people (whites) were against slavery when it happened. It was prevalent in the south, not the north. Many blacks were free and prosperous in the north. I'm not trying to be offensive, I just want the honest truth (:

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  • What could be the cause of this shadow on my x-ray?

    I just went to the oral surgeon today, I had an x-ray done at my orthodontist and the there was a giant black shadow on the lower front region of my mouth. My dentist referred me to a oral surgeon. I went in for a consultation at the oral surgeon today and he said he wanted to do a biopsy. what all could be causing this shadow? I have a lot of discomfort and pain around the gums and teeth as well.

    1 AnswerDental7 years ago
  • Childrens book that is also an animated series?

    ok so when i was in elementary school (private btw), there were a bunch of books my 5th grade teacher had. they were illustrated and featured a bison/buffalo looking character and other animals with him. i believe it was a children's book that is also an animated television series? I believe that PBS may have featured it at some point or another! I would love to know what series it was....

    2 AnswersComics & Animation7 years ago
  • Do I have a right to be mad at them?

    My two bestfriends are dating. (boy and girl) and recently, I was planning to go golfing with my guy friend (the bestfriend) because I am horrible at golf and my two friends, me, and another guy were planning to go golfing on a separate day. I told the girl that I was going golfing with him and she totally ignored me. So, she asked me what I was doing this weekend, and I said, going golfing with a friend. Well, she finds out that I meant her boyfriend. Anyways, she knows that I have NO feelings for him. She gets upset at me saying I didn't invite her and that she didn't trust me alone with him. He is taking his girlfriends side and I'm stuck in the middle. He won't hear anything but what his girlfriend says and he says he can't be friends with me if she doesn't want him to...i don't know what to do. I didn't do anything wrong.

    Oh and the girlfriend has a history of hooking up with guys and her relationships usually end within 6 months.

    2 AnswersFriends8 years ago