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  • Why am I throwing up if I’m not sick?

    I had a cold for a couple days but it wasn’t bad at all. Yesterday, I threw up before work a little, and then at work. Last night, i woke up at about 4am, and started throwing up again. and then again at 5. only at 5, i didn’t throw up much, i more tensed up over the toilet. but it’s 10:40am now, and i’m really tense, and shaky from the tenseness, but also am seeing kind of blurry

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  • What do I do about my homophobic parents and having a girlfriend?

    My mom is completely agasint gay relationships. My dad doesn't care. I'm dating a girl and been keeping it a secret. My mom is strict and in order for me to go to a friends house, she has to talk to the parents, so I haven't been able to see her much but we make it work. I turn 17 in two months but my mom is going to punish me if she finds out that I'm with a girl. She tells me that God says that it's wrong and has even told me that it would break her heart if I wasn't straight. My dad doesn't care other than he doesn't like the girl due to past issues which he would get over. but my mom never would. so what do I do

  • How to get through a slow 8 hr shift?

    I work at taco bell and have an 8 hour shift today. 10am - 6pm. my boss wants me doing something at all times. but when we get slow and i have everything cleaned and stocked and i’ve done everything that there is to do, what else can i do to stay busy? i cant use my phone or anything either

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  • How do I stay awake during a long shift? (no rude replies)?

    So i work 3-11:30 tonight. i’ve only worked one other shift like this and now i’ve made a mistake. it’s now 12:30pm but i was up until almost 7. i’ve only gotten about four hours of sleep and I don’t feel too tired right now. But I do know that I am going to be so exhausted by the time I go in. I don’t drink coffee made at home and don’t have time to get coffee today. so what are some good tips on how to keep myself/ wake myself up?

    also if there’s any suggestions on how to prevent my feet from hurting in my $10 walmart shoes please let me know that too!

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  • why is my phone back on?

    my dad shut my phone off may (2018) it’s now June (2019) and just today, my phone is now making and receiving calls, i have data, everything. i called my dad because i’m with my grandparents and he didn’t turn it on. so why did it turn on now?

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  • what can i do about my general manager situation ?

    i’m 16, i have my first job. i make mistakes sometimes and i understand my boss gets frustrated. but yesterday, i needed my password to watch the videos for our new releases, and i accidentally had deleted the picture of my password. so when i told her, she cussed me out saying “i’m f-ing pissed, i don’t have 30 f-ing minutes to make you a new f-ing password” and she went on and on. i’m scared to go into work because of the way she acts towards me. i’ve came home crying multiple times due to the way i’m treated. but she’s the highest up who works there so who can i go to about it? my mom doesn’t want me to just quit, she wants something done because i’ve been told she acts like that to a lot of people

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  • Why am I always tired?

    I’m a junior in high school. I don’t usually go to bed later than 10 on weeknights and don’t even get up until 7 (9hrs) but whenever i get more or less sleep it’s the same way. I wake up every morning tired and then get home and just wanna sleep, but i know if i do, then it’s going to be harder to sleep that night. the only days i’m not tired are weekends. i still wake up early (9-10) even going to bed at 2-3am but i’m not tired then. so why??

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  • how to get rid of flyaways/split ends?

    when i was younger i always had layers, so now that my hair has grown out, it’s still uneven in certain parts and i have flyways all through my hair, top to bottom. i’ve been told that the only way to remove them is get layers again and i don’t want them. what other ways or products can i use to tame them or get rid of them?

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  • Does water help clean out for a drug test?

    I'm 16, and I smoke pot. The class I'm taking requires two random drug tests. When I got there today, I found out from other students there would be one. I drank a 20oz bottle of water but then called and went home. Its Thursday and I just smoked on Sunday. For the past couple weeks I've been smoking 1-3 times each week. If I fail this test, I'll be in a lot of trouble.

    Without buying detox drinks or cranberry juice or anything, how can I clean out and ASAP?

    Does exercise and drinking water and peeing a lot really work?

    I dont want scientific data, but personal experiences please and how long it took to clean out!!

    Also please dont reply and say that I shouldn't do it because I know

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  • Why can't I feel it when I ***?

    I'm a 16 year old female, and I have never been able to feel the sensation when I "finish". I know it happens because I can see it on my man but I cant feel it. Why?

