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  • la corda d'oro season 2 ~vivace~?

    I've seen on a site (I think it was on the official website) with a small pic that said "La Corda d'Oro 2 ~Vivace~". I also think it's a game but I'm wondering.. is it just a game? Or is it actually a season 2 of the anime..

    Really appreciate the answers! ^^



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  • Gavotte by F.J. Gossec?

    Does anyone know a website that can download free sheet music by Gossec??

    I'm looking for the piece Gavotte for piano (I think it's intermediate). Preferably PDF format or JPG format.. PNG and GIF works too.. but hopefully the entire piece in piano and file is working..

    I'd really appreciate the help! ^^;

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  • law assignment HELP!?

    does anyone know an individual, group or event whose actions resulted in a change of law?

    preferably other than Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr.

    Thanks =]

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  • Itazura Na Kiss - ep19-26 ENG DUB?

    Is it true that the subs for episodes 19-26 for this show comes out this SUNDAY?? August 24, 08?? If so, what sites will have them?? If not, does anyone know what the date is for when it comes out??

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  • Itazura Na Kiss - EPISODE 19-26 ENG???

    anybody know any links to watch the eng dub (or sub if they have it) of the show?? i realllyyy want to watch it bad!!! >_<

    i've tried:


    revolution anime

    anime fever

    crunchy roll


    ovguide: anime



    anime thunder





    anime crunch

    anime kiosk

    if you was

    just dubs

    watch anime now

    watch anime online

    zomganime (ep19 in raw version still T_T)

    youtube & veoh (though I only found the jap version)

    HELP! >_<;;

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  • Demi & Selena OR Miley & Mandy?

    Who do you think is better of the pairs?

    I personally think Demi & Selena are better.. At least they're achieving something and being GOOD role-models for younger kids. I lost all respect for Miley Cyrus when the photo scandals happened. I actually admired her and her music and found her adorable but now I just think she's .. well a w****. Mandy What's-her-face is just plain pathetic.. considering she's what? 20? And making fun of 15-year-old girls. Sad.

    Now every time I see a pic of Miley Cyrus, I'm thinking "I don't see how my little cousin could look up to you."



    No flames to other people please. This is just an opinion-based question. Thanks! ^^

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  • When will the sequel to Blood come out?

    This is after the 50episodes of the series.

    From what I heard, there will be a sequel coming out in 2008, but when in 2008?

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  • Are there any anime similar to blood ?

    I really love the show && hoping there are something similar to it. Any suggestions?

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