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26 year old college graduate. Did not get into the career field that I majored in. I live in one of the biggest cities in the U.S.

  • Paid holding fee yesterday and have not heard back from LL yet?

    He told me I have the apartment, credit check passed, references panned out, and I paid the holding fee yesterday. He took down the ad the same day I paid it, but he hasn't made arrangements with me yet for a lease signing and move in day is October 1st. Should I wait 1 more day and then try to contact him again?

    Is it odd or normal for a landlord to receive the holding fee (it's not much-only $400) and not set up a lease signing date immediately? The move in day is only 6 days away. Not exactly a month or 2 away.

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  • Help! New Years Eve Outfit?

    Okay so I'm leaving in 2 hours to a NYE party at someone's house. Here's the deal though. The dress I'm wearing only looks good with these strappy, toe out heels that I have. Even though it's wintertime in Chicago, it's seasonably warm (50+ degrees right now) so having my legs and feet out aren't the problem. The problem is would it look inappropriate for the season? Just so you know both the dress and shoes are black.

    Please give me your opinion ASAP!!!!!

    Oh and Happy New Year!

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  • Zombie makeup for brown complexion?


    I'm going to be a zombie nurse for Halloween this year and all of the zombie makeup kits seems to go well with paler/tan complexions. My complexion is closer to Beyonce's and I was wondering if you think it will look alright. If not, do you happen to know where I can buy zombie makeup kits for a brown complexion? Help!

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  • Why do some white guys always have to remind you that you're black?

    I date white guys a lot and I have to say that around 50 to 60 percent of them have to always mention that they're "into" black girls or women.

    No duh, really? I didn't know you were into black women even though you just bought me a drink and/or approached me. You simply have to make the obvious known? Tell me fellas, do you tell white women or asian or latin women you like their race when you approach them?

    What is this need to reassure me when it's obvious you're attracted to me? And to go further, why do you have to tell me you're attracted to my race? Why aren't you seeing me on an individual basis?

    Again, this is only about half of the white men I meet, but it happens so often, I have to wonder if this happens to other black women as well?

    Everyone, please feel free to enlighten my little rant. :)

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  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Codes?

    This is for my little brother, btw.

    Friend code: 2364-3055-3617

    Nickname: Cheap

    Add him and post yours for him to add.

    Oh and no item noobs, he told me to say (whatever that means...).

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