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  • PT Cruiser runs 15 minutes and shuts off:?

    My daughter s PT Cruiser will run for only 15 minutes and then will not start. You need to wait another 15 minutes and then it usually start again.

    we have replaced the fuel pump and camshaft sensor.

    When I have the computer hooked up and run live data it will says failure on the fuel bank 1. It is only a 4 banger and not a turbo.

    It is her only vehicle and needs it repaired.

    Thank you.

    Chrysler4 years ago
  • Forcibly eject disk on a Hyundai Santa Fe radio/CD player?

    How do you get a stuck disk out of a CD player on a Hyundai Santa Fe?

    5 AnswersHyundai6 years ago
  • WHY: INTERMITTANT CLIMATE CONTROL on 1999 Oldsmobile Intrique?

    I think it is a climate control problem. I have the electronic climate control and it only works when you want it too. Yesterday evening and last night up until 2 AM it worked fine. This morning it is not working again. Where would the sensor be to tell it to turn on? Also the automatic headlights work when the heater is working. I run the car about mid-night last night and the AC light was on and it was 45 degrees out side. I pushed the button and that went out and the heater worked normally but the outside temperature on the read out on the climate control was 20 to 25°. Where is the outside air temperature sensor also? I bought the Chilton manual and of course that does not show or say much of anything on climate controls. I could use some help, please. Thank you, Tom

    1 AnswerGMC7 years ago
  • Engine light on: 2001 PT-Cruiser? Oil light comes on when idled!?

    I bought this car as it was nice and clean even though it had high mileage and the engine light was on. Today after exiting the Interstate the alarm sounded and the oil light came on when I idled the car. I did change oil in it after I bought it and put on a good filter. I put in 10W-30 oil and I thought it was good as it is a name brand and I have used it for years in cars. Are there any issues making the check engine light come on that could be related to low oil pressure? Also what are some of the things that could be causing this? I was wondering with this type of car.

    6 AnswersChrysler8 years ago
  • Is a Lapso Apso a good family dog? We have no small kids in the family but we do have small grand-kids.?

    I hope I got the spelling right. We can get one and it is a cute little female that has been fixed. She seems friendly and loving to us. It seems like she likes a lot of attention also. I am retired so I can spend time with her. I would just like to hear from other owners and get their opinion of them as far as being family friendly. We don't want her to bite invited strangers to the home either. This one sleeps alot and likes to chase cats.

    1 AnswerDogs8 years ago
  • My dog was mauled to death by a deputies home dog.?

    I went to a yard sale at a woman's place and she works for the sheriff's department. I called the sheriff to report it and a deputy came out and said he could do nothing about it but he would have a city cop drive out. Anyway no police reports were made by either the sheriff's department or the city police. There is not even any record of it on the computer at either department. The question is who should I report this too? The city cop who came out is now a deputy. I asked the dispatcher to have him call me and he will not even do that. There has to be someone I can call, who would you recommend? Maybe like go to the Governor of our state. I did vote for him.

    6 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • How do you keep ants from getting into humming bird feeders?

    I have metal poles with hangers on them but the ants keep taking over the feeders. I tried cooking grease but that just hardened. I don't want to use any pestiside on the ground or poles. Any good advice? Thank you!

    6 AnswersOther - Home & Garden8 years ago
  • Current Governor of Minnesota?

    Who is the current governor of the state of Minnesota?

    2 AnswersCivic Participation9 years ago
  • Where do I find out more about Hodaka motorcycles?

    Back in the 70's I rode a Hodaka, now I found one in an old junk pile and want to learn more about them. Where do I go from here?

    5 AnswersMotorcycles9 years ago
  • How to run the 4 wheel drive rocker switch on 1993 S-10?

    I have a 1993 Chevy S-10 with just one rocker switch that runs the 4-wheel drive. Sometimes both lights blink and then I will be in 4-low. Only once have I seen the top light stay green or the bottom light stay amber. Now it either blinks all the time or both lights stay on. I am in neutral when I push the selector. What am I doing wrong?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • Brakes not working right on 1988 Chevy pickup?

    I bought the truck from a tire dealer who claims he put $150 into the brakes but when you go to stop it is like when your master cylinder is going out or like you brake pads are wearing out. Since a garage worked on it I am wondering what the problem could be? When you press on the brakes it goes to the floor and you need to press hard. Any answers? Tom

    1 AnswerChevrolet10 years ago
  • How to keep black birds away from my small bird feeders?

    I put black sunflower seeds out for the finches as they seem to like it. But I end up getting invaded by the blackbirds. How do I keep the blackbirds away?

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape10 years ago
  • I want to hook an extra phone up in the house?

    At my old house I added phone lines as I need them. When I moved here I tried and the main phone will not work. I sit right outside by the junction and first I tried to just plug the wires into an extra opening. That didn't work. Then I tried to run a Parallel line to the existing line and that didn't work. Then I just get a busy signal when I sit outside and use my cell phone to call the house. Then I opened the other side of the box and hooked to the main line coming in, that also didn't work. When I tried to call the house on my cell phone the line was busy all the time. When the phone man was here he said he didn't like the new junction boxes. It seemed easy enough to look at it, they leave like 5 opening for new lines, but when I hook to one the house phone will not work. Are there any telephone installers out there who might help me? Thank you.

    1 AnswerLand Phones1 decade ago
  • How do I get Outlook Express?

    I have Windows 7 now. On all my other computers way back to Windows 95, I have had Outlook Express. I have Office 2007 student and home, I believe, anyway I bought it. But I got this fancy HP laptop that I paid an arm and a leg for, but no Outlook Express. I have the same IP that I had with my other computer, but again no Outlook Express. Please help an old man I will appreciate it very much. Have a blessed day. Tom

    1 AnswerSending and Receiving Messages1 decade ago
  • How do I get my router to work with my computer?

    I have a Linksys by Cisco. I bought it and hooked it up and it worked fine. I moved and got a new phone number and now it will not work with my computer. I have an HP laptop. I know the thing works as it did when I unplugged it at the other address. Do I have to somehow uninstall the thing or what? I have Windows 7 and I have no idea at all on how to even uninstall anything. Why isn't it like the old days when they gave you all kinds of books with it? They charge you enough for the computer and you don't get any disks or manuals or anything. Anyway I sure need help it getting the router to work. I am hooked up to my DSL line and I have the Internet I am just unable to go wireless. I can't use my wireless printer or anything and the computer doesn't like my old printer that I had hooked to my XP computer. I am still stumped on Basic from years past, now this Windows 7 and no manuals. I can't even find a Windows 7 For Dummies book in a store. I am stumped and really need your help with the router problem. I might add, I have the same Internet provider, the only thing that has changed is my location and phone number. The phone company and my IP did give me a name and password that they provided to access my modem that they sent me. It is the same make and model as I had at the other place. Please help me: Thank you and have a great day.. Tom

    4 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • When typing a letter where you type the person's name and address, which goes on top of the other?

    When I type a letter I put my name and address on top and the person I am mailing it too below that. The thing is when I go to type the envelope then my name goes into the send to part of the envelope. So I end up typing the whole thing again, on the envelope that is. What is the correct form to use? Thank you.

    2 AnswersOther - Education1 decade ago