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  • Is it possible to forget how to speak a secondary language in the course of a single night?

    I have a friend who was born in Moscow but she moved to New York when she was young. I have grown accustomed to speaking Russian with her but as of this morning she claims to have forgotten how to speak and understand it entirely. I tried calling her out on a lame April fool's joke but she claims otherwise and seems resolute in believing that she can no longer speak Russian. My question is: is this actually possible? I have heard of people waking up unable to speak after a stroke and things of that nature and she has been know to get into the drug scene on occasion. Should I assume she's pulling my leg or actually be concerned?

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  • Which language should I major in in College?

    In High School I've taken A.P. Italian, Spanish, and French and am actively teaching myself Russian and Latin. The School I want to attend does offer all of these courses but I obviously can't major in them all. Which language do you think would be the most useful and lucrative in the long-run? Also, I am willing to study more than one. I just don't know where to concentrate my studies.

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