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  • Kjoules, calories and joules..?


    I would like to understand more about my calories intake but recently i came across joules when i looked at the nutritional fact of a food package. i tried searching for websites that convert calories to joules and kilojoules. They gave me different definitions.

    Some say 1 cal = 4.184j while others say 1 cal = 4184j and that 1 cal = 4.184kilojoules.

    So basically which is the correct conversions to the following?

    1) 1 cal = ?? joules

    2) 1 cal = ?? kilojoules

    3) 1 joules = ?? kilojoules

    4) 1 cal = ?? kcal

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Im having problems opening my wmv files?

    I admit im horrible at computer stuff.

    Anyways, i tried to open a wmv file on my vlc player and it doesnt work so i searched wmv player and downloaded it from microsoft and then when i try to open the file there, it said i needed a codec and recommended this link. So i click on the link and downloaded the codec and my security software tells me it is of trojanhorse generic and what should i do from here?

    Should i delete and/or redownload anything like that codec thingy? Where can i get the link for the codec download? Is there any other player that can play wmv files?

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  • I dont really want to lose weight..?

    but most people advise me to. Im about 5ft and my bmi is 27.3. I used to be thinner but I gained and have been this weight for a few years already. Im asian and the average weight here is smaller than, say in the usa etc so im generally constantly under pressure when talking about weight issues with my family/some friends or buying clothes. My family, especially my mom and my sis are weight conscious and constantly get on my case when i eat 1 slice of potato chips, which i rarely since they make so much noise if/when i even buy snack. What should i do from here? Should i even be bothered with dieting?

    8 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • How do i buy running shoes for.....?

    I have flat feet. Normal shoes makes it kinda tough to walk for long distance, let alone run. I want to get a pair of running shoes that would be suitable for my feet. So my questions are

    - How do i choose?

    - Can you give me an example of a few brands and the shoe models?

    2 AnswersRunning1 decade ago
  • 4months after my lasik?

    I did my lasik surgury last oct or nov to correct my myopia and astigmatism. After the surgery, i went for check up the day after, 1 week after, and bout 6weeks after the surgery. Everything went ok. Recently i felt that things were not as clear and went for an eye test at an optical shop and guess what? I have slight hyperopia(like 100degrees per eye) and same level of astigmatism. I don't understand why. The doctor that did the surgery is a renowed doctor who had lots of experience(i did my research before going to him). Should i be worried that it would get worse? Should i contact the lasik centre?

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  • Guys, if you have sex with a girl on the second date, would you still ask her out?

    I know this guy who apparently likes me for my looks(or boobs, in this case) and when we went out for the second time, we had sex. He has a pretty fun personality and we get along great. Should i expect him to contact me again or should i just forget it and move on? Or should i take the initiative to contact him if he doesnt contact me? How long should i wait if he doesnt call me up?

    26 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago