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  • WHat do you think of this poem?

    A tribute to our military :)

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  • finding names for 3 baby goats?

    Hi al,

    I was blessed with three new bucklings on my small farm, I was hoping you all could throw out some good names for boy goats.


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  • Grammys last night? about M.I.A?

    Who else thought what M.I.A. was wearing was pathetically trashy for a pregnant woman??? come on lets show a little class can we??

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  • why is taxing smokers OK?

    The highest medical drain is the fat people, who I myself have a weight problem I am working on,

    Obesity causes more medical problems than smokers do, yet I do not see the big come down on the over weight people.

    Government wanting to tax their fast food orders $.65 an item more than someone who is thin.

    I do not smoke, but it seems to me that they are being picked on when they are not the major cost on our hospitals.

    Why is one OK and not the other?

    10 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • For the gay community?

    I just want to know why as the gay community you don't contact your local Gov. and draw up something that gives you all the rights of marriage, just a different title. My only objection to gay marriage is my religion, call it something else. I feel this way the religious don't feel as if their freedom of religion is being threatened.. prayer was already taken out of the schools. Let's be honest if people said it was OK for gays to marry next it would be mandatory teaching in schools. People who are against religion have already taken prayer out of school, then it will be this...Just my honest question?

  • Thank you to all the Veterans!?

    I just wanted to say to any and all veterans, without our wonderful soldiers who are now and who have served our country... God bless you all and thank you for protecting the rights and freedoms you give us with your service!!

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  • thoughs on prison....?

    Who thinks prison should be a punishment, not a vacation?

    Why should prisoners have access to cable TV, when some law abiding people do not have it in their own homes.

    Why Don't they have to work off their living like the rest of us law abiding people?

    I feel they should have a right to education and rehabilitation on their own dollar not mine.

    Also if you spent years in prison for a crime they prove you didn't commit then you should be compensated fully, but not millions of dollars. tax payers didn't condemn them. The courts did. Some tax payers weren't even alive when they were sentenced.

    What do you all think?

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  • antivirus2009 arrgggg! Help?

    I have gone through my system and removed every file associated with this dreadful thing, but my google will not remove it. How do I get it off my google search engine? Please help. Thanks

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  • Is this poem any good? ?

    I like it, but I am biased because it is mine.

    Tender is the night swept away by dawn

    Creatures awake to another day gone

    Scurrying and hurrying through busy lives

    It’s a wonder how the spirit survives

    Day at the end they slip back in bed

    Yet another day gone without the spirit being fed

    Maybe tomorrow in the light of the day

    One little prayer they’ll remember to say

    Maybe tomorrow something will come

    And wash away the pain of the people who are numb

    Casting away afflictions they held on to for years

    Last opening of wounds, last shedding of tears

    For your people I will always pray

    Until the day we are with you to stay

    Thanks for your feedback.

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Why don't people like to hear the truth?

    I just answered a question on abortion (Why Do People Say Pro-Choice = Pro-Abortion?)

    Stating that the schools should teach high school Students what an abortion really is... I described it and was given all thumbs down..

    Why don't people want to hear the truth about what it is they are actually supporting when they say they are pro choice?

    And please don't give me the BS about freedom to choose. I don't want to take that away I just want you to know the real facts about what you are "choosing" to do.

    The emotional scars are forever for those who choose this. And there is no post abortion counseling.

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  • Do you like this song?

    My husband wants to know if this would fly on the market today?? PLz post your comments on youtube and here. Thanks all for your support.

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Question for married men only plz?

    OK, so I've been married 6 years and ups and downs. All of a sudden hubby is secretly seeking divorce lawyers and acting mean and jealous. I think he is seeing or thinking about seeing someone else.

    Am I completely off Base here?

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • should co-workers have to tolerate vomit smell from another bulimic co-worker?

    If you have any data that can help, I would appreciate it. I know the ADA rules for employors, but should the other co workers be subject to the foul oder they emit after vomiting? Do they have any rights to a normal smelling work environment? People complain if someone smells of smoke, but bulimia is sort of considered a disability so you can't tell them they stink or to go home and clean up????? Help

    12 AnswersEtiquette1 decade ago
  • Hillary Clinton?

    Can anyone out there verify this crap about "35 years" serving this country??? What was she doing in 1972 that helped anyone but herself????

    10 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • For husbands only????

    Please tell me the things you like best that you wife does for you in and out of the bedroom. I need new ideas. I also would love to know the thing/ things you wife isn't doing that would make you happy?

    13 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • real facts only please, not just opinion.?

    Can anyone please tell me any books or web sites on what harmful affects adopting a child could have on my biological children. I would love to adopt, but my husband had adopted brothers and said their influence contributed to his problems. Like smoking, ect. So he is fearful that the adopted child will impact our children. Can anyone help me prove him wrong or please prove him right.

    10 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • Question for married people?

    I am at the end. My husband and I do not respect one another's feelings or point of veiw. I love him dearly and we have two children who are counting on us being there for them. I don't whant my marriage to be over but it seems like that is where we are headed. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get back the respect for one another?

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  • How do you get to level 2?

    I am currantly level 1 what bumps you up to 2?

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  • what is the best tool for cutting shapes in wood?

    I need to cut out the alphabet. Please Help I don't now anything about saw tools.

    13 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago