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My name is Trey, and I am a competitive Pokemon battler specializing in the VGC format. Pokemon SoulSilver FC: 3223-8131-4859 Pokemon White FC: 2408-8744-836 Pokemon White 2 FC: 0777-3931-6856

  • How to I export Action Replay codes onto my Pokemon White 2 from PokeGen?

    I'm trying to obtain a Therian Forme Landorus so I can obtain the reveal glass on my game, since I don't have a 3DS to get it in a legit way. I downloaded the newest version of PokeGen, put in the Landorus code I found on, and entered my ID/SID all that stuff. Then I'm stuck. I click "Code Generator", but it doesn't give me a long AR code, just a short little one. So, I type in the code, and hit select. A Pokemon showed up all right. A question mark. Now, I did quite a bit of research on hacking, and I know that a Pokemon like that is merely filler space. Plus, it had no moves, ability, ID, etc. So, I figure it simply generated a blank Pokemon. But how do I use what I got to generate an AR code? Here's the page I got in off of:

    I know it says Japanese, and I'm using a English game, but it'll work.

    If you'd like to generate the code for me (and I would love you if you did), I can e-mail you the .pkm file. If you want to do it manually, download the .pkm file from my source for Therian Landorus, then enter this data:

    -Set fateful encounter flag.

    -I'm using Pokemon White 2

    -Name: IceTrey (I and T are capital)

    -ID: 35175

    -SID: 08851 (used an AR code for this, cause I don't know how with the shinies.)

    Also, if you disagree with cheating, fantastic. I do to. I also disagree with the fact that we'd have to buy a 3DS just to have access to a few Pokemon! Therian Forme Landorus is a beast, and I'd like the option of using him just as much as another guy who has the money to buy every new thing Nintendo comes out with.

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  • Do items such as Iron Ball affect the speed of Pokémon as they are entering battle?

    I have noticed on Random Matchup that Politoed seem to have magically become slower than my Tyranitar. My Tyranitar does not have 0 speed IV’s, but it does have Brave nature, which should decrease the speed enough to be slower than a Politoed. Then I got to thinking: what about an Iron Ball? They decrease speed similar to that of paralysis, and Politoed is able to learn Fling. I’ve never actually seen them use Fling though, so is it just their way of capitalizing on the stupidity of players like me who went and forgot about breeding for 0 Speed IV’s to make sure their weather is immediately set up? Also, I know that abilities that summon weather are determined from fastest to slowest, with slowest being the weather actually taking place. I assume this applies to all abilities that are seen at the start of battle, such as Intimidate (for figuring out speed). Let me know if I’m wrong. However, what I do not know is if items show up in the same way. For example, let’s say that one of my and one of my opponent’s Pokémon have an Air Balloon. Can I judge speed based on which Air Balloon message appears first?

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  • What would the VCount, GxFrame, and all other RNG information be for Pokemon White 2 if using a DS lite?

    According to what I've read, RNG Reporter doesn't work anymore on Windows XP. This is very bad for me, as all I have is Windows XP. For Pokemon White 2 on a DS lite, what is the info needed to calibrate, or will it even work? I have RNG Reporter Version 9.95 Beta, if that makes a difference. From what Smogon has said as well, I hear most everything is the same for non-C-Gear RNGing. Is that right? Because I could barely manage stationary legendaries on my White, and if everything is new, I could be in for some trouble.

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  • Can I update Microsoft Office 2010 when 2013 comes out without Internet?

    I don't have Internet at my place (using a hotspot right now) and my desktop computer crashed recently. I couldn't find the disc that went with Microsoft 2007, so I forked over $160 for 2010. The cashier guy said that 2013 would be out soon. First, how soon is soon? Has a date been released yet? Second, can you automatically update over the Internet to 2013? If so, could I lug the desktop over to the hotspot, connect to the Internet, then update it? Or can I get Microsoft to send me some kind of credit?

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  • Why does my computer keep rebooting itself?

    I have a desktop Windows XP system computer, and it isn't working like it should. I don't know what happened, but my brother turned it on, and it came up with all of the "Safe Mode", "Last Known Good Configuration", and "Start Windows Normally" stuff. I'd seen this screen before, usually if it accidentally gets unplugged or a power surge happens, so I chose "Start Windows Normally" hooray it worked. Now, if I choose "Last Known" or "Start Normal", the loading bar shows up, but then the screen goes black, then goes back to the screen with all the starting options. I tried this like 6 times, no luck. However, when I started it in "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode Command Prompt" it came up with an error message for like 2 seconds: 304-Keyboard or System Unit Error, then goes on to say unplug it plug it back in, replace keyboard, yada yada. So, I try unplugging it (and everything else) and plugging back in, no luck. I try switching keyboards with my old one, no luck. I try no keyboard, no luck.