    2 AnswersWomen's Health2 years ago
  • What happens when someone without ADHD takes Vyvanse?

    A friend of mine doesn't have ADHD but took a 40 mg vyvanse. What is going to happen and how is she going to act. How long before it wears off?

    1 AnswerMental Health2 years ago
  • motorola E4 is stuck on bootloop screen Help?

    Went to restart my motorola E4 phone and now it continuously loops the boot up screen. Is there a way to fix it without completely resetting the phone? How to fix it?

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Can a person get in trouble for threatening a minor at age 17.?

    I fought this girl years back, and now i’m 15. she’s turning 18 in four days & saying she’s gonna beat my ***. If I contact the police will she get charged as an adult threatening a minor?

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • How to tell a guy i’m not interested?

    Recently i got out of a relationship and it was so heartbreaking. i rebounded but left anyway. now me and my ex are fixing things & plan on being together again. we are keeping the plans on the low for now though. before things were getting fixed, i posted asking if anyone wanted to take me to snowball (dance). someone offered, and i never really accepted but he’s telling his friends we’re going. Now that i’m working things out with my ex, i don’t want to lead anyone on or make anybody think i’m interested in them. I’m asking for a good way to tell him “not to gain feelings or get attached because i’m not interested” but I don’t wanna hurt him.

    5 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • my family calls me anorexic?

    i do have body image issues but i don't talk about them. i haven't necessarily been eating as much as i used to, and on saturday, i was at a hotel with my dad, stepmom, and sister. i didn't like the breakfast so i wouldn't eat it. my dad said i don't like anything but my stepmom said i just don't wanna gain weight, and we'd deal with the issue when i ended up in the hospital. and my dad was angry. but on the way back to the room, i said something about how far the walk was and my dad said i needed the exercise. i'm with my grandma and grandpa now, and i just ate breakfast at about 10:30. my grandma came home at about 11:40 and told me i needed to eat but i said i wasn't hungry. at about 12:10 she sent my little sister to ask if i wanted some ice cream and i said no. she came in my room and asked why. i said i wasn't hungry, because i'm not. she said "well you better not be starting to be anorexic, but if you were you'd be skinny."

    it hurts being called anorexic by my family when i'm not. why do they say this and why is it ok?

    4 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • how to get highlighter off my face?

    last night i was with my friends, all but one of us (Leah) got completely baked. my boyfriend and i fell asleep on the couch and the last thing i remember was him getting up, not sure what time. I just woke up, leah is asleep, everyone left, but they drew on my face with pink highlighter.

    1 AnswerMakeup3 years ago
  • why haven't i been eating as much lately?

    i'm 14, and female to start. i used to eat, a lot. got something at school for breakfast, had lunch, plus extra fruit, come home and had a snack or two, ate dinner, sometimes ate another snack and ate around 11pm. about a week ago my dad and i had an arguement, causing his girlfriend to hate me even more. her and her daughter decided to leave then instead of waiting until summer to leave as planned. it took them only four days to get out.

    well, my dad drinks a lot, and it's only him, my little sister (11) and i here now. i have to grow up really fast again. my dads ex wife (my stepmom) is trying to help but doesn't much. i'm the only way me or my sister eat. my dad won't cook, he also hasn't been shopping since his girlfriend left. my little sister makes her own breakfast and lunch, and leaves me to make dinner for us. my dad doesn't ever eat much, just asks me to make him cheese crisps occasionally. (yesterday and today) Last night i made my sister dinner but not me. i ate some mcdonalds today and just a cheese crisp yesterday.

    i know that was all probably a lot of useless information but could this be stress? depression? please answer.

    3 AnswersFamily3 years ago
  • When do I get to chose where I go through courts.?

    i have had some molestation problems with my dad in the past. i was talking to my boyfriend, bestfriend, and her boyfriend last night. my bestfriend told me at the age of 15 they will let me chose where i go, and she said her family will take me in, as they have done with her other friends. she's 15 and the courts let her do that and she stayed with her friend. i'm 14 now, but when can i chose to go to her house.

    i live in michigan also.

    2 AnswersFriends3 years ago
  • why am i so insecure?

    some days i feel like i'm really pretty and other days i feel like i look like absolute sh*t. i used to have body positivity issues, then yesterday one of my friends told me i was too heavy, and indirectly called me fat. i'm 14 and 121, my boyfriend is only 24 pounds more than me. i was feeling really gorgeous earlier and now i'm really upset and feel ugly. why am i like this?

    1 AnswerMental Health4 years ago