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  • What do you think of this combo?

    I think I have decided on this combonation of

    Cd Player/speakers/amps for my 05 GTO.

    Panosonic CQ C84134 Head Unit 18W RMS x 4 w/ 3 5V Preamp outs

    2 - JL Audio TR 350 CX 3.5 in Tweeters 25W RMS

    4 - Alpine SPR 17C 6.5 in. 100W RMS to replace factory speakers.

    1 - Alpine MRP F600 Amp 100W RMS x 4 @ 4ohms to power above

    1 - Alpine SWX1243D 4 ohm DVC 12 in Sub 1000W RMS

    1 - Alpine MRP M1000 Amp 1000W RMS @ 2ohm

    1 - Kinetic HC 2400 Battery for the electrical(or should I just get an optima yellow top battery for cheaper?)

    Do you think it will sound good? I can get all of that brand new for around $1700 + install. I may scratch the tweeters, and downsize the extra battery to save a lil more cash. Then Maybe I can get it all installed for near $2000.

    Later on I may possibly add another Alpine TypeX and the matching amp above...

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  • So many subs, what do I choose?

    So many differnet subwoofers to choose from.... I don't know what to do. I want some great thump, and want to be heard coming from a distance. I don't want to shake my car to pieces though. Cost for sub/subs and amp would be somewhere around $1000. Thats my price range. I have decided on the deck/replacement speakers, but dont know what subs to choose. I am looking at Alpine and Pioneer Premier. The Alpines I am looking at are 4ohm, and it seems harder to power @ 4ohm. The Pioneers I can get 4ohm or 2ohm. The speakers are Alpine Type X 12's or Pioneer TS 12's. They both rate at 1000 watts RMS. Any suggestions?? Feel free to suggest a different sub too.....

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  • I am looking at subwoofers, and want know what you think?

    I am looking to build an audio system that really beats. I can't decide which way to go though. I want good sound quality with a high SPL rating. There are a ton of choices, and money is no object. Also I have to decide which amp to pair with my sub choice. I plan on 2 subs and 2 amps, with 1 more amp for the highs. Some of the subs I am looking at are:

    JL audio 13w7 - 13" 2000W Dual 1.5-Ohm

    Oz Audio Power 15.1 - 15" 8000W Quad 1-Ohm SPL

    Kicker SoloX S12X2 - 12" 5000W Dual 2-Ohm

    Pioneer Premier TS-W5102SPL - 12" 6000W Dual 4-Ohm

    MA Audio EHO154 - 15" 10000W Quad 1.3-Ohm

    Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro 15 - 12" 5000W Dual 2-ohm

    Orion HCCA-15.2 - 15" 4000W 2-Ohm

    Anyone have a tip? I don't know much about the technical side of this and thats why I am having troubles. I know more watts and lower ohms means more sound, but I want more than just loud. I want good quality sound. Please suggest a sub and amp couple. Thanks for the help!

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  • Do you think a suprise team can win the NFC east this year?

    Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles ?

    Have either of the last two made enough off season moves to pull out the division title? Pick a winner, and say why you think they will take it.

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  • When I burn a vcd and play it in the player it doesnt work right. At different times the picture scrambles.?

    It kinda skips. Like the picture scrambles, then freezes for a second or two. It will play few more seconds good then do it again. It happens mostly toward the ends of the vcds. I have tried cutting the files down and some of them are under 600MB and they still do it. I have slowed the speed of my burner also. The first file I tried was about 670MB and it did it from the start. I'm using NERO 7 to burn them. What am I doing wrong?

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  • How can I increase my download speed when downloading torrent files?

    I know my connection speed is good, and I have tried 3 different clients. The best speed I have obtained is around 25/kb. When I used Limewire and WinMX I was getting multiple downloads at 50/kb++. Sometimes even over 100/kb. I have tried to tweak the settings, but with no success. Can anyone help me? The programs I tried were Azereus, UTorrent, and BitComet. So far Bit comet has worked the best. On a similar note, I cant' figure out how to upload my files so that I can share. Please help me.

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  • Is there a way to hold more than 700mb on a cdr disc?

    What I mean is there a way to compress a big video file to fit on a cdr, so I can burn it as a VCD?

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  • Does anyone else think that the Eagles can not only make the playoffs, but make a run in them?

    Because I do, all they need is some run D. Why is Micheal Lewis coming off the bench, and why is Shawn Barber not a starter. Instead the are playing some guys I've never heard of. Those guys are not tackling well either. In the highlights I've seen(or lowlights if your a fan of the Eagles) of RB's tearing us up, I see McCoy and Considine missing tackles. Put the other guys in coach!

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