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  • What do you say to a child that returns something they stole from you?

    You are not the parent. A child that is NOT yours stole from you, then returned it for whatever reason.

    I don't believe honesty should be punished. I believe empathy is good (but rarely instilled in a single interaction).

    So, I wouldn't be like: "wow you're a jerk how could you have done this" or "the only thing I feel about your returning this is pure anger."

    I'm thinking something like: "losing this made me sad, but I'm happy you were honest. If you asked, I might've let you borrow/use/have it." I wouldn't bully small children about it. I don't want them walking away crying for (in the end) doing the right thing. That teaches kids to lie...

    I absolutely DO NOT want to punish honesty, but I want them to have some sort of negative consequence, even if it's just feeling bad because they understand that what they did hurt someone in some way(s).

    I also don't want to do abusive threatening similar to threatening to destroy kids' property.

    What would I say to a 3-year old, a 12-year old, a 17-year old?


    A child that is NOT yours stole from you, then returned it. What do you say to a 4, 12, and 17-year old to discourage them from stealing again *without discouraging honesty*?

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  • Can you please help me find this stuffed cat?

    I'm looking for a cat stuffed animal from Fred's Flowers, which was located in Wyoming (near Hope Valley), Rhode Island. The shop is closed now, and the owner doesn't remember where/who he bought that kind of stuffed animal from.

    Purchased sometime between 1993 and 1996.

    A stuffed cat with all tan fur, but maybe some dark tan mixed evenly in (although I'm not sure how the ears were), lounging partly on its side. The front feet were parallel, the head up and turned to one side, and I think it was lying on one of the back legs pointing in the same direction as the head. It had a long tail and a red ribbon around its neck.

    This is very important to me; I've lost my first friend in every way but memory. Any information or picture you can come up with would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

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  • What is this flash game where you control cells and compete with a computer to control them all?

    The player starts out with one cell with a number in it. The number ticks up over time, and you can send these little dots to try to overpower other cells. Each color has a special ability.

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  • what is a company located on the west side of the big Hawaiian island that tours Mauna Loa?

    It's for a school project and I just can't seem to be able to find one.

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  • What is the name of the minecraft mod where you can spawn/create blocks of a certain type in a given area?

    Someone in the game did this right in front of me. You can take an item (like a wooden axe because no one uses those), right click (which sets position one), and then right click somewhere else (which sets position two). Then i assume you type in some command and some data value to make blocks (like diamond blocks or ore blocks or dirt) spawn in the specified area.

    I don't know what the mod is called, but the position-setting part looked similar to creating the creating of a specified area that teleport you to another specified area.

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  • where is crazy earls scrapyard in borderlands?

    level 37, just trying to find the place to shut the stupid claptrap up, and nowhere on the internet is this information? talk about driving me nuts >.< I checked all the transitions in Rust Commons West, where i thought i saw it was supposed to be, but i didnt find it.

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  • Why is Obama trying to destroy the moon?

    I heard he was firing rockets at it. Shouldn't he have more respect for our Lord God's creations?

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  • Why do vampires like curtains?

    In "Angel: City of", Cordy says vampires like curtains. Why?

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  • what movie is this from?

    i cant remember if it's from a song or a movie

    "prognosis, (i think they say that) will he live?"

    "doubtful" (and i think they shoot a person or something)

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  • whats the name of this song?

    The video for it is set in new York and starts out with this person being saved by someone. They then have the ability to see other peoples deaths before they happen and the person saves someone else at the end. Then that ability was passed on to the 3rd person

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  • why cant my ipod touch use the wifi that it's connected to?

    i can connect to the wifi that is in my house (we own the network and stuff) and i can get full bars, but when i go to use safari or youtube it says it cannot connect. anyone know why? my date and time are set correctly, so its not that bug, and youtube and safari works on other peoples wifis (like the one at school)

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  • whats the name of this search engine?

    i forgot what it's called, but its a combination of other search engines like google, yahoo, msn (and some more), and also video sites, like youtube and blinkx. it had a dark gray/black background and on the main page there were four or more rows for each topic (like image search and video search) in a fimstrip style that could be scrolled to the left or right.

