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  • How do I make a website using html that has all these things?

    I so far got the title part down because of some turtorials i found on youtube but other then that Im lost anyone willing to help?

    Title .

    Colored background (not the default).

    A "mailto" link to receive mail from people.

    A working link to some other site.

    Header text of at two different sizes (h1, h2, etc.) (50 points each)

    Bold face text and italicized text. (50 points each)

    Centered text

    A horizontal line across the page, otherwise known as a “Horizontal Rule.”

    Two lists: one ordered (using numbers) and one unordered (a bullet point list). (50 points for each)

    A picture of yourself, family pet, or other photo unique to you

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  • Help with Bouyant force question?

    Imagine a block of contienental crust -> H=40 km, W-40km and L- 40 kim length. Its density is 2700 kg/meters cube and sits on top of the mantle, with a density of 3300 kg/ meters cube. the accerleration of gravity is given by 9.8 meters/second sequare

    What i have so far is, volume of block equals 64000 km cube

    then we had to solve for the mass of the block and i go 1.728e11 grams

    then this question appears- let "h" denote the depth of the block within the mantle (h<H). in terms of h, what is the volume of the block that is in the mantle? (write the mathematical expression for the vlume of the block but keep the letter h in it)

    mass block)*g = (density of water)* length * width*h*g

    I need to solve for the volume of little h and Im not really sure how to do that and how to do find the mass it as well

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  • How to find the age of the half life? I seriously don't understand this question?

    You measure two isotopes, P and D. Isotope P is radioactive and spontaneously decays into isotope D. The half life for P is 3x10^10. Assume for this problem thats when the meteorite was formed, there was no D in the material at all.

    P=180 atoms

    D=610 atoms

    T=790 atoms because I added p and d together

    % remaining = 23% because I divided p/t

    closet number of half lives is 2 because of a chart we have

    Now I need to find the aprrox age in years and Im not sure how to do that

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  • Pomston dog breeders?

    Where can I find info about where to find these types of dogs. Hopefully in the California area.

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  • Digital camera please?

    I have a sony cybershot of 7.2 megapixles. I have a 4GB memory card in it but I let my sister borrow the camera and she did something that only lets me take 10 pictures. I erase the internal memory and theres nothing in there but it still only lets me take ten pictures. Is there something wrong in the settings??

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  • Need help with girl names that end with..?

    ette in the end? like yvette

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  • late period please help me!!?

    Well as of today I'm seven days late on my period, last month I had my period on the 13 and on jan it started on the 5. I get pains like cramps. I'm not pregnant because Im not sexually active. Im current 17 going to 18. I remember once like a year or two ago I didn't have a period for a month.

    can someone please help me?

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  • Where should I go for next fall?

    I got into UCSC, UCSB, and UCSD but I dont know where to go!!! do any of you have info of these schools


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  • Please help with physics problem ?

    I suck at physics i do but this is my last problem..

    What is the net force actiong on the obeject that is 80 N north, 200N 45 degrees south of west and 120N 25 degrees north of east

    2 AnswersPhysics1 decade ago
  • Homework but i just don't understand?

    I tried to look at my notes for this problem but i don't get it so please help

    You walk 420 meters North, then you head 30 degrees south of east for a distance of 300 m. how far are you from you starting point

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  • What is a Christian Tragedy?

    Im reading Faustus and it asked whether it or isnt one, yet i dont know what it means

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  • Physics questions please help?

    I know you may all tell me to do my hw but its that I dont understand it

    A football kicked with an initail speed of 23.1 m/s reaches a maximum height of 16.9m. At what angle was the ball kicked??

    I want to know how to do it not just the answer

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  • What is the name of the dance they dance during the debutante ball in Gossip Girl?

    I've heard its a waltz but I was wondering if it has a specific name or is there a video of it on youtube?

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  • Major help?

    I plan to major in English but I'm not to sure on this decision. What do you people think? What kind of a job can I get? Plus, I'm good in graphic design.

  • Music to exercise with?

    prefer rock music like the ting tings or the killers, dancy rock

    think fran ferdinand

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  • Volume trouble?

    So yesterday I turned on my computer and it went blank.. So I used the system recovery cd and i got my computer back to normal and lost everything I had like pics and hwk but whatever about that. I was trying to see a video online and their was no sound then I tried to play a song from my mp3 player and it said something about no active mixers are avaible. I have no idea what is wrong with it because the day before my computer went nuts the sound was working fine.

    Please help

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  • Sony tv with small screen within the big screen, how to remove?

    so i have no idea how to take it off so how do you that?

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  • Food web with 3 producers, 2 primary consumers, and 2 secondary consumers that live in a forest?

    please help i know its probably easy but i have so much hw to do , time to look it up

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  • digital camera help!!?

    I own a Sony DSC-s40 and when i turn it on the screen is all white and when i switch it to camera mode it still is white it broken??

    can i fix it?

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  • 30 Seconds to MArs?

    Well if you have seen the video From Yesterday

    Can you please tell me what it means!!! because i have no idea

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