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  • Will burning one stick of incense cause my smoke alarms to go off?

    I recently moved into a little 2 bedroom apartment. Its slightly spacious but there is a smoke detector right above my bedroom door and in the living room/kitchen. Lately I've been getting into some spiritual stuff and kinda need to burn at least one incense stick here and there. Will the incense fill my room up with enough smoke to activate detectors? Also I know land lords are kinda iffy but I definitely dont plan on burning multiple sticks or even burning sticks that often. I'm afraid if maintenece or anybody who works on the property enters my apartment, they will automatically assume I'm smoking or burning something and report it. Should I risk it?

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  • What can you do with a Pre-Med Tech Degree?

    Okay so I'm going to college in like 20 days at Miami-Dade College (Community school). I applied for the "Pre-Med Tech Associates Degree", I thought that just generalized all of the medical field and I could just branch off to another field thing when I transfer to a 4 year University. I'm confused on what branch of the medical field I want to go into. I was reading around the internet about getting a Physicians Assistant Degree in Gynecology, but I'm terrified that if I change programs I will have to pay more for college and I want to avoid all of that confusion. I guess my question is is what can I do with a Pre-Medical Tech degree. What are all my options when I get it? Should I go ahead and change my program now or wait a semester? I need to know all kinds of options. Thanks


    Okay so heres the drama. I slept over one nite at my friends house and we were taking pics of ourselves, they were like wacky and stuff, but i guess we were posing (alitlle innapropriate). So my friend puts them on facebook!!! The first time my parents came across them, they got SUPER pissed. So they told me to ask her to take them off. So i did, and she said she would. But the thing is, is that her dad doesnt pay for the wireless internet thingy alot, so she couldnt get on the internet. But i didnt know that, i thought she already removed them!! Well months later after we got in trouble for them, i went on her profile and i found the WHOLE album still there!! But my mistake was that i didnt pay any mind to it, i meen my parents didnt know about them so i was just like whatever. But i liked some of the pics in the album. So i tagged myself, in SOME of them. BIG MISTAKE i didnt know that it was gonna show the whole album when you clicked on it!! So my mom got on my profile and clicked on the post and the WHOLE album was there!! She got soooooo mad!! so how can i get the damn pics off!!! i called my friend and asked her to take them off but i dnt think she is gonna do it!! plus i dnt think she has the wireless internet connected!! I dnt know what to do, im giving her 2 days to take them off and if she doesnt then im gonna be in a **** load of trouble!!!! So is there a way that i can get these pics off of facebook myself!!?? I dnt think there is but its worth a try. And even if you have advice for me and her plz give it to me!! Im like really desperate... and my parents said the last resort is that my mom calls her mom!! and then we cant be friends anymore!! I understand that if she cnt respect me enough to take them off then i shouldnt be her friend but i really dnt care rite now, all i care about is getting the pictures off!! PLZ HELP IM DESPERATE!!!

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  • How do i make my school uniform really cute and standoutish?

    Okay so im going to a private school this year and the dress code is kinda strict i guess. I have to wear either navy blue or white shirts with the logo. I have to wear navy blue or black pants and only navy skirts. Basically i wanna stay with matching colors like navy with navy and white with black, but i definatly wanna look cute. The skirts have to be knee high...i have really low knees lol.. so i dnt think i wanna wear skirts that much. But anyways is there anything i can do accesory and hair wise. oh and by the way for the shoes i wanna stick with black flats....dnt worry theyre really cute. okay i need sum good ideas basically focused on ppl that have had experience in private schools, but anybody can respond either way....

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  • What should I wear with these red pants?

    I have these red pants picture included and i dont know what to where with them.... HELP PLEASE!!! i have to look good tommorow!!!

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  • What does it meen when a your crush and a guy friend gives you an 8 out of 10?

    Ok so me and my crush were on the phone and I asked him what he'd rate me and he was like " I'd give you an 8 out of 10". And my other guy friend said that too. And some of my other friends (girls) have told me that i'd be an 8. Is an 8 good. Like I've always thought I was pretty but not glamrous or anything like that. Alot of people have told me that I am pretty but sometimes I don't believe it. And i know your probably like " wow she has like no life" but I am really confident in my self but sometimes the confidence lacks...... so anyway what is an 8 out of 10???!!!!

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  • How do I get rid of oily skin?

    There is this guy that always makes fun of me calling me greasy faced just cuz I have oil on my face alot I wipe but I don't like doing it in school cuz he is always like " oh look shes wiping the grease" or " Hah shes going to the bathroom to get the grease of" I don't wanna have to cuss him out but how do I get rid of it so he can just leave me alone!!!!

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  • Parent teacher conference??? Oh no!!?

    Ok so my mom called a conference and i'm scared out of my life. I meen i talk in class but not when he's speaking and heck everyone talks. Oh the class is Video/journalism and the classroom has a couch and roley it's awesome in there and so everyone talks. I'm kinda scared that he's gonna say "oh well sometimes she gets of task" and sometimes i do but....i don't know!! What do I say when he says that? And i'm an easy crier, so what if my mom turns to me and says "Is that true Nailea?" What do i say??? I'm sooo scared. And when he does say that and i go home god noes what my mom will do??? i need help desperatly the conference is tommorow!!!!

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  • How do I make friends really fast?

    Ok, so I was always hanging out with these two girls i didnt have any other friends so one day they just ditched me for no reason and now I don't have any friends i meen I wish didnt single myself out to just these two girls but i have to get over it and make new friends but how do I do it without invading a really tight clique?

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  • Why do people make fun of me because I don't speak Spanish and i am hispanic?

    Ok my mom is Panamanian and my dad is Puerto Rican and I came out kinda dark why is it that people automatically assume that I'm black and it sux because English is my first language and i don't know spanish cuz my parents were scared that I would get mixed up with spanish and english when i was commin up so it only makes matters worse ,like noone believes me when I say i'm hispanic!!!

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