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  • Who sings the song Angel..?

    Its sung by this lady with an amazing voice, its the latest i've heard and its RnB.. it goes like.. If i could be your angel (your angel, your angel) Protect you from the .......

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  • Should i listen to a friend to lose my trust for my bf?

    A mutual friend told a very close friend of mine recently that my bf (soon to be my fiance) slept with another girl when i was away for a day! I really trust him but never asked him if what i heard was true. I need suggestions as to what should be my next step now? You should also keep in mind that this mutual friend has been trying to tell me so many different things and sending me messages about what love could make us do and it has been nothing but weird and i have done nothing but ignore her! So what do i do know? Appreciate in advance

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  • What is the reward for reading the Holy Quran?

    I havent been religious in my past years until just a few months back and i am still not completely religious. Now i've been taking advantage of Ramdhan by reading Quran and trying to finish it by the end of this month. Now i dont really know the Thawab for it. does anyone know?

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  • Should i be feeling guilty or should it be her punishment?

    I've been giving my little sister money for school every morning apart from that i found out that she's been taking out money from my piggy bank, i dont even know what she's been using it for. Out of anger i said i was not gonna giver her any money for school anymore. She woke up for school and she didnt even ask me for money. I feel really bad because she'll stay without food till afternoon! Should i feel guilty or should this be the punishment??

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  • April Fool Pranks!!!! 10 points for the best answer?

    Ok so my good frend fooled me!!! He made a stranger call me and fool me by saying that my frend got into a huge accident and i was contacted coz i was the last person he dialled on his fone.. YES i believed and paniced. i wanna get back at him. and i want it to be reallllllllly bad!!!!!

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  • My ex bf wants to get married to me and i am so disguited but cant say NO! What do i do?

    I was my x bf's 1st and one and only love! After me he hasnt dated anyone and i've been with different other men and he knows about it. He still loves me and wants to get married to me! I cant stand him anymore though i tried to go out with him a couple of times thinking it wont be the same. He has spoken to both our parents. I've told him a couple of times that i am not ready for marriage but he is just making the situation worse by speaking to our parents and making it serious! If i speak to mom she will think i'm seeing some1 else, i am not at the moment and am having so much fun being single, cant even picture myself on another serious relationship. How should i call it off before i find myself married to him?

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  • My parents are mad at me for not agreeing with them about paying the rent for a house we dont stay in!!!?

    Guys! For the past 6 months my sister got a company house which we have to pay for but in less amount of money which is a good thing BUT for all the months nobody is staying in the house because all of us stay in dad's FREE house! So this month i refused paying for the house and now they are mad at me. Why sould a pay for a house that no one stays in?? They wont even let me and my sister move in!!! Should i let them stay mad as i continue not to pay for the house??

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  • I'm a Muslim girl and got my belly pierced 2-3 months back?

    Is it against the religion? i had it pierced by a gun they say its more chances of infection so do i take it out? i'm really confused because every time i take it out to clean it bleeds and gets too difficult to put it back in! my skin turned dark around the ring, is that infection? I've also heard that it'll look nasty when i get pregnant, is it true?

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