    I don't know how to take apart a computer to fix anything, so if it needs a computer repairman, I know a guy, just trying to save some money. Oh, and if there's a video of something like this on youtube or something on how to fix it, it'd be nice. I have a lot of important stuff on there, so any sort of help is appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Will I have to re-calibrate for the RNG if I use a rented Pokemon Black/White?

    I am planning on renting Pokemon Black from a store for a couple-3 days in order to RNG a Landorus for the upcoming GBU tournament. I am very new to using the RNG; I downloaded it just this week. I don't have any stationary legendaries on my Pokemon White to test RNGing before I get the game, so I really don't know if I even calibrated MY game right. Anyway, since I'm getting Black for a few days, will I have to re-calibrate for the individual game, or to be more specific, each game file? I am also planning on getting 3 Keldeos for each time I go into town, so will I have to find my parameters each time?

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  • RNG Reporter 9.95 (Pokemon Black/White) for windows is not opening up?

    I've been reading up on the RNG, and I decided, well, if they can do it why can't I? Well I'll tell you why. When I try to open it up it comes up with the message, "you must install one of the following version of the .NET framework, v.2.0.50727", and I'm not really sure what this means. Do I have to download something else for this to work? If so, could I have a link so I can download this? I got the original download from Smogon, this is the specifics:

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  • Can anybody get this unique Gastly, I'm willing to trade good things for it?

    Okay, for one of my teams that I'm building, a special Gengar is needed. But you see, this Gengar must know the move Sludge Wave - a move that can ONLY be obtained from a Gastly from Dream World that knows the move. Now, after reading a Bulbapedia article and cross-referencing it, apparently this Gastly will only show up 10% of the time knowing this move, which isn't too often. I have found at least 20 Gastlys at Spooky Manor, but still no luck. If I can get this Gastly, then only a little of my problem is over, as then I have to try to find one with a Timid Nature, and preferably max HP, Sp. Atk, and Speed IV's. Since you can't use Synchronize in the Entralink, I don't know what to do! I absolutely CAN NOT RNG, I'm always just a second or two off on my timing. I don't even know if you even can RNG in the Entralink. If someone would get me a Gastly with what I want above (WITHOUT CHEATING), I would be willing to trade you just about anything. Here's some of what I have:

    DW females:






    Eevee (and more)


    Anything from HGSS-on with good natures (don't know about some IV's)

    Event Pokemon



    -Shiny Raikou, Entei, Suicune

    -Jirachi (and more)

    If you want, you could even give me a team and I would make it for you, I'm that desperate. But I'm NOT going to accept a hacked PKMN, and I know my way around those parts. Please, any advice, or the Gastly, is very much appreciated.

    And by the way, it doesn't work if you try to teach Gastly Sludge Wave via TM. That's why I'm asking for one; if it was merely a TM move, I would have 0 problems.

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  • How do accuracy and evasion work on Gen V of the Pokemon games?

    I've read up on Bulbapedia and Smogon, but I still don't understand how accuracy and evasion work!!! My Garchomp has Sand Veil, so it gets a 20% evasion boost in sandstorm, but does that mean that my opponent's moves accuracy are decreased my 20%? My idea is that if my opponent uses Ice Beam, it'll only have 80% accuracy instead of the usual 100%... but I'm confused because that's not what is is! I need some sort of "guide" to this, or if someone could explain the calculator to me, tthat'd be great, too. Also, does BrightPowder stack with Sand Veil? If it does, and my opponent uses Ice Beam, what's the accuracy now?

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  • Is this a good Gliscor for a Sandstorm team on Pokemon Black/White?

    I am planning a Sandstorm team for competitive use on Black and White, and I've seen many sites use a Gliscor as their Staller. I looked into it on Bulbapedia and Smogon and their sets are similar to mine. This is for double battles, by the way.

    Gliscor @Toxic Orb

    Nature: Not sure, should I go Impish or Careful? Impish would make for a better physical wall.

    IV's: Max HP, Def, Spd

    EV's: 252 HP, 184 Def, 72 Spd (what Smogon says, maybe more Spd into it?)

    Ability: Poison Heal (DW Hidden Ability, I have access)






    I'm not so sure about Earthquake, but Taunt doesn't seem like too good of an option on Gliscor, because it being a staller and all, and my opponent can't status me unless they use Swagger. Then again, Gliscor's probably going to be busy setting up Substitutes and then Protecting to heal it off. Toxic helps along the process of defeating my opponent. How viable is Gliscor anyway? In a double, both Pokemon could gang up on my Substitute and break it, and kill Gliscor in the process. It's 4x weaknesses to Ice will hurt more than help, too. However, Gliscor can naturally avoid my Earthquakes and my Zapdos's Discharge. Is Gliscor a good addition?

