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  • Adding my hotmail account to my iPhone 4S?

    I am attempting to add my hotmail account to my new iPhone. I am following the instructions to go to "Settings", then , "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", then I am tapping "Add account" and adding Windows Live Hotmail. Then they are asking me for my already existing hotmail address and password, which I fill in. When it attempts to verify it, it comes back "unable to verify account information". Any suggestions what I am missing or doing wrong? Thanks.

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  • Problem accessing FlipShare on my computer?

    I have a Flip Ultra HD camcorder from which I have previously uploaded several videos to my computer. Recently, though, I have encountered a problem when (1) trying to view the already existing videos on the computer, and (2) uploading new videos onto the computer.

    When I click the FlipShare icon on my desktop, the following message appears: "FlipShare has stopped working." Another window opens, saying "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." Then nothing.

    I cannot even get into the program to go to the Help section or FAQs. Nothing at all will open.

    I thought it might have been a problem with updates but I've just now updated to Windows Internet Explorer 8 and also have recently defragmented my computer.

    Any suggestions on what I can do would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Feedback on Flip Ultra HD camcorder please?

    Looking for feedback, pro and con, on the above camcorder unit.

    Considering it as a gift for my 21-year-old son's graduation and looking to stay within the $200.00 range. Its use will mostly just be videos of/with friends; wanting something user-friendly and p/c compatible.

    Any opinions? Anything to be wary of? I am thinking it is in the ballpark of what I am looking for (both pricewise and functionally) but wondering if there is anything more I need to know.


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  • Question about Discovery "Life" documentary...?

    I live in Southwestern Ontario (Windsor) and want to catch more episodes of "Life". I saw the first episode but can't remember what night and on what (local) channel. My area TV guide does not show it listed, although the Discovery Channel shows it airing at 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. Sundays. I have both the cable Discovery Channel and HD Discovery. Any help please?

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  • Y/A.....Anyone else having a problem....?

    Anyone else having a problem all of a sudden not getting their "Best Answer" email from Yahoo Answers showing up in their inbox. For months I've always had an email from Yahoo Answers showing my answer was chosen as Best Answer; now, nothing shows up. Checked my profile preferences - nothing's changed there...anybody else experiencing this...any suggestions?

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  • Partnered female has male friend...opinions please?

    I am a 57-year-old female who has been in a up-and-down relationship for 16 years. There have been some great times between us and some difficult times. There has been some cheating on his part (twice) and he has a great deal of insecurity.

    My personal feeling is the cheater always feels cheated upon - because he/she does it, he/she feels anyone else is capable of it as well. He does not take into account a person's integrity or the monogomy the woman has maintained throughout. Despite the difficulties we have had, we remain caring and together.

    I've as well been divorced for 17 years. About 4 years ago, I reconnected at a social event with a male friend, Rick - actually, my ex's (still) best friend and the best man at our wedding. I have known Rick for over 35 years. I have stayed in touch with Rick over the past few years and occasionally - maybe every 3 months or so - we've met for a couple of hours, at the most, of pool or a couple of drinks, just to catch up on news, who he's dating, small talk. This has occured both when my current relationship was on and, as well, during the times there were difficulties. The friendship with Rick has never been anything other than that -no flirting, nothing suggestive, definitely no intimacy of any kind whatsoever. I honestly feel this is just a good friend I have had for a very long time, someone I respect, but I 100% don't have any romantic feelings for him, and vice versa. On the occasions when I have hung out with him for a couple of hours, I have always given my boyfriend the head's up about what's going on. I have never in our 16 years together given him reason to doubt me; I've never lied to him about this friendship - I believe honesty is the best policy. And I firmly believe that after all these years of friendship with this guy if I were to have feelings for him I would have had them by now - and I don't.

    He has an issue with me maintaining this friendship and I have an issue giving up a friend - and only a friend - that I have had longer than any other friendship I have had. I have absolutely no feelings towards this man and I have told my partner that. He argues that if I care about him and our relationship, I should give up this friendship; my feeling is that I am trust-worthy, always have been, and should not have to sacrifice the friendship because of his insecurity. To me, the issue is within himself.

