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I am FTWman. My answers are FTW. Favorites: Monty Python Jim Carrey Sir Francis Bacon (No not just because of his awesome name) Werewolves Lastly, if you are ever rick rolled, this is a suitable reply. Take it from a man who's been around the block long since your avatar was born, Y!A is no great achievement. It is the internet equivalent of the dark ages, where great satires are born and devoured by greater trolls in front of their mothers. Do NOT trust anything you see within these halls, do NOT let anyone on your contact list. There are monkeys who disguise themselves to look just like you or I, but once you let them in they report all of your questions to the Yamster above. I tell you these things not to save you, for salvation is impossible once you've crossed into this domain. I tell you only so you provide the trolls and monkeys a longer chase, to further my own lifespan.