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  • Does Japan kill whales for 'research' purposes?

    Do the Japanese seriously expect the rest of the world to believe they are doing research, when whale meat turns up in food stores in their country? Whaling is illegal and was banned in 1996 but the Japanese get around this by pretending to do research. No research findings have been released in all this time. And now a whaling ship is crippled off the coast of Antarctica, with a potential environmental disaster just waiting to happen, due to the huge quanities of fuel on board. All this because of a minority of Japanese want to eat whale (most japanese are not even remotely interested in eating whale meat). What are your thoughts?

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  • Does anyone else think that Snakes on a Plane could turn out to be one of the dumbest movies ever?

    Sure, it could turn out to be a spoof, maybe even a good one, in which case I will unreservedly apologise. But if that plot (for want of a better word) is actually intended as an action movie...

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