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  • How do I stop my dogs aggressive behavior?

    Today at the dog park we were walking around and we came across the puppy in the park. The puppy was bigger than my 3-year-old 14 lb mini schnauzer and had lots of energy. At first my dog played with him and chased him under a picnic table and they played there then my dog seemed like he felt like he had lost control and then he went behind me and was obviously done playing. The puppy didn’t stop and stayed running and jumping around him and putting a paw on him. My dog then got a little aggressive. The owner of the puppy tried to call him by the puppy would just run to him then back to my dog. It’s not the guys fault his dog still wanted to play. It’s a puppy. I get it. And he didn’t want to grab his dog from mine because he’d have to come near me and with the virus we shouldn’t be doing that. But I didn’t know what to do. My dog just was trying to walk away but the puppy wouldn’t let him so he got aggressive. How do I get him to stop? I get scared to take him to dog parks for this reason. He is not really a fan of puppies specifically or just dogs with a ton of energy. He seems like he likes to be in control. 

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  • Do I need to bring my dog to the vet?

    My little 15 pound miniature schnauzer chewed up the end of a rug today and later came through the dog door inside with a 2 foot rope hanging out his butt that he tried to poop out. I ended up having to pull the rest out. It was over a 2 foot long rope. I have no idea how he managed to swallow it without chewing it into separate pieces. He’s a small dog so I’m a little concerned it messed with his digestive tract. He’s eaten dinner since passing the rope and is acting playful and energetic as usual. He hasn’t pooped again. Should I be concerned?

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  • How much spending money will I need per week/per month as a freshmen in college?

    In the fall, I will be a freshmen at University of Oregon. My parents don’t want me to work during my freshmen year but I have a job now and will work through the summer. I’ve been putting money into savings for my college spending money but was wondering how much I will actually need. I will be staying in the dorms on a full meal plan, but I will likely buy myself some cereal, fruit, and coffee/hot chocolate for my dorm room. I won’t have a car while I’m there so I don’t have to worry about gas. I will also attend quite a few sporting events and my friends I like to try new things. My friend has a car so we also may drive to Portland a few times as well as the coast and maybe go skiing. I think my parents will help me pay for textbooks at least for freshmen year but let’s assume not in my budget. I’d rather have too much money than not enough.

  • How do I solve this vector problem?

    From the STARTING point, Bob travels 0.7 miles with a bearing of 285 degrees. From the next point, he then travels straight up for 1.2 miles. From that point, he reaches the FINAL point by traveling 0.6 miles with a bearing of 130 degrees.

    Bob wants to know the direction and magnitude of travel if he were to go directly from the STARTING point to the FINAL point

    I don’t really understand how to do this. I started drawing a picture but I’m lost. Please help! Thanks so much!

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  • How can I make my dogs mouth less painful?

    My dog was diagnosed with melanoma; she has a tumor in her mouth. We got in removed a few months ago but it s back and it is raging. It seems to be bugging her. Lately she has been sucking on mulch (we assume to ease the pain). Would getting her something like a chewy spiral help her? Is there anything I can get from the store to help her out a bit?

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  • Could someone revise my thesis for an essay about the odyssey to make it more clear and not so confusing?

    Homer added the story of Agamemnon’s homecoming in order to create parallels with Odysseus’ situation by comparing Telemachus and Orestes, showing Penelope’s character, and displaying the intelligence of Odysseus.

    This is the question it s answering: Compare homecomings of Odysseus and Agamemnon. How and why did Homer use Agamemnon’s return as a foil for Odysseus’ return?

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  • Did I break my wrist and/or hand or is it just bruised?

