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  • What would you do if you asked for a job reference from someone who liked your work...?

    ...and even came to your desk to hug you when they found out your last day was approaching, yet the same person never responded when you asked for a job reference? I have other references, but they are for short-term work assignments that had me doing very generic tasks. And my work relationship and work outputted for this non-responsive reference guy were quality. I am worried about using work references for other jobs that are not as relevant or similar to the position that I am applying for.

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  • When Americans live abroad, do you think that they have the same camaraderie as non-Americans living abroad?

    I have spent time living in different countries. I have noticed Italians in America very quickly bonding and helping each other to get jobs. I have also noticed Cameroonians and South Africans doing the same thing with their respective country-men; strangers, even offering each other free accommodation (in the U.S.). I have also seen people from Asia and Latin America, who are strangers, helping each other. However, I have not seen this same loyalty and camaraderie to exist among Americans living abroad.

    I always got the impression that Americans try to avoid other Americans when living abroad. I am wondering other people's experiences are. It seems quite attractive to have an instant sense of unity and community (being from the same nation) as a safety net when living outside of one's home nation.

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  • My 10 y.o. active cat is moving really slowly and meowing differently. Anyone have experience with this?

    My 10y.o. cat is really active. She has a healthy appetite, is a healthy weight, and loves to run outside. Over the last 5 hours, she's been moving really slowly, if at all. The strange thing is that she's currently got a healthy appetite; even though there's something wrong, she's eaten wet food, treats, and even catnip.. And occasionally, she lets out a "meow" like it's a moan. Her other meows are her typical ones, like she's telling me something when I talk to her. I just brought a feather over to her to play with and she started to hit it, but then she stopped after a minute. She has a look in her eye like she's off in a daze or irritated. Also, she seems to have no problem moving at a normal speed to lick/clean herself.

    I will take her to the vet tomorrow, if she's not feeling better. But in the meantime, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this? I'm wondering if it's depression or health related. It's just the most peculiar mix of behavior, so it would help so much if someone can share a similar experience. No one has passed away, not a human or cat. The weather has been warmer today, although it's winter.

    Again, I'll take her to the vet, but I would like other's personal experience.


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  • Does this scenario qualify for a staffing agency referral bonus?

    I'm signed up with a staffing company who called me regarding an available job. I took the job information and composed a job announcement email; I then sent the email to friends and acquaintances. One friend forwarded my job announcement email to a 3rd party; and, the 3rd party ended up landing the job.

    All I know is that the staffing agency does grant referral bonuses when their employees (e.g. myself) refer candidates who secure either full or part time work.

    I am unclear on the legality of this, because in the promotional world, job announcement emails come through all the time, and it's courtesy to give credit to the person who authored the job announcement, even if the email got passed to a few people before making it to you, AND whether or not it's explicitly stated to give credit.

    PLEASE ONLY ANSWER IF YOU HAVE CLEAR CUT, YES/NO FACTS, not condescension or insults. Thanks for your time and assistance.

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  • Does anyone know of people who didn't get started with their careers until their 30s or later?

    If you do know of someone, please give an example. It's just hard to believe that all people decide their career fate whilst young and then stick with that forever. It would be inspirational to know of people who found their life callings later in life, and became successful and happy doing their new found career.

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  • Is there a woman out there who actually likes being hollered at from across the way or from someone's car?

    If you're yelling at me, you're never going to get to talk to me.

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  • Do you think that there will ever be a time when the phrase "light-skinned black girl [ boy]" will go away?

    The US is one of the hardest places to be of mixed race; I just feel that if people recognize mixture, they'll see that we're more similar than labels and stereotypes allow us to be. And the idea of Black people being watered down vs. mixed comes from slave-times. I've seen pictures of Africans from the orginal slave-trade countries in West Africa, and they don't look like most of the Black people in US. So why can't mixed people be mixed and will things ever get better? I just love jazz and chill out music, and a moronic acquaintance of mind saw this on yahoo im. He commented, "you listen to some weird music, but then I remembered that you're 1/2 White". Can't it be socially acceptable for people to like all types of music? White people can.

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  • As a US citizen with a degree in Liberal Studies, how can I find a summer job in London?

    Hi. I have experience as a Volunteer Coordinator, Professional Tutor, Promotions Manager/Intern/Assistant/Model, Party Bartender, and Barista. I'm looking to find work in London this summer. It seems most jobs want people who are recent college grads, currently in college, people who are only European citizens, or $1500 or more to get them started; I have none of these things going for me.

    I got my degree in 2002, and I've pretty much focused in the areas of non-profit and entertainment, with a few hospitality side-jobs. I've also written radio copy and grants. I've also done some event-planning and I've given presentations in person and on local news.

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  • As a US citizen with a bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies, how can I find work in London for this summer?

    Hi. I have experience as a Volunteer Coordinator, Promotions Manager/Intern/Assistant, Party Bartender, and Barista. I'm looking to find work in London this summer. It seems most jobs want people who are recent college grads, currently in college, people who are only European citizens, or $1500 or more to get them started; I have none of these things going for me.

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