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  • vegas pro9 vs final cut express?

    Just bought a new JVC hd camcorder .it records excellent video and when i play back on my tv straight from my camcorder the picture is crisp and clean . but just proccesed my first video through Imovie and results are less than spectacular. The image appears downgraded and in certain areas such as transitions it appears choppy. I have both a mac and pc and i think i need a better program for editing and using AVCHD files. I have been recommended final cut pro express or sony vegas pro 9. I i want the best out put video quality available.Does anybody have any recommendations on which i should use .Need a program with a good color corrector and good titling for credits.any help would be great.thanks

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  • quietest performance video card?

    i currently have the 4670 saphire ultimate card which is a fanless solution but in a few months i would like to upgrade to a more powerful card.i have built my system with the most silent components so my card should match.a few years ago i had a 7600 gt and the fan was so loud.

    cooling is not a problem because i have a tower with a massive 250 mm cooling fan blowing on the motherboard.

    i am looking into the 100-200 dollar range with decent video playback and gaming there anything on the market which would fit my needs or should i wait. i hear ati is coming out with the r790 chip which is 40nm .i like both nvidia and ati both.

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  • which cars has zip Mazda3 vs honda fit?

    Yes i know these are two totally different cars in 2 different classes.

    But i have my eye on one of these two for my next car. The fit is all new and the mazda3 replacement looks good as well.My question is which car has the biggest fun factor.I loved my old 1991 civic hatchback it was a blast to drive and i am looking for the same great handling. which has a great shifting manual transmission and great acceleration.Very few cars have that wow factor anymore,most are geared for families who want a quiet and soft ride.I drove my friends 2001 civic coupe and was extremely dissapointted, i have no experience with the new civic though. The mini also falls into the fun to drive category but i want a car which can hold at least 4 passengers comfortably.Any comments from owners of these cars are welcome

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  • Canon Rebel Xs advantages?

    For the last couple of years i have been using point and shoot cameras.But my main problem is that some of the pictures i take especially indoor shots are underexposed and/or grainy.a friend recommended getting aDSLR because they take better photos.

    I have noticed that the SLRS have a larger sensor and use a Cmos type sensor. thought they were inferior to CCD sensors.what are the advantages of these sensors (found in the Canon Xs) over regular point and shoot cameras.I also have some other questions

    1. I am interested in the rebel Xs because i have had good luck with canons in the does it stack up against the competition such as the nikon d60 or sony a200?

    2. is Live view a good feature or is it just a gimmick.How many photographers use it

    3.whats the maximum zoom of the 18-55mm lens thats included.should i invest in a telephoto as well?

    4. How does the Xs compare to the SX10 or SX1?

    5. i have seen the XS retail for about 529 Canadian. is that a good deal? the upgrade to the Xsi worth it? is 10 megapixels enough for good pictures for a DSLR

    I have used 35 mm film SLR's in the past but with the amount of tech in these new cameras it s kind of intimidating.Any Help would be apreciated


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  • info about the playstation 3?

    Ok now that sony has annouced a price cut the new PS3 is looking good to me but i still have a few questions

    1. My Tv support 1080i and 720p will the PS3 convert 1080p movies to 1080i? i know this was a problem earlier on but i heard they solved this with a firmware upgrade. I see blu-ray movie discs with the 1080p only rating and i wonder if it will work with my tv using the PS 3.

    2. will the new PS3 be able to play playstation2 games. I heard

    that the 40 gig model will be dropped and the 80 gig will be priced dropped to 399, or are they just upgrading the hardrive

    on the 40 gig.

    3. is the PS3 really that loud with all its fans, i heard that becuase of the heat it generates the fans work hard which makes it hard to watch movies with it

    4. do all PS 3 have built in wireless?

    5. will the ps 3 play my home movies that i recorded on DVD R+ discs?

    6. will the PS3 play divx, xvid and quicktime files?

    7. how good is the up conversion for regular dvd's?

    any info would help

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  • Are refurbished macs worth it?

    i see great deals at the apple site for refurbished macbooks. i am interested in getting a macbook. if you have bought a refurbished mac from the online apple store i would really like to hear from you, was it positive or negative and over all did you feel it was worth it?

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  • questions about the macbook?

    I am thinking of getting a macbook, i just have a few questions

    1. is it possible to use bootcamp to add more than one operating system? i want to install xp and ubuntu on it as well

    2. how good is the new gpu the intel x3100? can it handle high graphics intense aplications?

    3is it possible to use the bluetooth on a mac to link with wireless blue tooth headphones or speakers?

    4. what is the realtime battery life of the laptop.

    5. i heard mac os leopard has some bugs, is this true? and how good is apple at updates?

    i am a windows user so i don't know much about macs, any help would be appreciated.

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  • Nike or Asics?

    My nike air max moto 5's are due for replacement, they are reaching the the 400th mile limit.I want to replace them with a more cushioned shoe. I i have a neutral gait and i put alot of weight on my heel strike so i want something that can cushion it. Two shoes are interesting to me, the nike vomero 2+ and the asics gel Nimbus 9 .Both have gottten great ratings, and both have maximum cushioning.Does anyone have either or both and whats your opinion on these two, or is there a better

    shoe that has the requirements i am looking for. some advice would be greatly apprecisted

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