    He's asked me to put it to the Y/A community. Opinions, please.

    Please don't suggest that we do something as a threesome - Rick was and still is my ex's best friend and that would just be too awkward.

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  • Asking for a gift back?

    I'm just recently out of a long-term relationship where many gifts were exchanged between us over the course of our time together. Now the ex is asking for several items back: a pink tourmaline ring (non-engagement), a Swarovski crystal display piece, a necklace, etc. I am having a problem with this as I believe once a gift is given with sincere intent it should not be negotiable to be returned. I have not asked for anything back and don't intend to. I believe it's tacky. He disagrees. Any opinions? Feelings on etiquette about this? Thanks.

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    I have a friend who started a table tennis club in March/08, and is only now establishing a record of his expenses and credits. He wants to be conscientious about it but is also a chronic procrastinator. Once he gets this sorted out, he swears to stay on top of it. I know he is honest to a fault.

    We need some help on where exactly he stands. We have calculated (as he has been religious about good attendance records that to date (Oct. 6/08) he has brought in a total of $3,270.00 in membership fees, etc. From this money, he deposited $1,075.00 into the club's bank account and the balance of $2,195.00 has gone towards items to start up the club.

    With respect to his out-of-pocket expenses, they total at present $4,058.00 (although this will increase as there are still a number of receipts precluding June/08 that he has yet to lay his hands on). Currently the receipts in the book totalling $4,058.00 run from early June to the present.

    Right now, on one hand, it looks fairly simple to figure out where he stands. Taking into account the $3,270.00 the club has brought in and the $4,058.00 in verified more current receipts (as well as the early receipts mentioned that are not yet calculated into the $4,058.00 figure) it appears the club owes him $788.00, out of the $1,075.00 sitting in the bank, at the least, depending on additional early receipts.

    To me, this is what's confusing:

    When I do it another way, and start with the $4,058.00 that he has to date put out.

    His expenses total $4,058.00 but if I deduct from that the $2,195.00 that has already been applied towards his expenditure (the $3,270.00 originally collected less the $1,075.00 that went into the club's bank account), and is therefore a credit to what is owed to him, it seems like he is still owed: $1,863.00. ($2,195.00 + $1,863.00 totalling the $4,058.00 he's put out). Does this mean he is owed the $1,075.00 in the account plus an additional $788.00. I'm lost - I surrender.

    So is it nice and simple and he's owed $788.00 or is he actually owed $1,863.00 (and is some of this figure coming from the receipts that we know verify some early expenditures but are not in fact in this calculations yet).

    And (one last question): if he is owed the $788.00, is that taken from the $1,075.00 in the club's account, leaving a $287.00 balance to the good. Do we assume he is owed $788.00 now and as he finds the receipts he knows he has for earlier transactions adds them on to what he knows is owed to him. He is feeling that he is owed certainly more that $788.00 but is also aware that that may be how it shows on paper and he needs to propduce his other receipts to have a more accurate balance owing to him.

    I hope some kind soul is patient enough to take on this question. As you can see, my forte is not math or bookkeeping (more "Words and Wordplay") My own guess tho is this:

    He is, in fact, owed the $1,863.00. Right now, on paper in looks with what's come in and what's gone out that he's owed the $788.00. But, as I mentioned, there are still a number of outstanding receipts we need to locate from March through June (when he started filing invoices, etc.), and I'm guessing that as those receipts show up we will get nearer that higher figure that he may be owed.

    To anyone who is PATIENT and KIND enough to try to sort this out for me, thank you, thank you, thank are an Angel.

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  • All's Quiet on the Western Front???

    I'm a frequent visitor to Yahoo answers.

    Can someone please tell me why every night there are a dozen or so lengthy questions about the novel, "All's Quiet...", by different askers. Surely, not that many people can be reading this book and have such lengthy questions EVERY night?? This has got to be some sort of scam or cult thing or something??? Please explain!! Anybody else notice? Just curious.

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