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  • What do you call a person from Jericho?

    I'm preparing a lesson for my Sunday School class, and I was wondering what you call the people from Jericho, you know, the people who were defeated pretty early on by Joshua. Jerichoian doesn't sound right, but it might be.

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  • Catch/trade a Timid Thundurus in Pokemon White?

    I have rented a Pokemon White in the hopes of catching a Thundurus with the Timid Nature. So, I track it down, send out my Timid Umbreon with Synchronize, and then I use Mean Look to hold it in place, then I capture it. I think, pretty straightforward. It wasn't the right nature the first time. Okay, I reset, then repaet the process. Same nature as before. I do it again. Again, same nature. And I look it up on Bulbapedia and it says Synchronizing Natures doesn't work on roaming Pokemon. So, what do I do? I know I'll have to restart the game, but can I control Thundurus's nature beforehand?I heard something about RNGing it, but I have no clue how to do it. I think it needs some personal data, so if someone would be willing to set it up for me, I would be very grateful, and I would give the information needed. Or, if someone has a Timid Thundurus to trade, I have a long list of Pokemon that I'd be willing to trade:

    Any legendaries from White

    Any legendaries from Black

    Any legendaries from SoulSilver

    Dream World Females:



    Eevee (traded from a Japanese guy then rebred)

    others - if you want them, I may have them

    Dratini w/ExtremeSpeed from SoulSilver (males, so the move can be passed on through breeding)

    Red Gyarados

    Chances are, if you want a Pokemon, I can get it to you. Chances are, if you want a good nature, I can get it to you. I also have many items and I could save you a bunch of BP and buy you a ton of say, Focus Sashes or Air Balloons or Rare Candys, I don't really care. I just need this Thundurus to complete my team.

    Thx in advance!

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  • Rotom (wash) item suggestion for Pokemon White?

    I have a Wash Forme Rotom for a DrizzleToed team (one that takes advantage of Politoed's Dream World ability, Drizzle) and I'm having trouble deciding on a good item for it. It's supposed to be a tank:

    Rotom (Wash) @idk yet

    Nature: Modest

    IV's: Max Sp. Atk and Spd

    EV's: 252 Sp. Atk, 128 Def, 128, Sp. Def

    Ability: Levitate


    Hydro Pump


    Shadow Ball


    It's for double battles, and for opposing DrizzleToed's. I already have two other sweepers on the team, Kabutops and Kingdra, with Swift Swim (NOT battling with Smogon - important to note!) so I don't think i need more speed put into this thing.

    I'm battling with the Item Clause. Here are the other items I've used so far:

    Focus Sash

    Life Orb


    Air Balloon

    King's Rock

    Any other move suggestions, nature, etc. would be much appreciated. Thx in advance.

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  • Action Replay Code for no trainer battles in Pokemon White?

    I'm looking for a way to speed through a rented Pokemon White so I can quicker obtain Pokemon like Thundurus with the right natures. I have found codes out on the internet, but most require you to hold down a button. This gets annoying after a while. Does anybody know of a code for no trainer battles, preferably one that still allows you to battle trainers if you just talk to them?

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  • Metagross item suggestion for Pokemon White?

    I have a Metagross for a DrizzleToed team (one that takes advantage of Politoed's Hidden Ability from the Dream World, Drizzle), and I'm having difficulty on selecting the item needed. Here's my Metagross, he's supposed to be a tank:

    Metagross@idk yet

    Nature: Adamant

    IV's: Max in Atk, Sp. Def, and HP (4 hours sunk into finding one like this!)

    EV's: 252 Atk, 252 Def, 4 HP

    Ability: Clear Body


    Bullet Punch

    Hammer Arm



    I have 1 Levitate, 1 Flying-type, and the rest of my team knows Protect, so I'm set on Earthquake not hitting me. Also, I ruled out Zen Headbutt. If someone can convince me, I'll change it back, and any other move changes are welcome. Don't suggest another nature or something though, because I really don't want to re-breed. I do have SoulSilver though so I have access to all the BP moves I need.

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  • Trade for Poliwag or Dratini with their Hidden Abilities?

