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  • 02 Nissan Quest - Starting problem....when it sits briefly, it sometimes won't start back up...?

    but when it sits all day or overnight, it'll start just fine. Mainly it is occurring when I run a quick errand (go into a store for less than an hour or pick up my daughter from daycare). When I turn the key, the motor turns over, but weakly (as if the battery is dying) and doesn't actually start the van. It starts up fine if I get a jump (and then I also don't have the problem for a few weeks after getting a jumpstart). But when it sits overnight, I never have this problem (which makes me think it's not the battery!). Starter? Alternator? Something else?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know what's up with these billboards in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area?

    They're all missing the U's! So far I've seen:

    Menopa se

    George B sh

    tility Prices

    F el Prices

    Cowboy Stadi m

    I first heard about the Bush one and fuel prices, which could be related, but when you throw in menopause and Cowboy Stadium....what the heck are they for?!?!?!?!? It's driving me crazy!

    Does anyone know? Are these billboards anywhere else, or just in the DFW area?

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  • Where can I buy Royal Prince Orange Pineapple Sweet Potatoes?

    What grocery stores carry them?!?!?! We're in the DFW area. We've checked at Walmart and Kroger so far.... Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • What is wrong with my TV?

    We have color TV that's about 9 years old, the color fluctuates from normal to darker and redder and back again about every 15 seconds. Is the picture tube going out or is something else wrong?

    6 AnswersTVs1 decade ago
  • Can anyone help me with the name of this book or story?

    When I was in grade school, our librarian would read books to us and I have a memory of this story but I don't think she ever finished it and I don't know the name. I've thought about it on and off over the years and it's driving me crazy to know what it is!

    From what I remember, there was a young orphan boy who didn't know his own name. He was working on a farm (I think potatoes) and befriended a young girl who decided she would come up with the perfect name for him. The day she decided on a name, she was just about to tell him when her hair got caught in some machinery and she was killed. I know, great story for grade-schoolers! LOL!

    This is all I remember. Is this a real book?

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