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  • can someone give me the lyrics or link to the song that's sung in one of the star trek DS9 episodes?

    some of the crew (including odo and dax) were sucked into a game that quark played with some visiting aliens. Dax figured out that she had to skip and sing along with the girl, that they had to copy her exactly. i cant remember any parts of the song

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  • what is the name of this webcomic?

    it uses many different types of media and the plot can be hard to follow a lot of the time.

    i THINK it's something about a woman who passed out on her wedding day (and other times too?) and maybe was in a hospital at some point. i haven't read it in a year or two. it follows along her dreams, delusions, or whatever they were (she wasn't awake, i'm not so sure about that hospital part, might have only been one page). also, i think there was a little boy, talking to a little girl, about how he was going to run away from home (telling her that he was going to leave even if she didn't come. they were very close) because of abuse directed at him. i believe this conversation occurred while sitting in a tree.

    i'm not sure but the background of the webpage was a light tan/yellow/orange and there was no separate link to the comics, they were there on the main page

    here's a key point, there was butterflies with 09 on them on some pages

    many were black with what seemed like colors scratched into it.

    and i think there was a giant turtle too, not sure. also, i think she was naked for a good portion of it. would it make it more confusing if i mentioned something about doors? not sure if im making that part up, i read a lot of stuff.

    i really liked this comic! the title's right on the tip of my tongue but my head doesn't remember how to spit it out (halp meh >.<)

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  • sims 2 How do I save after deleting the social worker?

    my poor little blue-hair toddler was going to be taken away, so like any good single, teen, (also blue-haired) mother would do... i deleted the social worker and her car! (twice actually)

    this causes buy, build, and all the other modes to be enabled again, but not the saving of the game. i cant really restart because i added 5 sims and the toddler is now a teen. (by cant really i mean im never going to play that house again if it cant save >:|

    i know the cheat command exists because ive seen it before, i just cant seem to find it.

    the save symbol is grayed out and the neighborhood symbol says "are you sure? game wont be saved."

    "save" is an unknown command

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  • what is the word for the art that's produced with small, painted, cobblestones or colored pieces of glass?

    whats the word for a picture or scene made out of colored cobblestones and is it the same word for a picture or scene made out of little bits of colored glass? (i dont know what thats called either)

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  • whats the name of this japanese graphic novel?

    i thought it was something like "hoshi no ko" but i used google and didnt find it. i think it said something about star crossed lovers?

    anyway, on to the plot. there are 2 people who love each other, one of them joins something ( some sort of army to protect earth?) that puts them on a ship that uses lightspeed jumps to go places. the two people text back and forth, but as the one on the ship (girl i think) gets farther away, it takes more and more years for the one on the home planet (earth in the future?) to get the msgs, and he contemplates moving on and forgetting about her just as he gets another text. by the end of the book, he decides to join the same thing as the first person, and theyre reunited.

    i loved reading this so much, i just happened to pick it out at the library because it was the only graphic novel there

    and if someone figures out the name of it, mind finding a link to read it online? thatd be epic :)

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  • whats the online flash game similar to bomberman?

    i think it might have "pyro" in it but in not sure

    you can pick different maps, one of which is grassy, another has conveyor belts

    you place bombs then they explode in left right up and down

    you try to kill the enemies

    there are powerups that can be destroyed along with bricks

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  • In what episodes of Bleach is Ichigo seen as a hollow?

    i'd prefer if you guys listed episode numbers instead of title

    i just started watching it all a couple days ago and it's really good :)

    thank you in advance

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  • In what episodes of Bleach is Ichigo seen as a hollow?

    i'd prefer if you guys listed episode numbers instead of title

    i just started watching it all a couple days ago and it's really good :)

    thank you in advance

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