    I have looked everywhere on the Dream World, and I still cannot seem to find a female Poliwag or Dratini with their Dream World abilities! I have many legendary Pokemon from Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon Black that are all legit with good natures, if that matters to you, and I would be more than willing to trade one or more of the following:


















    Red Gyarados

    Dratini w/ ExtremeSpeed

    Zorua or Zoroark

    If you want something else, I may have it. I don't have any Shinies, save for Red Gyarados, but I just might have what you're asking for. Oh yeah, I also have access to almost all the starters, so I can re-breed for them to get you say, a Chimchar, at level 1.

    Please answer! I can't find them anywhere. Also, I need LEGIT ones, please.

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  • Is there a website for famous author biographies?

    I am doing a research paper on 8 different authors for school. Each author gets about 3/4-1 page length. I can't seem to find a website that has all my authors on it. If I could find one, I would only need to site one on my paper. Does anyone know of such a site?

    My authors are Shirley Jackson, Edgar Allen Poe, Richard Connell, O. Henry, Guy de Maupassant, Mark Twain, George G. Toudouze, and Saki.

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  • What is a good moveset for Ludicolo?

    I'm building a Rain Dance team for the Global Battle Union tournament coming up. Is Ludicolo a good Pokemon to run? Obviously not first, after all, it's an annoyer. Here's what I was thinking:


    Leech Seed

    Rain Dance (Backup in case it runs out early)

    Fake Out


    Item: Leftovers

    Ability: Rain Dish

    Nature: Impish or Calm (not sure, tell me)

    EV's: 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 Sp. Def

    IV's: more towards HP+Defenses

    I think the Atk-based moveset might throw opponents off a little. Anyway, Leech Seed, Rain Dish, and Leftovers restore HP, Fake Out is for a random flinch, and Dive is to stall to recover HP.

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  • No Guard with Sheer Cold combo in Double Battle Pokemon?

    I'm looking around for combos to use in the GBU tournament coming up, and I was wondering if this strategy would work. Okay, so I've got a Machamp with No Guard, and my Suicune from the Nintendo Event (that captured Zoroark) that knows Sheer Cold. I know that No Guard makes my target's and my attacks have 100% accuracy. So that means that if Suicune uses Sheer Cold in a Double Battle, it's only going to have 30% accuracy. My question is, if Machamp attacks with some pathetic move like Foresight on Suicune, and Suicune attacks another of my opponent's Pokemon, does Sheer Cold get 100% accuracy? Or would Suicune have to attack Machamp to get the 100% (not like I'd ever do it.)

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  • Could someone rate/edit my Blackwing Deck?

    I'm having trouble figuring out a good Blackwing Deck. I have the basics, but not much more than that.

    For starters, I will not have:

    -More than one Vayu

    -Raptor Wing Strike

    -Mind Control

    -Skill Drain

    -Royal Oppresion

    -Royal Decree

    -Blackwing - Aurora the Northern Lights

    -Blackwing - Mistral the Silver Shield

    -Blackwing - Jetstream the Blue Sky

    -Fake Feather


    Now for the cards I want in the deck.


    Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North (3)

    Blackwing - Bora the Spear (3)

    Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind (1)

    Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow (1)

    Blackwing - Kogarashi the Wanderer (1)

    Blackwing - Shura the Blue Flame (3)

    Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn (3)

    Blackwing - Vayu the Emblem of Honor (1)

    Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite (not sure if 1 or 2... tell me)

    Dark Armed Dragon (1)


    Allure of Darkness (1)

    Black Whirlwind (1)

    Book of Moon (not sure if 2 or 3... tell me)

    Brain Control (1)

    Dark Eruption (2)

    Dark Hole (not really sure)

    Monster Reborn (1)

    Mystical Space Typhoon (1)

    Solidarity (2... I LOVE Solidarity, so try not to bump it out)


    Black Return (2... Black Return is epic and I'm not taking it out!)

    Delta Crow – Anti Reverse (2... with Heavy Storm gone, BW's need it bad)

    Icarus Attack (3)

    Mirror Force (1)

    Solemn Judgment (1... should it be replace for Solemn Warning?)

    Starlight Road (2... Starlight can stop Gyzarus, Judgment Dragon, Icarus, etc. IT'S STAYING!)

    Extra Deck:

    Ally of Justice Catastor (1)

    Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant (not sure if 1 or 2... tell me)

    Blackwing Armed Wing (3)

    Blackwing Armor Master (2)

    Infernity Doom Dragon (1... It's good when your hand's empty)

    Stardust Dragon (2)

    Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier (1)

    Vortex the Whirlwind (2)

    NOTE: The cards in the deck are based on the banlist March 2011.

    NOTE 2: I need a side deck, but I never know what to put in.

    If you dislike what I've got, give me a completely different one.

    Thx!! :)

    Stardust Dragon (2... for Starlight Road)

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