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  • Will T.O. be a starter for the Bengals in 2010?

    Why or why not and what do you think his fantasy value will be.

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  • Matt Forte for Jonathan Stewart?

    I am in a 12 man yahoo fantasy league and my running backs are: Joseph Addai, Jonathan Stewart, Ryan Grant, and Willis McGahee. I am trying to upgrade my running back core. Do you think trading Stewart for Forte would be an improvement? Why or why not?

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  • How did I do for my 2010 NFL fantasy draft?

    In am in a private yahoo 12 man league. The commish added these scoring rules: QB's get an extra 5 points at 300 yards; 10 points at 400 yards; 20 points at 500 yards and 6 points a TD while running backs get an extra 10 points at 200 yards. All other rules are yahoo standard. With this information in mind, please rate my team from a 1-10 and also give assessments and or changes you would make. Thank you!


    QB: Drew Brees

    WR: Roddy White, Michael Crabtree, Terrell Owens

    RB: Ryan Grant, Joseph Addai

    TE: Chris Cooley

    K: David Akers

    Def: Minnesota


    QB: Matt Cassel

    WR: Chris Chambers, Roy Williams, Nate Burleson

    RB: Jonathan Stewart, Willis McGahee

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  • How did my 2009 NFL fantasy draft go?

    I am in a standard yahoo 12 person league. The only scoring option the commissioner changed was that QB passing touchdowns count as 6 points. Here is my team:

    QB: Philip Rivers

    WR1: Terrell Owens

    WR2: Hines Ward

    WR3: Vincent Jackson

    RB1: Matt Forte

    RB2: Ryan Grant

    TE: Chris Cooley

    K: Rob Bironas

    D: New York Jets

    Bench: Derrick Mason, Larry Johnson, Torry Holt, Matt Hasselbeck, Muhsin Muhammad, and Miami

    I wasn't able to make it for the live draft so I got about half of the guys I selected on the pre-draft rankings list. If you could please list strengths and weaknesses and also areas you think I could trade to improve in that would be very helpful. Thank you for your time.

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  • Can you loosen a new ACL graft by walking?

    I just recently had hamstring autograph ACL surgery. I am 3 weeks post op with minimal bruising and my swelling is very light at this point. I have been going to physical therapy 3 times a week and I have progressed to where I feel comfortable walking around with my brace unlocked.

    So the last two days at work I have been walking a lot but with minimal to no discomfort. I have been very careful not to hop or jump or make any other risky movements.

    Now a buddy that I work with, who has had several ACL repairs, tells me that I should be more careful and that at my stage I shouldn't really even be walking around as I might "stretch" or "loosen" my hamstring graft.

    I have PT tomorrow and I am going to talk to my doctor more about it but I am now paranoid that I have damaged my new ACL at this early stage.

    Is it true? Can you negatively loosen or weaken your ACL graft just by walking around on it or being active on it at this stage even if you are extremely careful?

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  • Do fuel and oil treatments actually work or are they a waste of money?

    I always see fuel and oil treatments when I go to buy motor oil and I was wondering if they actually work. If they do work is it worth it to spend the money to use them or are the improvements they provide negligible enough to not really matter?

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  • Which 3 WR's would you start in week 7?

    I have a little dilemma I don't know which of these 4 WR's to start, so basically all you have to do is suggest one to sit out and why. Here they are.

    Terrel Owens Vs St. Louis

    Laveranues Coles Vs Oakland

    Calvin Johnson Vs Houston

    Marques Colston Vs Carolina

    I am leaning towards starting Owens, Coles and Johnson. Carolina's D is pretty solid and Colston is coming off an injury even though I know he is a featured reciever. Do you agree with my choice? Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks!

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  • What do you think of my final NFL fantasy lineup?

    Ok, here it is after various trades and waiver wire pick ups. Advice on possible trades I should/could make and input on how you think my team will do are most wanted! Standard 10 person yahoo league.

    QB: Carson Palmer

    WR1: Terrell Owens

    WR2: Marques Colston

    WR3: Laveranues Coles

    RB1: Brian Westbrook

    RB2: Willis McGahee (Worried about injury here)

    TE: Antonio Gates

    K: Rob Bironas

    DST: New England


    QB: David Garrard (Might end up starting him over Palmer)

    WR: Calvin Johnson, Antwaan Randle El (Both could have big years)

    RB: Thomas Jones, Matt Forte (Sleeper and a risk)

    TE: Tony Scheffler

    I will pick up a K and DST as needed for bye weeks and injury. Thanks!

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  • Whats the scoop on David Clowney!?

    Where did this NY Jets rookie come from?!? Four receptions for 163 yards, two of them for a TD and over 70 yards each against a decent Browns D?

    As is normal in a pre-season game he only played 1-2 quarters and I know this is only pre-season but dang those are some stats!

    Is this rookie even worth looking at adding to my bench at this point or is it only a fluke? Do you think he will play in the regular season? Thoughts and comments welcome.

    P.S. I had to scroll through 4 pages of free agent WR's before I found his name.

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  • Should I start to worry about Antonio Gates?

    For fantasy purposes, do you think his toe injury will hinder his play or even from starting the season? Advice and recommendations welcome. Thanks.

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  • Who would you rather have as your back up QB?

    Bulger or Delholmme. Who do you think will make a better 2nd fantasy QB this year and why? Thank you!

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  • Who will have a better year, Delhomme or Palmer?

    Who do you think will have the best year, points wise, in a default yahoo fantasy league? Carson Palmer or Jake Delhomme.

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  • Would you do this trade?

    NFL fantasy default yahoo private league... At the position of WR Chad Johnson for Marques Colston. Reasons that support your answer would be most helpful as well. Thank you!

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  • Should I purpose Carson Palmer for Derek Anderson?

    I am thinking about trading Palmer for Anderson because I have Chad Johnson as one of my WRs. The reason for this idea is because I feel both Palmer and Johnson are question marks this year and I don't want to roll the dice and have them both coincidently be flops. I am thinking about trading Palmer away because a QB's poor performance could potentially be more detrimental then a WR's. Should I purpose this trade? Do you think the other owner would accept this trade? Is there a better QB option other than Anderson that is near Palmer's value, that another owner would likely trade for?

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  • Did my 2008 NFL fantasy draft go well?

    Here is the layout. Default yahoo league rules. 1QB 3WR 2RB 1TE 1K 1D. I am in a 10 person private league. I was randomly selected for the 7th draft position out of 10. Here is what I managed to get.

    QB: Carson Palmer

    WR: 1. Terrell Owens 2. Chad Johnson 3. Calvin Johnson

    RB: 1. Brian Westbrook 2. Willis McGahee

    TE: Antonio Gates

    K: Rob Bironas

    D: New England Patriots

    Bench: QB: Jake Delhomme WR: Laveranues Coles, Reggie Brown, Isaac Bruce RB: Thomas Jones, Fred Taylor

    For my first 5 selections I went WR/RB/RB/WR/QB then I filled out from there.

    How would you rate my over all draft? Would you consider it a successful one?

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