    I was hitting off our softball pitching machine at practice and miscalculated an inside pitch at 62mph. My right hand went directly into the ball and kind of skid over it, causing it to push my wrist up and hit my wrist. Immediately after my fingers and wrist were very tight and tender. I continued practicing and then finally I could barely grip my bat so I just bunted. I could grip an arm with pain. However, I can t grip anything small like a fork or pencil. It s been about 3 hours and my whole hand is slightly swollen and bruised. The pain is the worst from my ring and pinky finger to my wrist and all of my wrist. I can t move my wrist without killing pain, and still I can t move it much. My fingers are just very tingly and feel very stiff. If anyone can give me tips on how to get it better because I have a softball tournament and I m lead off hitter. Thanks so much in advance.

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  • How do I convince my mom to let me stay home from softball due to a concussion?

    My mom knows I have a concussion but she says I'm fine. She's making me go to practice because I didn't go last week because I was out of town. Just walking up the stairs hurts my head. How am I supposed to play softball?

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  • I think I have a concussion. Can I still go to softball practice?

    My mom knows I have a concussion but she says I still have to go because I missed last week (because I was out of town). She said that since it s non-contact I m fine. Is this true? Can I still practice?

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  • Do you have any tips for staying relaxed when your up hitting in softball?

    I m new to softball and I ve never hit the ball of a real pitcher besides a foul ball. I tighten up and always swing low. but in practice with my coach I always hit great. if you have any tips please help.

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  • Should I see my doctor again?

    At soccer I twisted my ankle and then a girl landed on it while it was twisted and I couldn t stand. I haven t really been able to walk since then. I ve been on crutches. I went to the doctor the next day. but I m on tricare prime so it wasn t a very good doctor. he didn t even I ve me an x Ray. he said it s probably a 2nd degree sprain but he barely even touched my ankle. he also said that I would be able to be off crutches by Monday. it s not Wednesday night and o still need crutches. it hasn t gotten any better. is there a possibility it could be broken? I ve had 3 first degree sprains before. should I see another doctor? also should I use an air cast?

    thank you so much, in advance!

    2 AnswersInjuries5 years ago
  • Can someone very shortly summarize what they believe to be the best part of the wonderful wizard of oz (book)?

    We have to have around a 50 word summary for a one pager we're doing on a one pager about the book the wonderful wizard of oz. can you please help me out and summarize a great part of the book! thanks so much!

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  • Is this a complete sentence?

    "When in reality they're exquisite people." if not how can I make it a complete sentence?

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  • What is a medium (in art)?

    I have to make a form and answer this about my project. "Medium used..."

    Mine project is just a pencil drawing on paper. what would my medium be

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  • How do you out in triangle rubber bands?

    Does anyone know how to easily put triangle rubber bands in. it's take me around 20 minutes to get my rubber bands on my hooks. Can someone please tell me multiple ways to get them in or link a tutorial video please? thanks so much.

    getting my braces off in 4 months !!!

    1 AnswerDental6 years ago
  • What should I do for a 14 year olds party?

    My birthday is July 7th. it's going to be kind of a going away party because I'm moving a couple days after my birthday. I want both boys and girls at the party (I'm a girl). It can't be at my house because we don't have a huge house or yard. Where/what should I do for my birthday party? please help!

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  • At what age should I be allowed to ombre my hair?

    I have wanted to have ombré hair for 2 years now. I'm now 13 (8th grade). Many people have dyed hair. Some you wouldn't realize it's dyed. My mom told me in 6th grade that when I turn 13 I can get my hair dyed however as long as it's not fake looking (a weird color). But I've been 13 for over 6 months now and my mom still thinks I'm too young. She thinks it will damage my hair. Could it damage my hair? I straighten my hair but use heat protectant? Plus I have very nice (and expensive) shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair healthy. Thanks in advance!

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  • Do you recommend using a Wii game on the Wii U? Do I need the classic remote and nunchuck with the Wii U?

    I want to buy the old mario kart for my Wii U and I was curious whether it was bad resolution or anything like that. I was also curious to know whether I had to have the classic Wii remote and nunchuck to play multiplayer on the Wii U or whether I could just use the gamepad and the new controller (wii version of the Xbox controller)

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