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I once ate this piece of meat that tasted more like chicken than anything else, but when I went to the bathroom my face started to melt and then I went to bed, and then I woke up, and then I brushed my teeth... but there was this buffalo in the bathtub, looking at me with these huge black, beady eyes... and it said, "I'm not chicken..." Then I said, "I can see that... why are you in my tub?" And it said, "Because I fear change?" And then I said, "I don't care... get the fuck out of my tub, your messin' it up," Then the buffalo left, and then I went to the store and bought some more food, this time making sure that it was actually chicken that I bought, but it was all gone... and standing there was that fucking buffalo, telling me once more, "I'm not chicken..." And I said, "I know... what the hell do you want?" And it said, "If you want chicken... you'll have to go over there," it pointed the way. So I walked over and took some... but the shit cost too much, so I bought more buffalo

  • Issue using surround sound, PS4 and TV. Little help.?

    Alright, I have an issue. I want to play my ps4 on my big TV with surround sound. I've got a SANYO DP42D23 HDTV 1080p TV. My surround is integrated into a Blu-ray player, home theater thing. And then the ps4. Before, I managed to get things working with my xbox 360, but I had an HDMI cable going to the tv and then hooked up the home theater to the xbox itself, but I can't do that with the ps4 because there's only an HDMI connection. Anyway ideas?

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  • Xbox textures................?

    Okay, this isn't that big a deal but it kind of bugs me. The more I play a game, the worse the textures seem to get. Dead Space, Fallout 3, Oblivion and so on. Some times I notice textures that look a lot shitter than when I first remember them. Now, is this just me being more observant, or is something crapping out with my system or games?

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  • Computer being a piece of crap...?

    Alright, my bastard of a machine decides to stop working properly after I come back from being gone for a few months. The screen turns black at random moments, generally when I'm running a program (probably video card related then) and it'll shut down a random times as well, or go into hibernation, and there's general slow down issues as well. Games that once ran smooth, and that certainly should anyway since they're old, are now choppy and sometimes crash. I did a complete reformat, but nothing has changed. Does this sound similar to some issue that someone out there may know how to fix?

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  • Dreams..................?

    This isn't so much a dream interpretation request, but rather my current inability to recall dreams. It's been that way for years, and I have dreams all the time... well... a few a month. When I have them they are incredibly vivid and life like, and generally really long and complex, albeit kinda weird and otherworldly (they are dreams after all) they're in color and generally I'm watching myself from a third person perspective. It's rare when I'm in a first person perspective. What happens exactly I remember for a brief second while waking, during that momentary zombie mode, but when full consciousness makes its way in, I rarely remember and when I do, it's minuscule bits and pieces. Anyone know of any good methods to recall dreams.

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  • Baldur's Gate 2 and Vista?

    Anyway, I was wondering if it should be normal procedure to just run BG2 with that XP SP2 compatibility mode?

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  • Neverwinter Nights 2 and a PC...?

    Here's my specs. 2.0 Ghz Duo Core Intel Processor thing, 3 GB Ram and 256 MB video card. Could I run this game or not?

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  • Vista and gaming question...?

    Should I install games into the Programs Folder like one normally would in XP, or should I throw them in another folder when installing them? I've noticed this weird administrative rights crap that goes along with the Programs Folder in Vista, so I don't know if it's wise to even put stuff in there.

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  • Question time... Vista?

    I'm still getting use to this Vista crap... and missing XP at the same time. Anyway, I was wondering if running games as an Administrator was a good or bad thing... or if it didn't matter in the least, thanks.

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  • Oblivion... and by PC?

    These are my specs: 3 GB Ram, 2 Ghz Duo Core thingy processor, 256 MB video card (ATI, 3200 something), and it's a laptop, new, with Vista. Can I run Oblivion reasonably well without it looking like crap... or am I dreaming?

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  • Laptop, powered from outlet?

    Alright, I just got this new computer... a laptop, and I was wondering if powering it from the outlet (wall) more often than not is good or bad for the thing. That power bar on the power cord that connects to the outlet gets pretty damn hot, and I was just wondering. Thanks.

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  • Islamofascism...?

    I have a question, am I the only one who sees some flaws in this label? Islamic extremists and fascism have nothing to do with each other. One is a religious extremist the other is a method of government. To be more specific it's basically a government ruled by corporations and business. Now, if there's some other meaning here to the label, someone please explain. It may be shocking to some that I'm really not trying to start some political debate here... I just want to know if I'm missing something. And if I'm not, and my assumption that the label is retarded... then why not just come up with something that makes more sense?

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  • Kool-aid...?

    I have a question that will probably make me sound like a moron to some *** holes out there, but I don't care. Lately, I've heard 'Kool-aid' being used as insulting... and I really don't understand why, can someone please explain this to me. Oh, and all the insults I've seen are political in nature... for some reason 'Kool-aid' crowd, elaborate please.

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  • Which do you dislike more?

    A: People on the left (politically)

    B: People on the right (politically)

    C: People in the middle (okay, you get it...)

    D: People above the spectrum

    E: People below it

    F: Ninjas

    G: Complex questions that ask for simple A,B,C answers...

    H: Custom Answer... probably saying how I'm a dork *** (or some other insult) for asking a stupid question that shifts from supposed seriousness to supposed absurdity.

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  • Rod Parsley....?

    Anyone else out there think that televangelist Rod Parsley is a ******* wacko nut job? If you're not familiar with him... look it up on Wikipedia.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Annoyed.......................?

    Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who gets irritated when people say they know what happens when others die. Such as Christians saying they KNOW you go to heaven when all it really is, is just a very strong faith in that particular view or Atheists saying they KNOW you just rot in the ground when all it is, is generally a lack of evidence for the contrary that generates that belief. I'm not siding with either in this instance, or anything really... I just wanted to know if others felt the same way? And no... I don't mind if you rant, it's seems inevitable with this question.

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  • Okay, I'm done...?

    With the political section... the mass of idiots over there have seeped the patience from me, so I'll come here. This seems like a fairly basic philosophical question that could fill the time... what came first, the chicken or the egg?

    15 AnswersPhilosophy1 decade ago
  • When do you think?

    The current state of humanity will end, and we'll be thrown into the next stage. Interpret that as you want: politically, governmentally, religiously, spiritually, scientifically, and so forth?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • What is a coward?

    I've always wondered what people's interpretation of what a coward is over the years, especially in the climate we live in. Obviously, plenty would consider fear of physical harm a coward, but on another level some would consider not standing up for what you believe in or what you think is right or what have you to be a coward. I've known people who threw it around casually, considering anyone who's scared of anything a coward, and I've known people who rarely if ever call people cowards since they think it's a harsh and damaging insult best used for situation where it might truly apply. I just wanted to know what other people thought about this. And beyond that, does if even matter if you're a coward. Sorry if this is a long question.

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  • Persona 3.................?

    I've been wanting to check this game out for a while now, and I can't seem to find it anywhere... but that aside, I was wondering if it was worth the 50 bucks they're asking for it (assuming I ever find it). I'm not one to throw down that much on a game (anymore) so I wanted to know if I should make an exception.

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  • Question... clearly.?

    Anyway. I hate Microsoft because they have an unhealthy monopoly on home computers and what have you and I despise Apple because they sell nothing but 'cool' to the vast majority who buy into that ****... am I alone in this? I think you asked this already... maybe... who cares.

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